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Dakota County, MN
This particular page exists for the purpose of
indexing obituaries of individuals born in
Dakota County, Minnesota. 
Conklin Rollins, Gene Raymond03/31/193576Waterford, MN02/11/2012
Empey Tuma, Patricia L. [ Adriaens ]09/12/193171Lakeville, MN11/24/2002
Horner Day, Bessie Pearl [ Murphy ]10/01/192579Lansford, MN06/12/2005
Kimber Cowell, Donald George11/22/192783Castle Rock, MN03/17/2011
Lowell, Virginia [ Grabill ]04/20/191992Hastings, MN08/29/2011
Lundstrom, George Hans03/04/193472Vermillion, MN06/04/2006
McKernon Eich, Jacob William06/14/2007InfBurnsville, MN06/14/2007
Muckey Howland, Carol Jean [ Sorenson ]10/05/193378Greenvale Township, MN01/31/2012
Ostlie Hammer, Alden Russell07/10/192288Lakeville, MN08/09/2010
Rolle Danielson, Barbara Jean [ Fish ]02/13/193172Hastings, MN07/10/2003
Streefland Slater, Cecelia [ Berres ]06/19/192982Orchard Lake, MN07/11/2011
Tutewohl Skluzacek, Rodney G. "Rudy"12/11/195847Farmington, MN08/25/2006
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