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Abbeville County, SC

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Abbeville County, South Carolina.
Austin, Lucille G.  Abbeville, SC07/23/2006
Beauford Kirby, Virginia [ Dove ] "Jenny"10/05/192981Abbeville, SC02/14/2011
Blanchett Simpson, Gladys [ Seigler ] "Mutt"06/28/191884Abbeville County, SC01/14/2003
Brownlee, Estella Mae ( Mrs. ) 78Abbeville, SC08/19/2004
Campbell Hill, Sara Ione [ Temple ]07/25/192981Abbeville County, SC01/29/2011
Covin, Toussaint L'Ouverture10/09/191393Abbeville, SC02/06/2007
Edwards, Floride Frances [ Turner ] "Floss"04/26/1903101Abbeville County, SC03/13/2005
Finley, Esther Lee [ Threlkeld ]11/17/192279Abbeville County, SC08/12/2002
Flynn Fuller, Nell [ Nickles ]12/31/1910100Abbeville, SC03/31/2011
Frazier Patterson, Mae Belle [ Hall ]02/22/190994Abbeville, SC07/19/2003
Hembree Payne, Carl Ray07/23/193575Calhoun Falls, SC04/02/2011
Hunter Pettigrew, Mary [ White ]01/17/191784Abbeville County, SC11/21/2002
Leonard Tucker, Iral [ Ware ]09/15/191397Abbeville County, SC02/10/2011
Loner Wells, James L. "Buck"06/16/193872Abbeville, SC01/10/2011
Martin, Louise [ Speed ]  Abbeville, SC05/29/2006
McCurry Bone, Lloyd France [ Bujanski ] "Billie"10/24/192585Abbeville, SC03/24/2011
McMahan Lewis, Glendell [ Roper ]12/13/191397Abbeville County, SC03/24/2011
Mundy Gordon, Donald L. "Uncle Bud"10/01/193278Abbeville, SC03/22/2011
New Finley, Sanford Ellis08/10/193773Abbeville, SC02/23/2011
Powell Wilson, William Rapley "Bill"  Abbeville County, SC01/06/2011
Reynolds Gable, Mildred Rebecca [ Manley ]10/24/191991Abbeville, SC02/27/2011
Seigler Wooten, Ruth [ Vandiver ]12/24/191587Abbeville County, SC12/03/2003
Sherard Ramey, Samuel Wiley "Sam"02/07/192478Abbeville County, SC01/31/2003
Slay Turman, James Albert05/10/192780Abbeville County, SC10/26/2007
Smith, Naomi [ Saxon ] 72Calhoun Falls, SC11/26/2001
Suber Below, William Alroy01/17/192683Abbeville County, SC09/11/2009
Talbert Hall, Darrell Dewey05/13/195350Abbeville, SC12/11/2003
Teasley Williams, James Ransom  Abbeville, SC04/05/2003
Thomas McAdams, Willie Oulla [ Laws ]  Abbeville County, SC08/16/2004
Thomas Turner, George D. "Rooster"06/16/192882Lowndesville, SC03/18/2011
Thomson Goode, Mary Adelaide [ Morganti ]09/08/192189Abbeville, SC03/13/2011
Tucker Thomas, Marion11/14/192280Calhoun Falls, SC04/18/2003
Turman Dunlap, Robert Lewis "Bobby"12/22/193178Abbeville County, SC03/24/2010
Turner Martin, William Francis "Billy"11/05/195249Abbeville County, SC10/23/2002
Uldrick Sanders, Mary [ Stone ]03/27/192387Abbeville, SC03/22/2011
Wakefield Bowen, Mary Minerva02/06/191889Abbeville, SC11/14/2007
Walker, Bessie [ Blazer ] 86Calhoun Falls, SC06/24/2003
Ware McNeill, Robert Emory "Bobby"08/24/192876Abbeville County, SC05/26/2005
Washington, Robert S. 60Calhoun Falls, SC07/20/2000
Wideman, Beatrice [ Sanders ] 87Abbeville, SC01/17/2004
Wilson, Robert Brown "Bo"11/15/195152Abbeville County, SC03/03/2004
Winn Uldrick, Robert Maxey "Roebuck"10/05/193566Abbeville, SC02/25/2002
Winn Uldrick, Thomas Jefferson01/22/192875Abbeville County, SC07/12/2004

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