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Wayne County, IN

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Wayne County, Indiana.
Amick, Marilyn [ Moore ]10/25/193076Richmond, IN05/03/2007
Arnett Pegg, Charles Thomas01/04/191988Richmond, IN11/25/2007
Ballenger Hurst, David W.04/27/195654Richmond, IN03/15/2011
Barton, Freda M. [ Collier ]11/09/191890Fountain City, IN01/17/2009
Beard Osborn, Edith C. [ Gamber ]09/16/191595Economy, IN02/21/2011
Bond Miller, C. Marjorie [ Frazier ]12/24/192383Richmond, IN12/07/2007
Brown Huffman, Doris J. [ Lucas ]06/29/193473Richmond, IN01/31/2008
Brown Lehman, Kevin G.05/23/196941Richmond, IN01/24/2011
Clabaugh Purtee, James E. "Jim"02/14/192780Fountain City, IN12/24/2007
Crum Christen, James E.01/03/193274Wayne County, IN01/13/2006
Doddridge Miller, Bill G.01/31/194463Richmond, IN10/21/2007
Earl, Gladys10/29/191891Fort Gay, IN07/26/2010
Fetters Sandlin, Duante T.04/30/195357Richmond, IN03/05/2011
Frame, Marvin A.03/09/194067Wayne County, IN09/30/2007
Georges Conrey, Kimberly Dawn02/24/195948Wayne County, IN12/09/2007
Goff Hampton, Raymond Hensley06/15/194664Richmond, IN03/13/2011
Harris Brewer, Kasey Marie [ Dennis ]07/18/197733Richmond, IN03/15/2011
Hawk, Fred06/07/193375Hagerstown, IN 
Henley, Maxine Margaret ( Mrs. )06/17/191982Richmond, IN09/25/2001
Hittle, Lula M. [ Southerland ]03/22/192585Richmond, IN01/27/2011
Jackson, Alice [ Greenwell ] 83Richmond, IN 
Jones Williams, Todd Adam06/02/196248Richmond, IN03/11/2011
Kellum Faucett, Katherine Sarolta [ Jones ] [ Straw ] "Sally11/13/191192Richmond, IN07/02/2004
Lewis Burden, Robert M. "Bob"06/16/192582Fountain City, IN10/14/2007
Manning, Henry Howard03/27/1919 Wayne County, IN03/04/2004
Maule Coons, Snow Queen [ Able ]08/09/192877Richmond, IN05/13/2006
McNamara, Steven "Sonny"05/13/193077Richmond, IN10/17/2007
Palmer Crawford, Lois E. [ Keane ] "Culy"07/19/191693Webster, IN 
Parsons Bowner, Pamela Gail [ Frazier ]04/19/195852Richmond, IN03/15/2011
Pegg Cosgrove, Eleanor Jean [ Matheny ]01/05/192784Richmond, IN02/24/2011
Raver Eastin, Robert Russell05/07/193278Richmond, IN02/08/2011
Reeves Wood, Alvin F.01/21/194160Richmond, IN05/05/2001
Shaffer Elstro, Helen Louise [ Monroe ]07/21/194565Richmond, IN01/29/2011
Shock Pegg, James E. "Jim"10/09/193374Hagerstown, IN12/30/2007
Spotts Rickels, Robert A.02/05/193180Richmond, IN03/11/2011
Spray, Mary M. [ Denton ]01/16/1850 Wayne County, IN12/25/1910
Stegall, Anthony Paul "Tony"05/28/194956Richmond, IN11/10/2005
Stetler Ross, Naomi Ruth [ Marck ]08/27/193177Fountain City, IN11/13/2008
Vore, Helen Virginia09/30/191785Fountain City, IN01/02/2003
Walters Robbins, William "Frank"06/09/194466Richmond, IN01/31/2011
Wilson, Esther Ruth ( Mrs. )05/24/190999Richmond, IN06/17/2005
Wissler Culbertson, Norma Joan [ Lester ]09/07/193176Milton, IN12/10/2007
Wolfal McKee, Hubert E. "Pete"11/30/192780Richmond, IN07/20/2008
Wollard Ulrich, Fredrick D.07/26/191890Hagerstown, IN03/22/2009
Wright Ferguson, Edward F. "Bub"09/10/192186Cambridge City, IN04/27/2008
Wyatt Cope, Doris Evelyn11/23/193674Whitewater, IN02/22/2011

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