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Obits Index - Buchanan County, IA

Obituary Index
Buchanan County, IA
This particular page exists for the purpose of
indexing obituaries of individuals born in
Buchanan County, Iowa.
Adams Claussen, Morris O.07/04/191592Independence, IA10/04/2007
Amfahr Frost, Peter Laurence05/31/191989Jesup, IA07/19/2008
Bantz Anderson, Carroll Aaron04/02/192780Independence, IA09/30/2007
Bates Robertson, Carol Jean [ Murray ]09/26/193372Independence, IA07/19/2006
Blumenshine, Manuel Carl05/24/193175Independence, IA03/26/2007
Bures Marek, Geraldine Frances [ Donley ]11/19/192482Buchanan County, IA09/14/2007
Child Scott, George Albert08/15/191893Aurora, IA02/19/2012
Clayton Gruber, John Raymond10/01/195750Independence, IA06/10/2008
Crowell Fidler, Glenn Wallace "Pete"10/12/192186Perry Township, IA02/15/2008
Culbertson Galer, Denny K.12/28/1934 Buchanan County, IA11/25/2006
Dolan Sheeley, Gerald Cyril07/27/1940 Independence, IA01/10/2007
Durnan Fettkether, Angela Mary [ Theisen ]03/04/190899Fairbank, IA03/21/2007
Durnan Fettkether, Joseph Charles01/26/192186Fairbank, IA02/12/2007
Ehr Tix, Marie C. [ Gaffney ]04/15/192583Jesup, IA09/01/2008
Fitzgerald Conklin, Audrey Catherine03/31/198819Independence, IA03/02/2008
Flaucher Sheffield, Dolores [ Campbell ]11/25/191289Lamont, IA05/10/2002
Fowlkes Holub, Raymond C. "Chuck"02/19/195255Independence, IA12/06/2007
Gray Clark, Ronald "Ron"08/30/194461Brandon, IA07/29/2006
Greenley Main, Russell Willis03/23/191691Independence, IA02/04/2008
Hall Holmes, John Jay12/15/192087Independence, IA02/22/2008
Hansen Main, Becky Sue07/16/197433Independence, IA03/20/2008
Hendricks, Alice03/09/191492Independence, IA02/09/2007
Hulett Yocum, William E. "Ernie"10/03/191687Winthrop, IA07/06/2004
Jacobsen Byers, Cecil John08/04/192383Jesup, IA03/29/2007
Jensen Murphy, Linda Marguerite [ Dale ]02/13/195156Independence, IA07/02/2007
Jones Adams, Verle Howard05/25/193774Lamont, IA01/26/2012
Kasten, Jean F. 82Hazelton, IA01/25/2002
Kremer Lardy, Agnes Mary [ Meisch ] [ Helmers ]10/24/191691Jesup, IA02/01/2008
Kremer Lardy, Rose Grace [ Buhrow ]02/27/192681Independence, IA01/09/2008
Kress Halstead, Vonda Eloise [ Chesmore ]12/21/191394Buchanan County, IA04/08/2008
Levendusky Phillips, JoAnne05/08/193671Hazelton, IA06/17/2007
McFarland, Arlyne J. [ Lencioni ]08/17/192082Independence, IA03/10/2003
Meany, Agnes S. [ Lumsden ]09/19/191987Buchanan County, IA07/12/2007
Meeker Jeffries, Lea Rae [ Porter ] [ Reynolds ]06/27/193768Independence, IA02/12/2006
Mersch Jardee, Patricia [ Garvey ] "Pat"01/05/192880Fairbank, IA08/12/2008
Olsen Mortinson, Norma Stella [ Brooks ] [ Hanna ]02/09/192583Quasqueton, IA06/02/2008
Walton Kuffman, Roy R.09/09/193869Independence, IA04/05/2008
Wayson Kimm, Sheila Rae [ Cool ]10/08/194759Independence, IA08/22/2007
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