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Warren County, OH

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Warren County, Ohio. 
Adams, Warren02/05/193070Middletown, OH03/02/2000
Allen Bess, Maynard D. "Duane"04/03/193675Hamilton, OH01/19/2012
Armstrong Thomas, Janet L. [ Taylor ]06/02/194162Middletown, OH07/12/2003
Barker Miller, Claude09/18/192782Middletown, OH04/04/2011
Blair Atkinson, Mary Jo09/01/196047Middletown, OH07/20/2008
Bronson, Chester G.03/10/193170Middletown, OH11/30/2001
Burnette Horn, Thomas G.08/30/194362Middletown, OH11/02/2005
Caldwell Edwards, Joanna Louise [ Johnson ] "Jo"12/17/195653Middletown, OH08/09/2010
Compston Powell, Lawrence03/04/193675Hamilton, OH01/22/2012
Conarroe Cunningham, Larry K.11/09/193774Middletown, OH01/19/2012
Cornett Adams, Danny Dee02/04/195556Middletown, OH01/20/2012
Corrill Young, Charlotte Anne [ Campbell ]12/11/193576Middletown, OH01/21/2012
Cox, Marcia ( Mrs. )03/28/192982Hamilton, OH01/20/2012
Craig, Doris Jean 71Middletown, OH07/23/2006
Decker, Edwin09/10/192483West Middletown, OH11/11/2007
Drake, Tamela Lynn [ Canupp ]08/29/196249Middletown, OH01/16/2012
Gillespie Beard, Joy B. [ Schwab ]05/27/192388Hamilton, OH01/15/2012
Goff, Robert L.10/10/192083Middletown, OH03/14/2004
Gray Wahl, Richard J.05/28/194170Hamilton, OH01/16/2012
Hale, Kathleen ( Mrs. )09/28/191492Hamilton, OH11/10/2006
Harris Winkler, Douglas06/11/193274Hamilton, OH10/24/2006
Hayes Parker, Lonnie A.06/20/194764Hamilton, OH01/19/2012
Hill, Glayds Louise [ Sausville ]05/23/193073Middletown, OH03/19/2004
Hubbard White, Dean J.04/17/193079Butler County, OH10/14/2009
Hughes Borcherding, Jane H. [ Thie ]01/02/193869Middletown, OH01/05/2007
Johnson Butler, James Edard "Jim"03/25/196343Middletown, OH11/11/2006
Johnson Frick, Wayne Albert05/22/195749Hamilton, OH10/13/2006
Justice Miller, Richard A.12/02/193174Hamilton, OH10/29/2006
Lotta Palermo, Marie [ Lawler ]11/06/192289Hamilton, OH12/17/2011
Mayer Schultheiss, Walter F. "Wally"02/17/192586Hamilton, OH01/23/2012
Mick Bachman, Bernard J.08/04/191987Hamilton, OH11/01/2006
Otis Clarke, Dana Wesley "Wes" 48Middletown, OH03/16/2005
Pfirrman Zettler, Elaine R. [ Bowden ]06/07/192482Hamilton, OH11/14/2006
Potter Prater, Gary Lynn01/31/196642Middletown, OH04/07/2008
Powers, Wade10/05/192980Middletown, OH10/12/2009
Price Hinkle, Robert E. 73Middletown, OH12/30/2004
Pyle Stevenson, Virginia [ Ward ] "Ginger"01/24/193372Middletown, OH11/29/2005
Reed, Kenneth E.06/16/195451Middletown, OH07/01/2005
Reed, Kenneth R.01/16/195451Middletown, OH07/01/2005
Rigling Miersch, Jane M.10/24/192184Hamilton, OH10/05/2006
Roberts Johnson, Sandra Doris [ Sherwood ] "Roberts"07/10/195160Middletown, OH01/14/2012
Sauer Skelton, Alice M. [ Snyder ]03/28/190697Butler County, OH07/28/2003
Sawyer, Jane Ann 75Middletown, OH11/25/2001
Schutte, Elaine [ Smith ]02/09/192388Hamilton, OH01/22/2012
Shollenbarger Evans, Marion [ Whitman ]01/09/193676Hamilton, OH01/20/2011
Takach, James02/25/194269Middletown, OH01/20/2011
Thompson Walker, Robert E. "Bob"08/12/192388Hamilton, OH12/21/2011
Turley Lore, Chris07/11/198718Oxford, OH11/08/2005
Van Der Linde, Elaine C. ( Mrs. )01/10/195062Middletown, OH01/15/2012
Wagner, Edna M. [ Uhl ]07/28/190898Hamilton, OH10/28/2006
Wallace, Robin L. [ McIntosh ] "Barefoot Lady" 53Middletown, OH04/22/2000
Weiss, Walton E.08/29/191596Hamilton, OH01/17/2012
Wekenman Schadler, Judith R.02/22/194566Hamilton, OH01/16/2012
Wikoff, James G.04/26/190597Middletown, OH01/01/2003
Wilson Cottle, Richard A.03/27/192674Middletown, OH12/23/2000
Zettler Obringer, Mary Louise05/22/191294Hamilton, OH10/18/2006

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