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Obits Index - Peoria County, IL

Obituary Index
Peoria County, IL

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Peoria County, Illinois. 
Achilles Tatge, Mildred Amelia [ Ballarini ]03/18/191393Peoria, IL04/04/2006
Adams Schmitt, John B. "Jack"07/20/193174Peoria, IL03/20/2006
Anderson Linde, Carl E.11/13/190597Peoria, IL02/23/2003
Banion Hayes, Ruth V. [ Olinger ]03/21/191294Peoria, IL02/18/2007
Bennett Weiss, Thomas A.05/11/192183Peoria, IL11/08/2004
Benson, LeRoy A.08/26/192186Peoria, IL02/16/2008
Benson, Stanley A.06/24/190794Peoria, IL10/29/2001
Bergevin Healy, Elinor B. [ Marshall ]05/14/191488Peoria, IL01/06/2003
Berwick Yaeger, Ronald J.09/22/193471Peoria, IL05/09/2006
Bisdorf Glade, Ethel A.09/09/191095Bellevue, IL01/06/2006
Boggs Hammond, Hugh M.02/12/194263Peoria, IL01/23/2005
Boniger Hatch, Adeline Josephine12/04/2006InfPeoria, IL03/28/2007
Brown, A. Clifford 75Peoria, IL02/16/2003
Canty Smith, Ross Morris11/14/191984Peoria, IL09/28/2004
Chaney Hurley, Carl P. "Pete"09/02/195450Peoria, IL10/14/2004
Clark Spalding, Robert E.04/22/192874Peoria, IL01/20/2003
Conklin, Frances 80Peoria, IL02/05/2004
Conrad Frederick, Lucille [ Outhwaite ]02/26/190997Peoria, IL12/12/2006
Cooper Smith, Burleigh Hebert09/12/192087Peoria, IL08/15/2008
Cooper Smith, Burleigh Herbert09/12/192087Peoria, IL08/15/2008
Covey Keyser, Virginia [ Boswell ]05/10/193574Peoria, IL07/31/2009
Curtis, Robert B . 90Peoria, IL04/02/2011
Darcy Davis, Patricia Ruth [ Goodwin ]12/03/192481Peoria, IL01/05/2006
Darcy Davis, Patricia Ruth [ Goodwin ]12/03/192481Peoria, IL01/06/2006
Daughters, Kenneth Bruce09/01/192879Peoria, IL05/27/2008
Down Anderson, Ronald W.09/22/194559Peoria, IL10/01/2004
Doyle, Katherine Joyce ( Mrs. ) "Kaye"11/02/194359Peoria, IL12/28/2002
Dunn Hutt, Phillip Randolph06/15/192584Peoria, IL08/27/2009
Estep, Richard A.07/12/191590Peoria, IL01/27/2006
Farmer, Gretchen A. [ Polglaze ]09/15/192878Peoria, IL03/11/2007
Farrell Colwell, Dena May [ Horner ]03/05/193177Elmwood, IL04/19/2008
Fitzpatrick Lawitzka, Lena [ Grivetti ]08/08/191892Peoria, IL02/02/2011
Foersterling, Frederick Jack03/02/191686Peoria, IL04/09/2002
Foulk Frampton, Evelyn R. [ Mitchell ]02/27/191884Glasford, IL12/04/2002
Frantz Smith, Janet L. [ Cagle ]11/05/195060Peoria, IL08/15/2011
Gentry, Marilyn S. ( Mrs. )09/02/194559Peoria, IL07/15/2005
Gilles Dunlap, Angela Marie [ Drum ]07/22/195450Peoria, IL08/31/2004
Greer Shettlesworth, Dorothy Elizabeth [ Scally ] [ Beck ]12/15/192081Peoria, IL01/07/2002
Grieser Klaassen, Patricia M. [ Foley ]05/10/195160Peoria, IL08/18/2011
Groom Saverley, Frances Marnajean [ Coons ] "Marna"05/15/192784Peoria, IL08/13/2011
Gunner Summers, Geraldine M. [ South ]09/04/192780Peoria, IL05/16/2008
Hoffman Goller, Shirley L. [ Ballard ]06/19/191883Peoria, IL09/20/2001
Humphrey Wagner, Harold A.05/18/194368Peoria, IL08/16/2011
Hursey, M. Elaine [ Martin ] 73Peoria Heights, IL05/16/2000
Hybarger, Norma Jean [ Bricker ] "Sam"02/17/193371Peoria, IL03/03/2004
Ingold Earnhardt, Judith Ann [ Anderson ]07/05/193868Peoria, IL11/07/2006
Jimison, Grace [ Di Stefano ]06/20/192684Peoria, IL03/29/2011
Jines, H. Dean "Gunner"10/20/195254Peoria, IL05/05/2007
Kaemmerling, William Frederick "Bill"05/16/192281Peoria, IL12/23/2003
Kallestad Erickson, Gerald W.11/30/193769Peoria, IL12/28/2006
Keefauver Bowcott, Shane S.03/10/197635Peoria, IL08/14/2011
Keller, Roland E.02/11/191193Peoria, IL01/31/2005
Keltner Belford, M. Marie [ Cox ]04/27/192186Peoria, IL03/07/2008
Kieser Kaeb, Dorothea08/23/191490Peoria County, IL10/07/2004
Kinney Davis, Mary Bernadine [ Neumann ]01/07/192474Peoria, IL04/15/1998
Kipfer Sheehan, Betty A. [ Ginoli ]01/21/192190Peoria, IL08/21/2011
Kissner Lowe, Gary L.09/24/196342Peoria, IL04/08/2006
Kissner Lowe, Gary L.09/24/196342Peoria, IL04/09/2006
Koch, Elizabeth Jayne [ Casillas ]  Peoria, IL09/30/2002
Koehler Lawrence, Richard Lawrence "Dick"12/13/193669Peoria, IL04/08/2006
Koehler, Richard Lawrence "Dick"12/13/193669Peoria, IL04/08/2006
Kuzniar Blessman, Joseph Paul12/21/195448Peoria, IL12/20/2003
LaCost Boucher, Dennis Amos05/07/2006InfPeoria, IL05/08/2006
Lauterbach Tolen, Richard Lee "Dick"02/17/193180Peoria, IL08/10/2011
Lawrence Palmer, Marie Anna [ Taylor ]02/07/191391Peoria County, IL09/01/2004
Lockhart Sutton, Daniel Wade04/13/198229Peoria, IL08/20/2011
Lopeman Butler, James04/05/193471Peoria, IL10/05/2005
Lyon Barack, Robert "Bob"03/15/192974Peoria, IL01/28/2004
Manock, Jon David09/05/192684Peoria, IL06/17/2011
Mason, Bonnie [ Foster ]03/21/193573Peoria, IL09/10/2008
Mattern Peterson, Bonnie M. [ Landrus ]05/24/194170Peoria, IL08/21/2011
Maxwell Lamb, Dorothy I. [ Swanson ]09/29/190499Peoria, IL04/17/2004
McCombs Derry, Randall Stuart02/09/195655Peoria, IL08/20/2011
McGuire, Thomas J.01/17/191389Peoria, IL08/21/2002
McIntyre Savage, Arthur01/23/192289Oak Hill, IL08/17/2011
McKinley Martin, Kathleen M. [ Merritt ] "Kathy"05/06/191887Peoria, IL04/02/2006
McReynolds, Dale Thomas12/11/194164Peoria, IL03/15/2006
Miller Look, Elizabeth E. [ Ambrose ]01/22/192285Peoria, IL02/09/2007
Mitchell Langeberg, Jennifer K. [ Smith ]05/19/197041Peoria, IL08/18/2011
Moats Owens, Florence Louise [ Graham ]05/20/194663Peoria, IL09/03/2009
Moffitt Powers, Howard E.09/04/191393Millbrook Township, IL03/06/2007
Moredock Miles, Nancy Ruth08/28/194763Peoria, IL08/15/2011
Murphy, Michael E.07/11/194855Peoria, IL02/22/2004
Murray, Julianne Elizabeth [ Noble ] "Julie"10/18/193269Peoria, IL04/08/2002
Olsen Brewer, Michael L. 50Peoria, IL09/19/2010
Page, Alice Elizabeth [ Rhodes ]01/15/191989Peoria, IL02/27/2008
Patten, James A.04/20/193867Peoria, IL06/27/2005
Patterson Picton, Melissa Ann [ Farris ]06/15/195754Peoria, IL08/13/2011
Pelz, Erma Marie [ Scott ]11/21/191496Peoria, IL08/10/2011
Phillips Hawkins, Duane Edwin01/26/195655Peoria, IL08/16/2011
Reed, Richard L.03/27/194062Peoria, IL10/02/2002
Riddile, Maurice Frank "Bud" 85Peoria, IL09/22/2008
Roberts Killefer, Anne Roberts [ Tidmarsh ]12/03/193472Peoria, IL04/06/2007
Rogers Light, Shellie Renee [ Renfroe ]10/31/197035Peoria, IL04/09/2006
Runyon Lindzey, Mary E. [ Bantz ]05/11/192085Elmwood, IL04/09/2006
Sally Milloy, Ryan Ray InfPeoria, IL04/09/2006
Sargent Cole, George E.11/01/193174Peoria, IL06/19/2006
Schaefer, Mae I. 66Princeville, IL02/09/1999
Schmitt Brusich, Shirley J. [ Lavoie ]04/10/193175Peoria, IL11/13/2006
Scholl, Robert L. 75Peoria, IL03/10/2004
Schuely Pope, Velda Pauline [ Smith ]01/30/192388Peoria, IL08/08/2011
Scudder, William Arthur01/10/195052Peoria, IL09/16/2002
Shepard Hess, Ruth Lorraine [ Griffin ]07/27/190698Glasford, IL09/01/2004
Shreffler Andersen, Shirley M. [ Descamps ]11/13/193476Peoria, IL08/16/2011
Simms Geech, Harriet S. [ Keogh ]11/23/191787Peoria, IL12/29/2004
Slane Lawrence, Mary Vera09/23/192777Princeville, IL10/07/2004
Sloan, Marsha L. [ Haradon ]07/31/195061Peoria, IL08/17/2011
Smith Bastian, Mary S. [ LeFevre ]05/08/193471Peoria, IL08/30/2005
Starcevich Rives, Lucas Vincent *06/06/198125Peoria, IL04/16/2007
Stephens, Donald Ray02/11/193072Peoria, IL03/13/2002
Sunderland Blackard, Timothy M.02/05/195853Peoria, IL08/22/2011
Swanson Ziemer, Dale A.08/03/192487Peoria, IL08/19/2011
Thomas, Larry11/04/193473Peoria, IL02/26/2008
Tracy Reardon, John Stephen  Peoria, IL08/14/2011
Ulrich, Isabelle [ Smith ]10/15/1915 Peoria, IL06/13/2003
Waldbesser Mansker, Ronald L.09/11/194660Peoria, IL09/16/2006
White Eyrse, John Danny09/04/195154Peoria, IL05/09/2006
Wiedinger, Arthur R. 85Peoria, IL04/21/2000
Wiegman Lindsey, Donna [ Uryasz ]10/06/191989Peoria, IL11/13/2006
Zeltwanger Spahr, Clara R. [ Sinn ]08/26/1901100Princeville, IL08/20/2002
Zimmerman, Dale M.05/03/195254Peoria, IL01/04/2007

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