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Obits Index - Hancock County, IL

Obituary Index
Hancock County, IL

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Hancock County, Illinois. 
Avise Clark, M. Claire [ Rodeffer ]10/27/1907103Dallas City, IL02/19/2011
Baker Dickhut, Betty Jane [ Brooks ]02/07/192879Bowen, IL03/11/2007
Banks Braucht, Maxine [ Nichols ]01/06/191983West Point, IL12/13/2002
Bergmeier Clark, Francis A.05/16/192584Niota, IL08/25/2009
Bilderback McCreery, Don G.12/01/192379Augusta, IL01/12/2002
Bilderback McCrery, Don G.12/01/192379Augusta, IL01/16/2003
Bundy Bellville, Reva Kay [ Cagle ]08/14/194065La Harpe, IL07/29/2006
Bunting Decker, Clarence09/17/193473Augusta, IL01/30/2008
Burns Boston, James Noel03/13/191190Carthage, IL12/04/2001
Burns Dumon, Jim12/19/193666Carthage, IL06/25/2003
Crastenberg Schroeder, Helen L. [ Ingles ]03/11/191892LaHarpe, IL01/06/2011
Ferguson Cox, Maxine [ Wyckoff ]08/15/191985Augusta, IL06/07/2005
Foley Golliher, Merle W.08/03/191294Warsaw, IL01/05/2007
Futhey, Wilma R. [ Daggett ]07/09/192284Bowen, IL02/06/2007
Gosnell, Geneva ( Mrs. )03/07/191691Hamilton, IL03/09/2007
Guymon Harrison, Luella I. [ Lierle ] [ Waterman ]09/11/192180Basco, IL02/20/2002
Henkle Clinkenbear, Virginia Lucille [ Robinson ] [ Barr ]08/31/191495Warsaw, IL09/03/2009
Hutson Sellers, James A.12/21/194557La Harpe, IL12/31/2002
Jenkins, Donna Sue [ Weborg ]02/10/193867Harmony Township, IL05/01/2005
Johnson Hamma, Arlene Marie [ Baker ]05/30/192482Nauvoo, IL01/18/2007
Junk Gooding, Kenneth07/03/191986Bowen, IL10/15/2005
Kern Negley, Glen N.11/30/192387LaHarpe, IL01/08/2011
LaCroix Thornber, John Calvin08/26/194581Powellton, IL02/07/2007
Lambert Walker, Clifton W.11/08/191785Augusta, IL 
Lawton, James H. "Jim"06/19/191785Plymouth, IL01/27/2004
Leffler Meyersick, Marcellus03/29/191987Wythe Township, IL02/03/2007
Lung Anderson, Robert E.07/02/192882Dallas City, IL03/14/2011
Matthews, Ronald L. "Matt"06/15/193372Augusta, IL08/05/2005
McFarland Whittington, Dorothy [ Davenport ] "Darlene"10/23/191195Plymouth, IL03/07/2007
McKoon White, Arthur Leo02/21/192482Hamilton, IL06/14/2006
Mickle Watts, Clara Lucille [ Willard09/10/190597Augusta, IL09/26/2002
Mote Hough, Maxine [ Campbell ]07/19/191785Hancock County, IL12/29/2002
Neill Anderson, Clair H.07/01/192082West Point, IL12/17/2002
Ogilvie Thompson, Dorothy M. [ Ellis ]11/05/191789Hancock County, IL01/29/2007
Parrish Painter, James M.06/12/195654LaHarpe, IL01/26/2011
Powell Burner, Velma L. [ Renaker ]11/27/190997Harmony Township, IL02/17/2007
Powelson Williams, Donald L.07/18/193872LaHarpe, IL02/02/2011
Prunty Moore, Eileen [ Clampitt ]09/23/192675Harmony Township, IL03/10/2002
Rickert Carter, Lora Louise [ Peterson ]06/19/1904102Hamilton, IL03/01/2007
Rodeffer Smith, Lucille [ Smith ]07/25/192585LaHarpe, IL01/15/2011
Ruffcorn Howes, Ralph09/17/192580Stillwell, IL11/03/2005
Salyers Spencer, Kelly [ Hoekema ]06/12/197435Carthage, IL08/10/2009
Schafer Kropp, Etta Alberta03/01/191591Rocky Run Township, IL12/17/2006
Shinn Brown, Katherine Anne [ Paul ]07/24/191693Dallas City, IL09/10/2009
Sonneborn, M. Dale 77Warsaw, IL06/17/2002
Steiner Tanner, Mary [ Window ]04/24/191392Hancock County, IL01/18/2006
Stull Simpson, Frank J.06/24/192676Augusta, IL12/31/2002
Thorell Barr, Russell D.12/30/193073La Harpe, IL10/07/2004
Thorton Dunbar, Grace P. [ Williams ]06/21/190895Augusta, IL02/04/2004
Vance, Charles "Dick"10/10/192181Carthage, IL09/09/2003
Walters Evans, Evelyn F. [ Kelly ]11/09/192181Hancock County, IL01/13/2003
Wear Render, Frances Hope [ Artman ]06/25/193670Carthage, IL03/17/2007
Weber Barnett, Hilda Maxine [ Henderson ]01/21/192186Warsaw, IL01/31/2007
Williams Warder, Merlin "Russ"04/18/192482Hancock County, IL01/20/2007
Winfield Bartlett, Robert D.10/21/192179Bowen, IL01/01/2001
Zimmerman Brown, Gaylord Junior10/22/192577Warsaw, IL07/23/2002

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