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Greenwood County, SC

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Greenwood County, South Carolina.
Aikens Louden, Rosalie [ Richardson ]12/16/194257Hodges, SC02/02/2000
Compton Barnwell, Gwendolyn [ Wilkes ]08/20/194065Greenwood County, SC07/19/2006
Connor Wells, Frank David 90Greenwood, SC07/21/1999
Cooper Timms, Walter Roy10/14/193575Greenwood, SC02/26/2011
Fleming, Walter W. "Walt"08/26/194961Greenwood, SC01/29/2011
Harrison Johnson, Minnie Lee [ Faison ]12/08/192972Greenwood, SC07/02/2002
Harrison Smith, Melton Dennis "Puddin"11/17/194070Greenwood, SC02/28/2011
Lam Cockrell, Richard Carroll 66Greenwood, SC08/22/2004
Lawson, Madora [ Duffie ] "Bootsie" 64Greenwood, SC09/17/2004
Marshall, Adelle [ Wilson ]06/17/1933 Ninety Six, SC05/27/1999
McIlwain Sharpe, Henry Nicles06/15/191397Greenwood County, SC02/12/2011
Stoud Coleman, Robert Archibald "Bob"02/10/196047Greenwood, SC06/20/2007
Sullivan Jackson, Marion Helen [ Smith ] 79Greenwood, SC06/05/2008
White Langley, Mildred [ Wier ]07/04/192877Troy, SC06/02/2006

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