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This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Woolwich, Maine. 
Allen Pushard, William H. "Bill"06/04/191490Woolwich, ME11/10/2004
Bailey, Mildred Catherine [ Devore ] "Kay"07/09/192284Woolwich, ME09/16/2006
Baker Knight, Thelma M. [ Skillin ]11/15/191493Woolwich, ME06/18/2008
Crooker Young, Ralph E.06/26/191089Woolwich, ME01/26/2000
DeWick Conant, Robert E.06/27/191290Woolwich, ME08/23/2002
Dolloff, Izaphene [ Soule ]12/02/191392Woolwich, ME02/27/2005
Erskine Winslow, Cora B. [ Barnes ]09/13/190896Woolwich, ME03/31/2005
Hathorn Day, Eleanor A. [ Jameson ]09/23/190695Woolwich, ME01/04/2002
Hathorn Day, Eleanor [ Jameson ]09/23/190695Woolwich, ME01/04/2002
Hathorn, Gilbert P.12/26/190794Woolwich, ME08/29/2002
Hathorne Bailey, Roberta H. [ Stevens ]04/27/191491Woolwich, ME06/18/2005
King Coffren, Robert W.07/21/191094Woolwich, ME12/04/2004
Leeman Hayward, Roland H.03/19/193470Woolwich, ME08/31/2004
Munsey Russell, Laura Mildred [ Main ]05/18/190691Woolwich, ME09/25/1997
Munsey Russell, Nancy M. [ Spinney ]04/18/191091Woolwich, ME02/08/2002
Murphy McCormick, John J.09/24/193867Woolwich, ME10/26/2005
Norton Fuller, Everett W.02/25/191788Woolwich, ME03/16/2005
Reed Benner, Dorothy M. [ Youland ]05/16/192180Woolwich, ME09/23/2001
Rice Green, Everett H.05/13/190494Woolwich, ME03/17/1999
Savage McCurdy, Doris M. [ Lewis ]07/12/192672Woolwich, ME07/16/1998
Shaw Eaton, Ivan Clifford01/15/192777Woolwich, ME02/26/2004
Stinson Hathorn, William F.05/26/1938 Woolwich, ME12/15/1999
Wright Cromwell, David C.07/03/192778Woolwich, ME07/10/2005

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