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Lowndes County, MS

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Lowndess County, Mississippi.
Blunt Evans, Nathan12/20/193869Lowndes County, MS10/07/2008
Coleman Gavin, Ed06/06/192288Lowndes County, MS03/26/2011
Crawford Wilson, Shirley [ Buchanan ]08/03/195058Columbus, MS06/29/2009
Davis, Billy06/18/194562Columbus, MS01/30/2008
Fortner, Martha J. [ Robinson ] [ Sprayberfry ] "Marti"08/22/194367Lowndes County, MS02/08/2011
Gibson Franks, Joe Raymond "Buster"03/14/194860Columbus, MS10/11/2008
Gunn, Tommie Jean [ Edwards ] 58Columbus, MS05/22/2005
Henkel Huggins, Mary [ Kelly ] 95Crawford, MS04/20/2002
Higgins Smith, Nancy [ Bernard ]09/25/1933 Columbus, MS04/14/2004
Jones McGahey, Frederick Arthur07/16/193573Columbus, MS06/10/2009
Kirksey, Ophelia V. ( Mrs. ) 88Columbus, MS12/15/2006
Levi, Glenda ( Mrs. ) "Sue"10/18/195748Columbus, MS07/19/2006
Lewis, Irene [ Diller ]04/10/191682Columbus, MS08/11/1999
Lindly, Madelene ( Mrs. )03/26/192677Steens, MS11/07/2003
McAdams, Earby Boyd02/10/193671Columbus, MS10/06/2007
McKee Stewart, Cameron Alexander03/08/200718mColumbus, MS10/07/2008
Miller, Willie James03/29/195061Lowndes County, MS04/01/2011
Nickoles Burks, Cecilia [ Charlton ]11/26/193870Columbus, MS07/02/2009
Rickman Marshall, Dorris Mae [ Johnson ]01/25/193178Columbus, MS07/17/2009
Roberts, Roy C.11/24/1925 Artesia, MS02/24/2005
Sanders, Mary Jane ( Mrs. )12/01/193671Lowndes County, MS06/20/2008
Stanley, Robert Hunter04/22/193574Lowndes County, MS06/13/2009
Swift Hickey, Jewell [ Lynch ]12/20/190998Columbus, MS10/12/2008
Thomas Meadows, Ogerita [ Coley ]10/08/196149Columbus, MS04/03/2011
Varnon, Carl Jone 60Columbus, MS12/06/2004
Vaughn, Robert10/26/190899Columbus, MS07/18/2008
Waring Harris, Laurie [ Cox ] [ Barber ]06/27/1904104Columbus, MS04/24/2009
Weathers, Melanie [ Martinez ]07/24/195751Columbus, MS08/25/2008
Wharton Dabbs, Dorothy Lee [ Russell ]06/09/192382Columbus, MS11/27/2005

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