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Pickens County, SC
This particular page exists for the purpose of
indexing obituaries of individuals born in
Pickens County, South Carolina.
Aiken Galbreath, Benajmin Franklin "Ben"08/09/193377Pickens County, SC01/23/2011
Anthony Trotter, Wilson Huey "Joe"06/05/193080Pickens County, SC01/14/2011
Atkins Cantrell, Pearl A. [ Simmons ]07/09/192882Pickens County, SC01/22/2011
Banks Freeman, Carolyn [ Boggs ]08/17/192487Pickens County, SC02/16/2012
Barker Leach, Angie B. [ Fortner ]01/25/192585Pickens County, SC01/02/2011
Blythe, James W.01/19/193664Pickens, SC01/02/2000
Bowens, Marie Ann ( Mrs. ) 72Easley, SC04/17/2003
Brown Patterson, Sarah G. [ Slaughter ]05/20/191089Pickens County, SC03/21/2000
Chappell Grant, Thaylia Ballenger [ Abercrombie ]03/29/193675Pickens County, SC01/31/2012
Dalton Rogers, Andrea [ Propes ]11/01/197833Easley, SC02/03/2012
Davis Hughes, Arthur S.09/18/191892Pickens County, SC01/13/2011
Davis Porter, Jack Gelola02/11/193080Pickens County, SC01/20/2011
Dukes Bowens, Beulah Lee [ Johnson ]11/19/192185Pickens, SC03/05/2007
Durham Turner, Edward "Gene"08/16/192081Pickens, SC09/09/2001
Eddins Norton, William Timothy "Tim"01/23/196051Easley, SC01/18/2012
Gilliam McDonald10/09/193071Pickens, SC10/28/2001
Gilliam McDonald, Fred Douglas10/09/193071Pickens, SC10/28/2001
Grant Clifton, Willie Mae [ Garrett ] 87Pickens, SC02/06/2012
Hayes La Foy, Lucille [ Stone ] "Miss Lucy"03/25/192783Pickens, SC01/02/2011
Hayes Leslie, Azalee [ Orr ]11/28/191893Pickens County, SC02/11/2012
Hayes Simmons, Odie Bertran07/17/192882Pickens County, SC01/07/2011
Hendricks Branch, Furman G.  Easley, SC01/25/2002
Hiott, Eulalia [ Marett ]10/09/192289Pickens, SC02/10/2012
James Morre, Ruby [ Cutter ]05/03/192486Pickens County, SC02/10/2011
Jennings Moody, Patricia [ Childs ] 86Easley, SC02/15/2012
Jones Simmons, Alma Viola [ Trotter ]12/08/191793Pickens County, SC01/31/2011
Julian Garren, Jeanette C. [ Lyman ]09/30/191592Pickens County, SC01/04/2008
Kelley Finley, Viola Mamie [ Kelly ]08/13/191596Pickens County, SC01/18/2012
Mann Youngblood, Aaron Albert "Chub"10/14/191496Six Mile, SC01/08/2011
McCue, Willie L.04/11/193272Easley, SC04/30/2004
McKee Baker, Bernice [ McAlister ]11/02/192387Easley, SC02/24/2011
McKissick Allen, Wallace T.10/27/191586Pickens, SC11/05/2001
Pace Parker, Bonnie Lou [ Holder ]09/06/192981Pickens County, SC01/13/2011
Reece Aiken, Pearl [ Looper ]07/07/192091Pickens County, SC02/13/2012
Robinson Hendricks, Flossie [ Hendricks ] 69Easley, SC04/30/2000
Roper Carpenter, Pleasant Terry04/08/193468Pickens, SC03/29/2003
Sexton Galloway, Geraldine [ Elrod ]12/23/194170Pickens County, SC02/15/2012
Shambley, Ruby [ High ]02/28/191193Easley, SC09/25/2004
Sloan Gary, Timothy "Tit"04/30/192289Pickens County, SC01/25/2012
Tibbals, Mabel Elizabeth 99Pickens, SC02/28/2002
Welborn Hallum, Ann Leola [ Kelley ]10/08/192280Norris, SC04/16/2003
William, Robert Andrew01/22/191197Pickens County, SC07/07/2008
Zufelt, Thelma ( Mrs. ) "Susie" 57Cateechee, SC01/22/2002
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