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Henry County, OH

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Henry County, Ohio. 
Arps Rohrs, Walter A.07/21/191790Hamler, OH12/19/2007
Bannister Saul, Marjorie Helen [ Hoffman ] [ Sherburne ]07/20/191791Liberty Center, OH09/17/2008
Bauer Okuly, Regina B. [ Romes ]06/19/191087New Bavaria, OH04/15/1998
Bergstedt Gerken, Louis Henry03/23/193079Henry County, OH10/17/2009
Bickford Schlosser, Ella I. [ Gilliland ]04/20/191196Henry County, OH12/21/2007
Bisher Kiger, Delman E.02/16/192881Liberty Center, OH10/18/2009
Bockelman Schumaker, Viola Katherine [ Evans ]04/16/191291Liberty Center, OH08/08/2003
Boyer Tobias, Warren L.09/16/191888Westhope, OH05/07/2007
Burdue Waxler, Jerry Lee09/27/194260Liberty Center, OH 
Daso Weidner, Dorothy P. [ Ernst ]05/30/192581Liberty Center, OH08/17/2006
Dietrick Long, Patricia L. [ Stults ]10/20/193076New Bavaria, OH08/24/2007
Drew Goldsberry, Morey S.10/21/191884Henry County, OH11/23/2002
Duding Creese, Martha C. [ Enoch ]05/12/190995Hamler, OH09/06/2004
Dysert Smalley, Max Freeman08/11/192083Holgate, OH10/08/2003
Fahrer Mengerink, Albert J.03/30/193672Napoleon, OH05/13/2008
Fawley Tuttle, Irene [ Long ]11/25/191295McClure, OH10/17/2008
Fraker Leaders, Henrietta C. [ Forney ]10/05/191489Holgate, OH11/05/2003
Gearig Osborn, John Edwin05/05/193072Liberty Center, OH12/05/2002
Guyer Yarnell, Robert Howard11/12/194165Colton, OH01/09/2007
Hefflinger Robinson, Phyllis M. [ Huber ]06/20/192088Henry County, OH07/24/2008
Hefflinger Rohrbaugh, Lynda L. [ Gerken ]06/27/194066Liberty Center, OH04/17/2007
Hess Eisaman, Twila E. [ Wanner ]06/25/191888Liberty Center, OH08/18/2006
Hill Rickard, Clarence E.10/19/192185Henry County, OH05/05/2007
Hockman Heyman, Mildred [ Wall ] [ Miller ]10/09/191292Henry County, OH09/02/2005
House, June 85Deshler, OH10/14/2002
Huber Eberle, Donnie D.02/02/194058Hamler, OH04/08/1998
Irvin Kimberly, Harold N.03/15/193372Napoleon, OH05/28/2005
Keeterle Okuley, Virgil08/23/192275New Bavaria, OH05/08/1998
Kessler Gross, Aubrey Charles08/13/192186Liberty Center, OH10/18/2007
Meyer Dachenhaus, Helena [ Patterson ] "Helen"03/08/191592Hamler, OH12/17/2007
Miller Precht, Martha E. [ Koppenhofer ]05/27/193174Napoleon, OH01/03/2006
Moore Laver, Gertrude I. [ Conrad ]02/13/192088Liberty Center, OH06/26/2008
Myers Schall, Don B.02/05/192385Liberty Center, OH06/10/2008
Myles Weirich, Charles L.05/11/191692Liberty Center, OH06/23/2008
Myles Winover, Marion R.09/30/191394Henry County, OH09/26/2008
Petersen Junge, Marvin A.06/30/192881Bartlow Township, OH10/29/2009
Pittman Omwake, Myron J.04/30/1900103Henry County, OH06/03/2003
Saul Gunter, Hazel R. [ Riggs ]11/15/1903104Harrison Township, OH07/13/2008
Seymour Redfield, Eloise [ Stevens ]12/19/191593Liberty Township, OH10/30/2009
Sickmiller Eisaman, Eryl Byron02/26/191489Harrison Township, OH11/10/2003
Spangler LaRue, Clifford F.02/10/192276Hamler, OH04/27/1998
Stockman Meyer, Richard C.11/17/193172Henry County, OH02/09/2004
Storehalder Heinze, Dallas A.11/01/193275Liberty Center, OH10/31/2008
Von Deylen Behnfeldt, Mildred [ Schuette ]06/07/192680Freedom Township, OH10/13/2006
Walters Reichert, Mildred M. [ Dangler ]05/25/191790Napoleon, OH09/30/2007
Westhoven Faeth, James P.09/25/192384Liberty Center, OH08/29/2008
Westrick Frey, Evelyn M. [ Drummer ]11/18/192879New Bavaria, OH06/18/2008
Westrick Klingshirn, Barbara07/02/191886New Bavaria, OH09/09/2004
Wheeler Andrews, Frederick L.09/29/193766Holgate, OH12/19/2003
Wilson, Julie Ann [ McKeever ]05/24/194957Napoleon, OH10/13/2006
Young, Danny L.04/23/198351Napoleon, OH12/02/2006

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