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Perkins County, SD
This particular page exists for the purpose of
indexing obituaries of individuals born in
Perkins County, South Dakota.
Andersen Proudy, Dale V.03/02/191787Platte, SD05/15/2004
Backes, Floyd01/10/192480Platte, SD03/17/2004
Berkey Smith, Reta L. [ Chaney ]08/06/1910100Platte, SD08/16/2010
Brummett Fish, Sharon Elaine [ Larson ]02/14/195358Platte, SD07/06/2011
Christiansen Lass, Bartlet A.04/02/1908 Platte, SD06/02/2003
Funk Nixon, Ellen Aurelia [ Riedy ]08/03/191096Lake Andes, SD10/29/2006
Greger Nelson, Connie Rae [ Hinman ]12/02/195155Wagner, SD01/17/2007
Gropper Sorensen, E. Jean03/06/192680Platte, SD02/06/2007
Hugg, Roger Dean06/21/193469Platte, SD01/02/2004
Langdeau High Rock, Melvin Wayne06/23/194068Wagner, SD04/22/2009
Leistra Quinn, Dorothy M. [ Olofson ]05/16/193176Platte, SD12/23/2007
Lindskog Humphrey, Berniece [ Newport ]06/24/192187Geddes, SD05/31/2009
Sahl Frandsen, Ellen [ Anderson ]05/28/192679Wagner, SD01/07/2006
Schulte Lohmann, Hilda [ Anonson ]05/18/1904101Wagner, SD03/09/2006
Sly Mills, Harry "H.T."08/03/192090Platte, SD04/08/2011
Sly Mills, Harry Thomas "H.T."08/03/192090Platte, SD04/08/2011
Smith Mach, Marge F. [ Krokaugger ]07/07/192777Charles Mix County, SD03/23/2005
Stepina Musil, Bernard J. "Ben"07/21/193270Dante, SD06/30/2003
Tedrow Bellon, Russell Merl07/23/191892Wagner, SD04/05/2011
Vander Meer, Anna [ Smit ] [ Danhof ]09/09/190499Platte, SD01/07/2004
Wever, John05/15/192379Platte, SD09/17/2002
Winters, Josephine [ De Jong ]07/05/191785Platte, SD03/27/2003
Wuest Petty, Eloise [ Thompson ]12/22/191786Lake Andes, SD03/18/2004
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