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Jones County, MS

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Jones County, Mississippi.
Beech, James Earl04/13/193369Ellisville, MS04/11/2003
Boice, Martha T. ( Mrs. ) 66Laurel, MS12/17/2001
Brown Evans, Henry L.  Laurel, MS12/06/2005
Crumby, Alma 98Laurel, MS02/12/2005
Dennis Creel, Myrtis [ Lancaster ]01/14/192378Ellisville, MS10/24/2001
Fairley Brown, Evelyn [ Fantroy ]04/22/193566Laurel, MS04/15/2002
Hearn, Helen Frances [ O'Connor ]07/01/192383Laurel, MS04/04/2007
Hyde, Ferman  Laurel, MS12/17/2009
Jones Shannon, Albert "Duke"02/22/193668Laurel, MS01/04/2004
Lofton, Audie ( Mrs. ) "Jo"03/14/192283Laurel, MS12/29/2005
Myrick Lena, Dorothy Jean [ Collins ]05/06/192981Laurel, MS03/28/2011
Newell Sphere, Mary Alice [ Cole ]07/08/192878Laurel, MS12/30/2006
Page, Robert Nelson04/17/193375Soso, MS07/07/2008
Powell Musgrove, Loyd "Charlie"10/03/192782Soso, MS08/20/2010
Robertson McGee, Madge R. [ Marshall ] 91Moselle, MS02/08/2003
Street Taylor, Elizabeth [ Oakes ]04/30/192482Laurel, MS05/07/2006

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