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Suffern, NY
This particular page exists for the purpose of
indexing obituaries of individuals born in
Suffern, New York.
Ackerson Gianotti, Sharon [ McCartney ]05/06/194953Suffern, NY07/11/2002
Anderson Call, Hazel P. [ Kearsing ]01/06/193663Suffern, NY07/30/1999
Babcock Cooper, Roger William05/11/195351Suffern, NY02/03/2005
Baluvelt, Raymond J.06/14/193868Suffern, NY10/01/2006
Beam Gannon, Maryellen [ Conklin ]04/10/195647Suffern, NY12/23/2003
Beers Furman, Carolyn A. [ O'Dell ]01/04/194458Suffern, NY03/01/2002
Behrens Holley, Anne [ Tebbenhoff ]08/17/190798Suffern, NY04/17/2006
Belanger Drake, John A. [ Vandermark ]07/01/193370Suffern, NY10/04/2003
Bidwell Jones, Charles W.02/22/192580Suffern, NY04/11/2005
Bishop, William J.  Suffern, NY11/01/2004
Blake Conklin, Ruth L. [ Brownsell ]02/12/193369Suffern, NY10/08/2002
Bradley Quinn, Peter07/11/194850Suffern, NY06/19/1999
Brentnall O'Dell, Norman R.04/23/193465Suffern, NY07/28/1999
Brown, David W.11/20/1935 Suffern, NY11/20/2001
Brownhill Buckley, David05/03/196243Suffern, NY04/13/2006
Burakowski, Carl P. 72Suffern, NY02/05/2002
Bynum, James Lee "Jay"11/11/1966 Suffern, NY01/07/2005
Cable, Mary E. [ Wilson ]12/22/194355Suffern, NY05/31/1999
Callaghan, Sean James 42Suffern, NY03/08/2005
Campbell Taylor, Mary [ Starkey ]12/24/194959Suffern, NY05/27/2009
Carlough Blauvelt, LaRita [ Sisco ]06/04/191584Suffern, NY04/15/2000
Carrea, Anna B.  Suffern, NY01/05/2002
Chapman Newell, Francis11/27/194462Suffern, NY04/25/2007
Chapman Newell, Patricia [ Barone ]08/01/194752Suffern, NY12/31/1999
Coen, Scott F.12/17/198219Suffern, NY03/16/2002
Collins Bennett, Catherine [ DiRenzo ]07/24/194958Suffern, NY12/26/2007
Compton Osborne, Stephen A.06/04/195449Suffern, NY01/30/2004
Conklin Hogancamp, Lillian M. [ Zero ]03/01/193667Suffern, NY07/24/2003
Conklin Mann, Rebecca J. [ DeGrote ]09/28/192969Suffern, NY01/29/1999
Conklin Mulhair, Marguerite Elizabeth [ Vetter ]06/06/193366Suffern, NY04/27/2000
Conklin Schultz, Walter C.11/17/192875Suffern, NY09/06/2004
Conklin, Betty Ann [ Alcencio ]11/02/193473Suffern, NY09/25/2008
Conklin, Emily Fairest [ Nesuer ]09/11/194563Suffern, NY05/26/2009
Conklin, Emily Fairest [ Neuser ]09/11/194563Suffern, NY05/26/2009
Cox Jones, Rosemary [ Jordan ]05/30/1943 Suffern, NY02/21/2002
Crispino Gamboli, Luigi01/14/196240Suffern, NY02/28/2002
Cronk Koval, Joseph T.10/13/194655Suffern, NY11/27/2002
Crowe, Margaretta M. ( Mrs. ) 81Suffern, NY03/16/2000
Delisio, Louis C. 58Suffern, NY01/06/2001
Dennison, Anthony04/17/1941 Suffern, NY04/25/2000
Dillon Krinsky, Christopher J.03/21/198620Suffern, NY08/23/2006
Dolingo Krescher, Helen E. [ Treuner ]10/28/191587Suffern, NY06/13/2003
Dolson Lang, Richard George07/28/197138Suffern, NY12/29/2009
Downes Stockes, Anna [ Gallagher ] "Annie"08/15/192178Suffern, NY03/24/2000
Duncan, Michael Bruce "Tojo"04/09/194558Suffern, NY07/05/2003
Epstein, David Henri09/19/194561Suffern, NY08/25/2006
Epstein, David Henry09/19/194561Suffern, NY08/25/2006
Fetchik, Robert07/04/195750Suffern, NY03/04/2008
Fisk Demarest, Helen F. [ Hollister ]  Suffern, NY09/27/2004
Foster Parker, Miriam [ Kastrud ]03/17/191291Suffern, NY01/24/2004
Frank, Darlene L. [ Fasano ]05/07/194460Suffern, NY01/19/2005
Furman Parker, Lillian J. [ Kaufmann ]09/29/190696Suffern, NY04/10/2003
Giardino Zanini, Charles A.08/31/196238Suffern, NY02/25/2001
Gilbert Hansen, Ruth Anne [ White ]10/13/195844Suffern, NY06/21/2003
Goetschius Langdon, Richard01/28/193960Suffern, NY01/28/1999
Haight Weis, Robert William06/04/195751Suffern, NY08/29/2008
Hansen O'Hara, Brian Patrick05/17/1980 Suffern, NY12/14/2002
Haring Bird, Walter C.08/06/192481Suffern, NY11/23/2005
Harvey Crowe, Erin [ Veale ]09/09/197333Suffern, NY04/29/2007
Heddy, Florence Etta [ Anthony ]12/26/1907 Suffern, NY03/24/2006
Hooper Curtis, John David05/27/195155Suffern, NY11/13/2006
Hopper Hoehn, Karen [ Jones ]09/30/195744Suffern, NY11/20/2001
Hruscik Marchica, Michele [ Thonn ]09/03/195744Suffern, NY06/20/2002
Hunter Doremus, John H. 72Suffern, NY09/03/1999
Jennings Hardy, Louis L.12/28/195741Suffern, NY06/21/1999
Jennings Mann, Roland06/10/194356Suffern, NY02/08/2000
Johnson Barish, Richard R. "Rich"09/26/197525Suffern, NY01/06/2001
Johnson Board, Hana [ Wigand ]08/02/191690Suffern, NY04/04/2007
Jost Gantner, Robert07/15/191584Suffern, NY04/18/2000
Jost Saal, Catherine [ Chaves ]08/17/195051Suffern, NY10/28/2001
Jusino D'Antonio, Dolores M. [ Rucano ] "Chickie"08/05/193765Suffern, NY03/30/2003
Kasckow Pysz, Ann [ St. John ]10/22/192380Suffern, NY10/02/2004
Kivler Perry, David M.02/18/195449Suffern, NY06/22/2003
Knapp Boecher, Charles Warren 88Suffern, NY10/16/2005
Kovatch Forbes, George W.06/11/194855Suffern, NY06/24/2003
Krolo, Stanley E. "Rabbit" 75Suffern, NY10/28/2001
LaBurt Messkell, Eugene J.08/07/193173Suffern, NY12/09/2004
Larchar Jacobs, Melanie Ann [ Petrosky ]10/10/195544Suffern, NY11/11/1999
Lindsell Hopper, Dennis Albert12/19/194955Suffern, NY11/29/2005
Linzenbold, Stephen R.06/10/193963Suffern, NY07/25/2002
Lockyer Williams, Elmer Daniels11/22/190890Suffern, NY11/10/1999
MacKenzie Shawtraw, Raymond E.05/10/1927 Suffern, NY04/12/2006
Mack Winter, Hailey NIcole02/11/2006InfSuffern, NY04/07/2006
Mariotti, Robert09/15/194952Suffern, NY08/16/2002
Marozin, Michael J.05/07/194857Suffern, NY10/14/2005
McDermott Countney, Richard J.03/13/192978Suffern, NY04/29/2007
Miller Welchman, James M.11/30/196433Suffern, NY09/05/1998
Monahan Brown, James E.  Suffern, NY08/14/1998
Moore Talamini, Robert Arthur12/03/194853Suffern, NY10/14/2002
Mowry Yohn, Barbara M. [ Palmer ]03/16/192772Suffern, NY04/16/1999
Nail Greco, Margaret V.  Suffern, NY01/21/2002
Nelson Floyd, Donnan S.10/03/192381Suffern, NY12/30/2004
O'Dell, Nancy L. [ Nolan ]07/05/1951 Suffern, NY02/05/2004
Oliver Mann, Nila "Sugie"10/01/195254Suffern, NY04/18/2007
Palkovic Rabatin, Jamie A. [ Miller ]03/26/196732Suffern, NY06/04/1999
Payne, Bryan A. 21Suffern, NY12/27/2001
Percosky Wolfhope, Alan Scott08/22/196445Suffern, NY08/06/2010
Powell Morgan, John F. "Skip" 69Suffern, NY03/02/2005
Poynton Ruby, Richard C. 65Suffern, NY04/06/2006
Quesada Welch, Richard M. "Ricky"12/01/19917Suffern, NY09/10/1999
Reynolds Uhelsky, Henry T.08/06/196140Suffern, NY01/19/2002
Rudd, Edward Michael  Suffern, NY 
Ruiz, Margaret C. [ Zabriskie ]07/29/193070Suffern, NY11/17/2000
Russell, Jack W.12/29/192854Suffern, NY07/28/2003
Ruud, Edward Michael 51Suffern, NY12/21/2004
Ryan Emery, Karen [ Horton ]09/20/1944 Suffern, NY11/23/2001
Sahler, Jean L. 74Suffern, NY09/16/2004
Salemo, Joseph Dennis12/28/194851Suffern, NY03/01/2000
Sam Jackson, Quincy O.05/29/198913Suffern, NY07/25/2002
Scales, John T.10/06/195253Suffern, NY10/01/2006
Schefers, Philip G.10/07/194854Suffern, NY04/02/2003
Scott, Shirley Louise [ Lagarde ]09/02/192978Suffern, NY05/16/2008
Serra Cerulli, Theodore F.11/09/197028Suffern, NY08/30/1999
Shorten, Joanne Marie [ Exley ]10/17/195645Suffern, NY08/03/2002
Shuart, Alvin G. 79Suffern, NY07/29/1999
Simpson, Gordon J.07/24/196639Suffern, NY10/19/2005
Staubach Gibbons, Margaret E. 59Suffern, NY01/16/2006
Stecz Seaman, Regina [ Eberhardt ]08/04/193366Suffern, NY06/30/2000
Stewart, Marcus L. 77Suffern, NY03/18/2003
Straut Chadwick, Edward08/10/193073Suffern, NY01/23/2004
Straut Hopper, Melvin10/13/190894Suffern, NY04/27/2003
Straut Schienice, Estella [ Conklin ]09/30/193267Suffern, NY03/26/2000
Talamini Hughes, JoAnn10/27/194756Suffern, NY04/18/2004
Tarantino Milde, Steven Daniel11/07/197130Suffern, NY03/11/2002
Timko Odell, Howard09/14/194751Suffern, NY07/07/1999
Tiner La Valley, Alice [ Rough ] "Bunny"11/03/195649Suffern, NY01/21/2006
Van Dunk Marion [ Jones ] "Blossom"12/22/193458Suffern, NY12/28/2001
Van Houten Shuart, Barry L.10/26/193465Suffern, NY10/02/2000
Vander Bush Conklin, Gail L. [ Walter ]07/06/193663Suffern, NY05/21/2000
Varley, Matthew F.04/03/197924Suffern, NY03/28/2004
Villodas Ives, Blake Robert04/03/200013dSuffern, NY04/15/2000
Walser, David R.06/18/195249Suffern, NY12/19/2001
Warren Turgeon, Rebecca Lee03/27/197235Suffern, NY07/20/2007
Winkos, Terri A.09/29/195644Suffern, NY12/21/2000
Winters Conklin, Charles Evan03/19/193069Suffern, NY07/21/1999
Wolf, Michael H.08/03/198120Suffern, NY01/18/2002
Woods Phelan, James J.02/26/197526Suffern, NY09/11/2001
Worner Leutholt, Robert J.11/21/195055Suffern, NY05/03/2006
Wrathall Marrinan, Wendy J.02/03/196142Suffern, NY05/03/2003
Wright Seward, Bertha S. [ Howell ]11/06/191583Suffern, NY02/01/1999
Wright Ten Eyck, Betsy Ann [ Strauss ]09/30/194358Suffern, NY12/11/2001
Zabel Gigrich, Marion L. [ Kuhlow ]01/10/191881Suffern, NY06/21/1999
Zamboni, Louise J. [ Kraemer ]09/21/1918 Suffern, NY12/12/2001
Zarcone, Joseph J.09/06/194159Suffern, NY04/13/2001
Zecchini Nolan Patricia Ann [ Floor ]03/06/196639Suffern, NY05/08/2005
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