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This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Goffstown, New Hampshire. 
Blanchard Fisher, William A. "Bill"09/11/192875Goffstown, NH12/17/2003
Buxton Hall, Marion L. [ Paris ]01/07/193078Goffstown, NH09/28/2008
Caldwell Leland, Ralph C.11/06/192678Goffstown, NH07/06/2005
Chatigny Goudreault, Joan C. [ Dionne ] [ Coughlin ]11/30/193671Goffstown, NH06/28/2008
Coughlin Fannon, David Paul06/29/193568Goffstown, NH07/06/2003
Dane Feich, Marion A. [ Lefebvre ]08/25/192479Goffstown, NH08/30/2003
Daniels Murdo, John E.10/04/194760Goffstown, NH05/30/2008
Duval Forcier, Lorraine A. [ Knight ]11/07/193172Goffstown, NH01/14/2004
Fabreau O'Brien, Hazel Marion [ Fiske ]08/28/191390Goffstown, NH03/18/2004
Fillcul McCarthy, Marylu M. [ Trimbur ] 47Goffstown, NH08/07/2003
Fournier, Warren W.03/23/192479Goffstown, NH08/04/2003
Hand, Dorothy Mae [ Willette ]07/01/192778Goffstown, NH08/09/2005
Hartson Stahl, Barbara E. [ Greene ]02/19/192577Goffstown, NH10/23/2002
Haskell Stevens, Edwin E. "Hackey" 59Goffstown, NH12/25/2002
Houghton Blanchette, Charles L. 62Goffstown, NH08/22/2003
Kecy Lawrence, Raymond E.02/01/194066Goffstown, NH05/05/2006
LaMarsh Gordon, Marguerite Eleanor [ Ridgley ]03/13/190199Goffstown, NH09/28/2000
Lowe Bagley, Judith E. [ Lavoie ]02/26/194162Goffstown, NH12/14/2003
Mason Greenough, James R.11/23/193866Goffstown, NH12/26/2004
O'Toole Riley, Patricia Ann [ Remillard ]07/06/195251Goffstown, NH07/06/2003
Pearson Richards, Florence [ Murray ] [ Williams ] 82Goffstown, NH02/25/2003
Riehl Provencher, William G.02/17/196046Goffstown, NH05/09/2006
Riley Rodier, William G.11/12/194952Goffstown, NH10/25/2002
Roberge Broulliard, Doris C. [ Cayer ]06/09/193865Goffstown, NH11/24/2003
Rowe Sargent, Jan Lombard [ Brewer ]10/15/195152Goffstown, NH11/16/2003
Ruonala, Ronald William09/12/193667Goffstown, NH05/22/2004
Russell, Dorothy [ Hambleton ] 98Goffstown, NH04/24/2000
Sargent Moore, Clayton Davis 93Goffstown, NH06/26/2002
Saunders, Frank L.08/10/193173Goffstown, NH06/17/2005
Smith Frost, George A.01/04/194162Goffstown, NH10/26/2003
Stark Morgrage, Margaret [ Smith ] 92Goffstown, NH01/21/2002
Sweeney Clark, Bruce E.07/21/193969Goffstown, NH10/03/2008
Szumiesz Dziuban, Frank Bernard06/03/191868Goffstown, NH07/31/2006
Tirrell Robie, Lillian A. [ Gelinas ] 78Goffstown, NH12/30/2001
Tirrell Robie, Lillian A. [ Gelinas ]11/10/192378Goffstown, NH12/30/2001
Todd Fiske, Theodore A. "Ted"08/27/195152Goffstown, NH02/01/2004

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