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Boone County, IA

This particular page exists for the purpose of
indexing obituaries of individuals born in
Boone County, Iowa.
Abbott Horne, Donald B.07/02/193275Boone, IA04/27/2008
Anderson, Edward J. "Andy"03/07/1924 Boone, IA06/28/2005
Church, Walter R.09/29/193279Boone, IA01/14/2012
Cromwell, Albert "Lee"09/20/191685Boone County, IA09/25/2001
Dahl, Janice J. ( Mrs. )04/09/1939 Ogden, IA09/24/2002
Davis, Shirley Ann [ Tompkins ]  Boone, IA04/07/2011
Dirks Boese, Helena [ Johnson ]07/05/192285Boone, IA03/03/2008
Lundstrom Anderson, Charles H.06/07/191589Boone, IA05/23/2005
McCloud McKenna, Clifford R.10/21/191983Madrid, IA06/01/2003
McNace Allison, Richard Keith10/23/192680Boone, IA03/30/2007
Miller Brucker, Emma [ Miller ]02/15/191197Boone, IA03/17/2008
Miller Bucker, Emma [ Miller ]02/15/191197Boone, IA03/17/2008
Minson Roberts, James E. "Jim"06/30/193671Boone, IA01/13/2008
Nelson Biddinger, Vera Ruth [ Schnell ]02/09/191790Boone, IA01/01/2008
Stratton, Marian [ Sheppard ]06/16/1898106Madrid, IA06/28/2004
Troutwine Harris, Lawrence "Larry"11/06/192778Boone, IA10/13/2006
Wiltse Beckwith, R.G. "Rand"12/14/194460Boone, IA04/01/2005

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