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Cass County, IL

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Cass County, Illinois. 
Alcorn Garner, Lois A. [ Achue ]10/13/191097Cass County, IL04/30/2008
Bast Houston, Allen Ray12/14/193274Cass County, IL03/05/2007
Bell Hall, Viola [ Clark ]10/20/191195Cass County, IL10/20/2006
Bell Logan, James Lee07/14/193967Cass County, IL08/08/2006
Bell Logan, William V. "Buddy"05/29/193275Cass County, IL03/28/2008
Belle, Anna Jeanette [ Turner ]09/11/192877Arenzville, IL11/04/2005
Bierhaus Cox, Richard08/16/194265Beardstown, IL02/08/2008
Blohm Wise, Mary B.02/21/191989Cass County, IL03/23/2008
Brasel Gutterman, Wanda L. [ Williams ]08/20/192186Beardstown, IL02/19/2008
Brunk Armstrong, Gail Robert "Bob"01/25/192186Cass County, IL09/13/2007
Bulmer Rayborn, Willis E. 77Beardstown, IL08/21/2004
Chilton Brunk, Hester C. [ Eilers ]07/20/191592Chandlerville, IL01/16/2008
Colstrom McCoy, Verda M. [ Treece ]04/25/191284Chandlerville, IL03/07/1997
Conover Chittick, Elizabeth A. [ Bruno ] "Betty"12/05/190898Virginia, IL09/29/2007
Cosner Drinkwater, Thomas A. "Tom"02/09/192582Cass County, IL01/08/2008
Davis Johnson, William Robert "Bill"07/30/194265Cass County, IL02/11/2008
Dawson Boyd, Lorna Jean [ Force ]02/06/193275Virginia, IL06/03/2007
DeWitt Thomas, Lois E. [ Hamelin ]06/15/191095Beardstown, IL01/03/2006
Duckwiler Stout, Lillian L. [ Snyder ]11/24/190799Cass County, IL05/26/2007
Edwards Schefirkort, Samuel05/17/194564Newmansville, IL11/22/2009
Evans Hayes, Mary Faye [ Davin ]12/02/191591Ashland, IL05/31/2007
Fanning Briggs, George E.08/30/192186Cass County, IL03/11/2008
Force Mason, Jonathan T.11/16/192384Chandlerville, IL02/23/2008
Ford Davis, Roger E.11/27/194856Beardstown, IL10/11/2005
Frank Greenleaf, Donna L. [ Cummins ]11/16/195057Beardstown, IL01/03/2008
Garner Carr, Vivian J. [ Murphy ]01/03/191989Chandlerville, IL04/14/2008
Hageman, Patricia Valene [ Garthaus ]01/15/195653Beardstown, IL09/09/2009
Harrell Haines, Howard J.02/28/191395Beardstown, IL03/18/2008
Harris, Betty Jane [ Schmitz ]03/18/193072Virginia, IL03/04/2003
Kruse Davis, Carlos J.01/23/191493Cass County, IL08/24/2007
Leinberger Davis, John A.03/02/192680Cass County, IL12/15/2006
Macke Meyer, Thomas William "Tom"12/12/194958Beardstown, IL08/19/2008
Monroe Curry, Barbara A. [ Watkins ]05/27/193769Ashland, IL05/22/2007
Osborne Williams, Ruth E. [ Walbert ]09/11/191690Cass County, IL02/25/2007
Pettit Jenkins, Hazel I. [ Comiskey ]02/25/191889Ashland, IL01/10/2008
Ratliff Geuder, William E.04/25/193275Ashland, IL01/27/2008
Riley Irvin, Paul M.05/01/192384Cass County, IL01/13/2008
Ross Geuder, Katherine R. [ Ring ] "Katie"04/20/192087Cass County, IL05/27/2007
Satorius Stowell, Carroll V.06/28/191888Newmansville Township, IL05/17/2007
Schneider Avery, Velma [ Hunt ]11/15/193367Beardstown, IL03/12/2001
Staley Flynn, Betty Lee [ Boker ]10/27/192977Cass County, IL05/20/2007
Stowell Flatt, Ewell Addison "Doc"09/02/192287Cass County, IL11/03/2009
Trone Wilson, Lloyd Henry03/17/192979Beardstown, IL04/21/2008
Turner Gebhardt, Joseph Andrew10/25/191194Cass County, IL09/10/2006
Vannier Vortman, Yvonne [ Coens ] "Van"12/21/192581Beardstown, IL03/21/2007
Vincent Wardell, Melissa J.03/24/195056Beardstown, IL12/30/2006

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