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Madison County, KY

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Madison County, Kentucky.
Adams Forbes, Mary Edith [ Long ]05/10/191491Richmond, KY01/08/2006
Adams Hollingsworth, Ruby M.03/25/191587Richmond, KY10/06/2002
Adans Vanarsdale, Robert Gene04/14/193075Richmond, KY12/29/2005
Anglin Hisle, Kathie [ Skinner ]04/14/191689Madison County, KY12/13/2005
Baker Van Winkle, William Douglas11/10/196737Madison County, KY02/13/2005
Baker, Kay [ Mills ]  Berea, KY03/10/2007
Brewer Rowland, Audreia Lynn [ Edwards ]05/13/197532Madison County, KY02/12/2008
Bullen Towery, John Dewey08/06/195846Madison County, KY05/14/2005
Cain Johnson, Grace [ Jones ]02/12/191295Madison County, KY03/18/2007
Coffey Clark, Robert "Bob"08/07/195355Berea, KY07/15/2009
Combs, Lillie M. 70Richmond, KY02/03/2002
Cox Alexander, Mary Leona [ Riddell ]01/20/193175Madison County, KY08/06/2006
Cox, Stephen Lawrence04/30/195452Richmond, KY03/14/2007
Daugherty Perkins, Evelyn Faye [ Whitaker ]08/23/192778Madison County, KY05/14/2006
Deatherage Willoughby, Harold W.01/30/192971Richmond, KY09/13/2000
Dennis Brumfield, Michael Elliott01/29/195255Richmond, KY03/22/2007
Eversole Allen, Lloyd02/01/196246Madison County, KY02/09/2008
Farthing Hankins, Leona Catrice [ Foster ] 28Richmond, KY12/12/2005
Glossip Coyle, Jessie [ Branscomb ] [ Burke ]02/14/190696Dreyfus, KY03/24/2002
Hale Jackson, Mary Elizabeth [ Bolton ] "Betty"10/06/190798Richmond, KY04/08/2006
Harrison Knox, Gilbert Lee "Gilb"09/01/196343Berea, KY09/05/2006
Harrison, Melinda Nichole01/25/197929Madison County, KY02/14/2008
Hendren, Lenora B. [ Land ]03/19/192278Richmond, KY06/09/2000
Howard Goins, Conard R. 83Valley View, KY03/14/2005
Hurt Hollingsworth, Allie Mae [ Johnson ]07/06/191195Madison County, KY12/22/2006
Jones Todd, Hester J.09/06/190699Madison County, KY02/18/2006
Jones William, Robert L.08/31/193078Berea, KY09/30/2008
Lake Brock, George Eugene11/28/192681Berea, KY07/24/2008
Lake, Vera [ Lewis ]11/09/193570Brea, KY07/30/2006
Ledford Richmond, Mary Cornelia [ Colyer ] "Neal"10/31/191888Madison County, KY03/04/2007
Lewis, Herman Stuart05/29/193074Richmond, KY01/29/2005
Martin Parrish, James William "Curly"12/05/193075Union City, KY06/22/2006
Miller, Jessie Clarence "Chick"05/02/192878Waco, KY08/03/2006
Million Taylor, Sue Franklyn [ Jackson ]03/27/193869Richmond, KY03/20/2007
Mink Thompson, Mary [ Ledford ]04/12/191491Madison County, KY12/24/2005
Moberly Foster, Edith [ Weaver ] 79Kirksville, KY05/25/2006
Monroe Grier, Dallas Wesley07/21/194458Richmond, KY01/13/2003
Murphy Cain, Edna Lee [ Christopher ] 76Richmond, KY10/20/2006
Newland Lamb, Della G. [ Broaddus ]04/23/193670Richmond, KY03/09/2007
Parks Guest, James J.11/16/193967Richmond, KY03/10/2007
Parks, William C. "Bill"08/19/193868Madison County, KY04/02/2007
Parrish Robinson, Elizabeth [ Wilkerson ] [ Walker ]03/01/191492Madison County, KY01/11/2007
Payne Evans, Bertha [ Prewitt ]07/25/191195Madison County, KY01/03/2007
Peters Bell, Ann Roberta [ Smith ]04/27/194759Richmond, KY03/17/2007
Phillips Walker, Herbert07/26/194857Richmond, KY07/16/2006
Pigg, Delbert01/02/192977Big Hill, KY01/31/2006
Prather Stocker, Dorothy Irene [ Hager ]01/06/192383Poozie Ridge, KY10/13/2006
Reeves, George12/01/1905101Union City, KY04/02/2007
Rose Cain, Gloria Jean [ Roberts ]06/08/193867Kirksville, KY12/24/2005
Sanders Taylor, Scott05/09/196442Richmond, KY11/01/2006
Skinner Anglin, Daisy Ruth [ Alexander ]01/13/193769Richmond, KY10/02/2006
St. Clair Lake, John Mason03/28/195355Berea, KY08/31/2008
Stevens, Diane Yvonne [ Scott ]06/15/195650Richmond, KY01/25/2007
Tevis Fife, Bernice T. [ Shearer ] "Niece"05/19/193471Madison County, KY02/12/2006
Tipton Gentry, Roberta Tevis [ Upchurch ]09/21/193565Richmond, KY07/31/2001
Walker Chandler, Devera09/15/194956Madison County, KY01/31/2007
Whittaker, Margaret S.04/11/191491Richmond, KY12/18/2005

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