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Franklin County, MS

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Franklin County, Mississippi.
Allen Cupit, Ada [ Anders ]01/07/194266McCall Creek, MS03/11/2008
Collins Riggs, Christine C. [ Miller ]09/25/192187Roxie, MS01/03/2009
Dier May, Hester [ Jackson ]05/15/193673Meadville, MS12/13/2009
Germany Barksdale, Otis Kent03/10/192780Franklin County, MS11/22/2007
Hammack Donnalley, Walter L.01/03/193080Meadville, MS03/08/2010
Herring Cupit, Katherine Lynelle [ Davis ]01/06/192091Franklin County, MS04/03/2011
Lewis Hogan, Sarah Lillian [ Wooten ] [ Linder ]03/07/192485McCall Creek, MS05/22/2009
McGehee Temple, William C. "Dub"06/23/192882Franklin County, MS09/22/2010
Merritt Arnold, Marjorie12/27/193871Franklin County, MS07/29/2010
Porter Gammill, Charles Ned09/24/192582Meadville, MS08/15/2008
Seale Strait, Pearl S. [ Henderson ]07/06/191197Franklin County, MS10/26/2008
Smith Strait, Mavis S. [ Bruner ]05/22/192780McCall Creek, MS02/16/2008
Tyer, Barbara Ann11/06/194067Roxie, MS01/08/2008
Willis Beasley, John D. "Casey"01/11/190595Meadville, MS04/06/2000
Wilson Bowman, Ethel [ Schierholt ]07/27/192287Eddiceton, MS01/01/2010
Wilson Smith, Marjorie [ Montgomery ]07/26/192089McCall Creek, MS11/30/2009

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