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Goodhue County, MN
This particular page exists for the purpose of
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Goodhue County, Minnesota. 
Amensen, Judy [ Konetzke ]09/18/192180Dennison, MN04/04/2002
Anderson Brewer, Roy04/17/191888Red Wing, MN07/25/2006
Anderson Carlon, William R. "Bill"05/29/193972Red Wing, MN01/25/2012
Anderson Larson, Lorena Josephine08/28/191690Cannon Falls Township, MN03/26/2007
Anderson, Marian Virginia [ Haugen ] [ Harris ]10/28/191891Red Wing, MN01/21/2010
Beckman Lorenson, Floyd R.09/30/192383Cannon Falls Township, MN03/19/2007
Benson Goudy, Bonnie Kay05/17/194858Red Wing, MN02/24/2007
Bjugan Trelstad, Ella Margaret [ Aadahl ]10/20/191596Roscoe Township, MN01/15/2012
Breuer Kempner, Bryce A.05/18/19988Red Wing, MN02/22/2007
Brudeseth Davis, Jon Alan06/13/195061Red Wing, MN12/26/2011
Brunner Peper, Lloyd08/28/192586Red Wing, MN01/31/2012
Dahlgren Johnson, Lois Kathryn [ Johnson ]08/02/191695Red Wing, MN12/25/2011
Dille, Rosella Amelia Margaret [ Hardt ]09/26/192289Red Wing, MN12/27/2011
Duncan Lindell, Gifford "Harlan"07/10/193373Vasa Township, MN10/21/2006
Edstrom Lundell, Ione Christine [ De Money ]12/06/1921 Cannon Falls, MN10/18/2005
Finne, Jacob David08/30/2006InfRed Wing, MN08/30/2006
Fox Hoffman, Ruth M. [ Meyers ]12/24/1929 Cannon Falls, MN02/25/2007
Frazier Cleve, Gertrude [ Zorn ] "Trudy"09/16/194170Red Wing, MN12/15/2011
Friese Prigge, Syvester T. "Sonny"04/15/191596Wanamingo Township, MN01/14/2012
Gadient Matter, Bernard "Ben"06/21/192190Goodhue, MN01/30/2012
Giese Freiheit, Norma [ Fricke ]01/03/1907105Belvidere Township, MN02/14/2012
Gorman Heaney, Patricia A. "Pat"09/19/1958 Zumbrota, MN04/10/2007
Gorman Heaney, Patricia A. "Pat"09/19/195947Zumbrota, MN04/10/2007
Gullickson Noser, Mary E. [ Voeltz ]07/26/195160Zumbrota, MN12/29/2011
Gustafson Carlson, Mildred L. [ Fox ]10/01/191591Red Wing, MN12/03/2006
Hadler Hinrichs, Christina H.01/08/191980Zumbrota, MN12/25/1999
Hallanger Waslie, Edna Inetta [ Christensen ]04/24/191690Welch, MN01/27/2007
Hanson Satren, Arlene [ Samuelson ]05/13/193175Wastedo, MN09/02/2006
Henderson Hagman, Barbara Jean [ Smith ]06/30/193571White Rock, MN01/22/2007
Hill Kiihbauch, Michael E.07/07/196046Cannon Falls, MN10/13/2006
Hjermstad Nesseth, Virginia [ Jacobson ] "Ginny"07/14/193571Kenyon, MN10/18/2006
Holland Miller, David John01/17/196943Zumbrota, MN01/24/2012
Holm Leyon, Erma I. [ Hoffman ]08/27/191794Leon Township, MN01/10/2012
Husbyn Ovalson, Thelma Genevieve [ Sundry ] "Sally"09/24/192586Minneola Township, MN02/08/2012
Jacobson Hutchinson, Katie Christine03/30/198622Red Wing, MN04/23/2008
Johnson Lundeen, Lucille V. [ Peterson ]03/22/191695Warsaw Township, MN01/03/2012
Kennedy Miller, Michael Jon "Mike"05/21/194467Pine Island, MN12/13/2011
Knutson Underdahl, Lila H. [ Gesme ]06/18/192680Goodhue County, MN11/07/2006
Krech, Helen R.09/16/192287Red Wing, MN12/25/2009
Latzl, Anne Marie [ Friesner ]07/31/192189Red Wing, MN03/30/2011
Lother Mann, George Rudolph05/11/192388Minneola Township, MN12/14/2011
Lundell Johnson, David Leonard04/16/194462Red Wing, MN02/13/2007
Mann Bryant, Margaret Elizabeth [ Hewitt ]07/14/191794Red Wing, MN01/03/2012
Matti Grothe, Leo03/15/192091Roscoe Township, MN01/01/2012
Miller Carpenter, Viola Lorraine [ Danielson ]12/03/192784Red Wing, MN12/21/2011
Ohnstad Berg, Elaine O. [ Anderson ]04/19/194858Red Wing, MN04/02/2007
Olson Lund, Joanna [ Smith ] "Jo"09/09/192586Zumbrota, MN01/21/2012
Poncelet Perrotti, Mary Mathilda [ Burdick ]08/20/191596Bellechester, MN01/26/2012
Raasch Hernlem, Frank Conrad07/12/192487Red Wing, MN12/20/2011
Romo Henning, Margarethe P. [ Thoreson ] "Margaret"09/28/1904107Wanamingo Township, MN12/30/2011
Rosener Zemke, Marvin W. "Marv"10/28/194164Red Wing, MN10/19/2006
Safe Bergstad, Doris A. [ Sauter ]12/09/191789Cannon Falls Township, MN12/14/2006
Schinke Abbey, Eldora Lorraine [ Sears ]09/10/192487Red Wing, MN01/08/2012
Smith Holien, DuWayne C. "Dewey"01/12/193373Cannon Falls Township, MN10/17/2006
Stageberg Grant, Grank Kerwin01/06/193572Red Wing, MN02/02/2007
Stechmann Zemke, Kenneth "Ken"01/11/193774Red Wing, MN01/07/2012
Tefft Koester, Richad David11/15/194566Red Wing, MN01/26/2012
Tews Martin, Violet May [ Moll ]02/17/192190Skyberg, MN01/26/2012
Thimijan Wohlers, Irene M. [ Dankers ]01/20/191195Florence Township, MN12/30/2006
Thomforde Dahling, Wayne J. "Pete"09/23/192487Bevidere Township, MN12/25/2011
Thorsbakken Larson, Harold Olene10/29/192574Kenyon, MN04/17/2000
Tilderquist Johnson, Elsie L.01/31/192186Vasa, MN03/08/2007
Von Bargen Alms, Bernette "Bernie"05/24/191794Belle Creek Township, MN01/10/2012
Von Bargen Nelson, Sylvester F. "Sonny"12/06/191788Red Wing, MN09/09/2006
Wahlberg Ring, Carroll Marie [ Palrud ]12/25/192091Cannon Falls, MN02/03/2012
Wederstrom Pribnow, Clifford D.04/13/192978Cannon Falls, MN12/06/2007
Whipple Groth, Myron Neil12/22/193873Minneola Township, MN01/26/2012
Wintervold, Reidar09/02/190891Red Wing, MN11/27/1999
Zielkie Ledebuhr, Doris Mae [ Sorensen ]07/10/193774Red Wing, MN01/28/2012

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