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Dillon County, SC

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Dillon County, South Carolina.
Adams Campbell, Allen Thomas04/02/194661Dillon County, SC01/05/2007
Ammons Kirkley, Rebecca05/03/194761Dillon County, SC08/03/2008
Arnette, Floyd06/12/192680Dillon County, SC12/18/2006
Atkins McEachern, Doris [ Calhoun ]11/23/192383Dillon County, SC01/12/2007
Atkinson, Alma [ Sizemore ] 95Hamer, SC11/02/2000
Bailey Taylor, Elbert Fletcher03/13/193867Dillon County, SC12/11/2005
Bailey, Jessie Leigh02/22/2006InfDillon, SC02/22/2006
Barfield Thompson, Earnest Gene01/22/193868Dillon County, SC12/18/2006
Barfield Thomspon, Patricia Ellen [ Carter ]06/27/194067Dillon County, SC04/24/2008
Barrentine Turner, Christine [ Caulder ]06/12/193669Dillon County, SC01/30/2006
Beauford Bethea, David06/07/1941 Dillon, SC05/16/2006
Bethea Burch, Thomas "Cash"08/06/192970Dillon, SC03/21/2000
Bethea Stephens, Vanessa Jean [ Spencer ]05/10/195552Dillon County, SC02/22/2008
Blackmon Hyatt, Ronnie Mae [ Haselden ] "Tinnie"09/28/192976Dillon County, SC07/17/2006
Bracey McKellar, Diane [ Rowell ]03/17/194266Dillon County, SC05/06/2008
Branch Huggins, Sarah Frances [ Carter ]10/07/193473Dillon County, SC04/14/2008
Brewer Scott, Lillian09/26/193275Dillon County, SC04/22/2008
Brown, Thelma G. 69Dillon, SC11/07/2002
Bruce, Cierra Lynn03/23/20062Dillon County, SC06/28/2008
Byrd Harrell, Vickie [ Nolan ]02/07/194759Dillon County, SC04/04/2006
Campbell Martin, Rogers Taylor04/30/192185Dillon County, SC06/28/2006
Carter Ammons, Mary Louise [ Daniels ]02/12/193373Dillon County, SC11/05/2006
Carter Ammons, Mary Louise [ Daniels ]02/12/193373Dillon, SC11/05/2006
Carter Rufus, Mattie Ruth [ Lane ]03/28/193175Dillon County, SC10/23/2006
Carter Wilkes, Evelyn11/25/193769Dillon County, SC02/16/2007
Carter Wilkes, Evelyn [ Cox ]11/25/193769Dillon County, SC02/16/2007
Carter, Mattie Ruth [ Lane ]03/28/193175Dillon County, SC10/23/2006
Caulder Godbold, Calvin Lewis08/22/193570Dillon County, SC07/26/2006
Caulder McLellan, Lizzie Rebecca [ Herring ]06/17/191296Dillon County, SC10/24/2008
Caulder Powers, Helen Marie [ Cribb ]01/18/195452Dillon County, SC10/09/2006
Causey Vaught, Dorothy [ Caulder ]08/02/191888Dillon County, SC01/07/2007
Church Collins, Helen [ Wallace ]11/04/194066Dillon County, SC12/22/2006
Church Elvington, Ethel C. [ Bowen ]02/13/200784Dillon County, SC02/13/2007
Church Hayes, Monroe C.06/28/191688Dillon County, SC03/03/2005
Coleman Griggs, Linda [ Jenkins ]11/22/195156Latta, SC09/19/2008
Conner Woodle, Peggy Ann [ Webster ]08/08/194560Dillon County, SC07/08/2006
Cook Caulder, Emma Mae [ Lane ]12/12/194461Dillon County, SC06/10/2006
Cook Miller, Johnny Mack05/11/194563Dillon County, SC09/06/2008
Cook Stokes, Brent Thomas01/02/194265Dillon County, SC01/17/2007
Daniels Ashby, Gertrude D. [ Raynor ]10/30/191491Dillon County, SC12/17/2005
Daniels Carter, Benjamin Franklin "Buck"02/03/193867Dillon County, SC12/03/2005
Daniels Summerford, Grace04/14/1904101Dillon County, SC10/25/2005
Davis Huggins, Dan05/28/193076Dillon County, SC01/20/2007
Davis Hyatt, Delia [ Herring ]08/18/191293Dillon County, SC11/08/2005
Davis Hyatt, Delia [ Herring ]08/18/191293Dillon County, SC11/08/2006
Davis McLendon, Mildred [ Moody ]09/19/191789Dillon County, SC01/13/2007
Dudney Wilkes, Cameron Runelle02/23/2006InfDillon County, SC02/23/2006
Elkins Ivey, Lola Bell [ Turner ]04/08/192286Dillon County, SC05/27/2008
Fairey Berry, Robert T.03/02/192385Latta, SC08/09/2008
Flowers McDaniel, Thomas Everette05/24/192582Dillon County, SC03/20/2008
Ford Bethay, Earnest 62Lake View, SC02/18/1995
Ford Goodyear, Deborah Jean [ Clark ]07/14/195650Dillon County, SC02/12/2007
Frazier, Rosa Genes10/22/192085Dillon County, SC10/18/2006
Gardner Leigh, Patricia [ Turner ] "Patsy"08/27/194263Dillon County, SC04/22/2006
Gough Bryant, Beatrice [ Huggins ]12/03/192285Dillon County, SC08/27/2006
Gough Bryant, Emma Oviedo [ Gibbs ]06/23/191195Dillon County, SC10/24/2006
Graham Elkins, Boyd Robert "Bob"08/12/191986Dillon County, SC12/11/2006
Graves Hardy, Terry Ray05/29/196243Dillon County, SC12/18/2005
Gray Inman, Michael W.05/18/195256Dillon County, SC06/27/2008
Grice Rouse, Hubert Milton11/30/193473Dillon County, SC05/07/2008
Hamer Peterkin, Wilhelimener H. [ Faulk ]11/07/191788Dillon, SC05/06/2006
Hamilton Bailey, Danny Reedy07/03/193670Dillon County, SC10/13/2006
Hamilton Clark, Luther Kenny05/27/191095Dillon County, SC04/18/2006
Hamilton Reedy, Danny07/03/193670Dillon County, SC10/13/2006
Harper Scott, Dorothy Jean [ Morgan ]03/21/194067Dillon County, SC04/01/2007
Harrelson Wiggins, Sarah [ Jackson ]12/26/192087Dillon County, SC02/27/2008
Haselden Byrd, Charles07/29/193668Dillon County, SC02/27/2005
Haselden Byrd, Glenn Allen01/23/195454Dillon County, SC10/06/2008
Hatch Reaves, Jack02/04/192284Dillon County, SC06/05/2006
Hatchell, Chancie Elaine [ Jackson ]01/02/192185Dillon County, SC09/18/2006
Hayes McDowell, JoAnne Carolyn05/29/194759Dillon County, SC10/19/2006
Herring Brown, Dale David02/14/195056Dillon County, SC05/12/2006
Herring Causey, James Hoyt02/24/192681Dillon County, SC09/26/2007
Herring Johnson, Reddin11/04/192383Dillon County, SC02/16/2007
Herring McLeallan, Emory H.11/13/194957Dillon County, SC02/28/2007
Herring Purvis, Roland10/26/193967Dillon County, SC07/22/2006
Herring Smith, Clyde Douglas08/15/193573Dillon County, SC09/02/2008
High, Patricia Ann03/12/195056Dillon County, SC10/13/2006
Hinson Allen, James12/31/192975Dillon County, SC02/22/2005
Hodge, Louise Elkins [ Young ]01/27/191294Dillon County, SC01/04/2007
Hubbard Hunt, Mary Margaret [ Williams ]03/29/193372Dillon County, SC01/20/2006
Huggins Barcey, Ruth Carolyn [ Jackson ]09/23/192877Dillon County, SC12/04/2005
Huggins Daniels, Rembert Hardy01/06/191987Dillon County, SC09/12/2006
Hulon Bryant, Daniel Boone07/27/194959Dillon County, SC09/05/2008
Hulon Hyatt, Derwood05/30/194067Dillon County, SC03/09/2008
Hulon, Ruby [ Hare ]01/15/192384Dillon County, SC01/20/2007
Hyatt Blackmon, Kenneth07/15/195452Dillon County, SC02/07/2007
Hyatt Cook, Betty Mae [ Woodard ]10/27/193472Dillon County, SC09/25/2006
Hyatt Edge, Milton12/26/195256Dillon County, SC05/10/2008
Hyatt, Dorothy Lea [ Hargrove ]02/15/193472Dillon County, SC10/05/2006
Jackson Dillon, Hoyt12/07/192384Dillon County, SC04/11/2008
Jackson Haselden, Margaret Lynn [ Roberts ]06/24/196444Dillon County, SC09/17/2008
Jackson Miller, Thomas02/22/191988Dillon County, SC01/01/2008
Jackson Norton, Walter Cecil02/17/195749Dillon County, SC12/27/2006
Jackson Taylor, Ruth [ White ]06/08/191789Dillon County, SC06/04/2007
Jackson, Leola [ Graham ]10/17/191293Dillon County, SC06/21/2006
Jones, Jimmy Horace08/13/194759Dillon County, SC10/10/2006
Lane Bowden, Willie Mae08/15/193862Latta, SC10/16/2000
Lane Caulder, Hudson01/20/192977Dillon County, SC01/25/2006
Lane Taylor, Betty Mae [ Davis ]10/10/193075Dillon County, SC04/12/2006
Lane Webster, Ruby [ Jackson ]08/26/191889Dillon County, SC10/28/2007
Lane Wiggins, William Durwood06/10/195056Dillon County, SC12/18/2006
Leviner Quick, Bessie Christine [ Vann ]09/27/192285Dillon County, SC09/26/2008
Lewellen Bailey, Rebecca Ann [ Lattymer ]12/19/192778Dillon County, SC04/28/2006
Locklear, Henrietta C. [ Branch ]02/02/192285Dillon County, SC02/02/2007
Long Sanders, Charles Edward "Sonny Boy"12/29/193968Dillon County, SC05/24/2008
Lovett Roberts, Dorothy Mae10/17/193771Dillon County, SC10/23/2008
Martin Berry, Russell Ford03/09/195649Dillon County, SC10/23/2005
McCormick Blanche, Armener [ Brown ]03/13/1929 Hamer, SC04/23/2006
McDonald Berry, Maxine [ Burns ] [ Grainger ]04/15/191294Dillon County, SC12/30/2006
McGirt Locklear, Daniel03/12/194561Dillon County, SC09/24/2006
McNeil Hill, Ruth [ Williams ]04/27/193770Dillon County, SC01/15/2008
McPhatter Tyler, Dennis James10/06/195652Dillon County, SC08/22/2008
McRae Gibson, Margaret Ann10/21/193867Dillon County, SC09/23/2006
Miller Gaddy, Ruby [ Williams ]06/30/192187Dillon County, SC10/19/2008
Miller Turner, Livingston Smith10/03/192483Dillon County, SC05/14/2008
Moody Butler, Leon Aron12/02/193075Dillon County, SC06/07/2006
Nolan Lundy, Henry Liston12/28/192680Dillon County, SC03/14/2007
Oliver Sheppard, Robert F. "Bob"03/13/195751Dillon County, SC04/23/2008
Owens Watson, Lottie Evelyn [ Webster ]11/04/192384Dillon County, SC11/05/2007
Powers Bass, Joel Randolph06/26/195749Dillon County, SC10/20/2006
Price Miller, Belton O'Neal05/03/192482Dillon County, SC12/21/2006
Rogers Harrelson, George Lester04/28/192285Dillon County, SC01/13/2008
Rowell White, George Evans02/15/194959Dillon County, SC09/04/2008
Sherman George, Donald Edward "Don"05/02/194761Dillon County, SC07/04/2008
Smith Sweat, Robert Lee09/07/194363Dillon County, SC02/03/2007
Stephens Rogers, Lucille [ Cook ]01/03/191989Dillon County, SC09/03/2008
Strickland, Marie ( Mrs. )06/20/191888Dunbarton, SC01/20/2007
Summerlin Hamilton, Peggy Marie [ Moody ]08/02/192581Dillon County, SC01/06/2007
Turner Ammons, Daniel C. "Jr"06/01/193275Dillon County, SC01/04/2008
Turner Blackmon, Roland Cam "R.C."05/29/193867Dillon County, SC02/08/2006
Turner Jackson, Gerald Arthur09/01/193967Dillon County, SC12/12/2006
Turner Smith, Linda Carol [ Durden ]06/17/197432Dillon County, SC01/12/2007
Turner, Leroy11/22/192679Dillon County, SC03/21/2006
Turpin, James C. 81Dillon, SC11/25/2001
Tyler Hodges, Vera T. [ Johnson ]02/27/192482Dillon County, SC11/17/2006
Watson Odom, Harold Hubert04/27/195553Dillon County, SC10/22/2008
Webster Huggins, Arthur Monroe08/18/193177Dillon County, SC09/27/2008
Webster Jackson, John Darwin10/04/192779Dillon County, SC05/22/2007
Whittington, Carlon J. "C.J."08/20/1938 Dillon, SC08/14/2006
Wilkerson Bailey, Johnnie M.06/22/193670Dillon County, SC01/07/2007
Williamson Berry, Eugene "Wilmergene"06/16/194164Dillon County, SC02/01/2006
Williamson Berry, William David "W.D."01/28/193372Dillon County, SC12/22/2005
Williamson Gross, Buddy05/18/196937Dillon County, SC11/03/2006
Williamson Horne, Wayne06/29/200539Dillon County, SC12/28/2005
Williamson, Edith [ Lovett ]07/28/193473Dillon County, SC01/16/2008
Young Hamilton, Dollie [ Del Sonno ] 78Dillon, SC03/20/1999

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