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St. Charles County, MO
This particular page exists for the purpose of
indexing obituaries of individuals born in
St. Charles County, Missouri.
Banze, Helen Caroline [ Berlekamp ] [ Gronefeld ]01/08/192481St Charles, MO11/17/2005
Bernard, Stanley Joseph09/29/192978St Charles, MO05/13/2008
Berry Walton, Charles Frank01/02/191890St Charles, MO02/28/2008
Hollrah Ermeling, Elvira Anna Marie [ Ehlmann ]12/06/191592St Charles County, MO02/21/2008
Leffeler Kitson, Anna Lea [ Whiteside ]10/19/192379O'Fallon, MO10/02/2003
Meininger, Peter Joseph Paul "Pete" 74St Charles, MO03/30/2002
Michel, Joy Laverne [ Clermont ]08/18/193176St Charles, MO02/29/2008
Montgomery, Patricia A. [ Shangraw ]10/10/194064St Charles, MO05/17/2005
Moses, Frederic Nicholas "Nic" *05/06/198526St Charles, MO03/15/2012
Mullen Gilbert, Leland G.03/13/191886St Charles, MO07/16/2004
Pieper McGlynn, Barbara Jean [ Garcia ]  O'Fallon, MO12/07/2005
Rhodes Dickherber, Robert "Bob"04/09/192384Dardenne, MO03/03/2008
Riley Fox, Arthur A. "Bud"07/04/192483St Charles, MO01/21/2008
Stanton, Kathryn Sue [ Atkisson ]09/27/195254St Charles, MO02/03/2007
Wagner Dowd, Jeanne W.12/24/191386St Charles, MO10/27/2000
Weaver, Drew W. *07/05/198720St Charles, MO02/21/2008
Whitlock Melton, Crissy Lynn08/25/197827St Charles, MO10/19/2005
Winn James, Lennabelle Anne "Lenny"03/22/194263St Charles, MO11/23/2005

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