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Harrison County, OH

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Harrison County, Ohio. 
Bardall Hoop, Earl Edward10/14/194169Freeport, OH03/15/2011
Farnsworth, James Martin10/06/193069Harrisville, OH02/28/2000
Gregg Lappier, David H.07/18/194556Scio, OH10/29/2001
Hamilton Hunt, Mary Roselee [ Toole ]10/26/191693Nottingham Township, OH09/14/2010
Heath, Nellie R. ( Mrs. )08/18/191287Cadiz Junction, OH06/14/2000
Hildreth, Irene [ Bingham ]08/21/191882Cadiz, OH09/17/2000
Morgan George, Hugh Dean07/27/194169Harrison County, OH04/05/2011
Perry Cariens, Joseph Ulysses11/21/192486Cadiz, OH04/10/2011
Phillips Fawcett, Mary I. [ Taylor ]09/22/191488Hopedale, OH01/31/2003
Sagilla, Medea S. [ Geanangel ]12/16/191386Hopedale, OH02/19/2000
Stewart Strahl, Edwin10/03/193080Piedmont, OH03/04/2011
Stockdale Carpenter, Kenneth Elwood09/20/193673Freeport, OH07/02/2010
Toland Ballentine, Ruby Joan [ Perdue ]05/09/193772Harrison County, OH05/03/2010
Toole Green, Virginia Pearle05/13/192387Cadiz Township, OH08/27/2010

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