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Coahoma County, MS

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Coahoma County, Mississippi.
Allmond Hargis, Coleman K.09/26/192979Lyon, MS05/15/2009
Arrington, Bessie Mae [ Harrison ]  Coahoma County, MS06/21/2003
Chambliss, Kenneth Carr09/23/193572Clarksdale, MS05/02/2008
Collins Smith, Estella Fay [ Johnson ]06/16/193466Friars Point, MS12/19/2000
Froshour Rushing, Joseph D. "Poppy" 73Clarksdale, MS02/19/2000
Green Edgeworth, Mary G.09/12/194268Coahoma County, MS09/28/2010
Harris Hines, Eugene Eliza10/03/192576Friars Point, MS06/20/2002
Hines Shelby, Selenia [ Myles ]05/19/1900 Friars Point, MS01/18/2001
Hunter, Edward 71Clarksdale, MS10/05/2001
James, Odessa Rhodes 80Clarksdale, MS07/11/2003
Jones, Ruby Ann [ Luten ]09/03/191291Clarksdale, MS03/09/2004
Morgan, Lee Ivory09/16/1942 Clarksdale, MS04/18/2003
Nosser Jabour, George J.10/03/192186Clarksdale, MS04/15/2008
Regnier, Arthur Vincent 89Dublin, MS12/17/2004

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