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Overton County, TN
This particular page exists for the purpose of
indexing obituaries of individuals born in
Overton County, Tennessee.
Baine, Isiah Alton04/13/2001InfLivingston, TN04/13/2001
Beasley Reed, Cora [ Wisner ]01/10/1888113Overton County, TN06/06/2001
Bilbrey Robbins, Katy [ Kirby ]03/30/190299Overton County, TN05/27/2001
Boles Clark, Estelle B. [ Nickell ]07/06/191394Westfork, TN11/06/2007
Brown Copeland, Alice Dimple [ Beasley ]03/06/191586Overton County, TN06/28/2001
Copeland Smith, Judy [ Evans ]04/10/193576Overton County, TN03/21/2012
Crabtree Ledbetter, Roscoe E.10/25/194066Overton County, TN09/23/2007
Garrett Cole, Lewis S. "Nimrod"04/08/193268Overton County, TN03/29/2001
Glasscock Maynord, Henry Paul01/03/191883Overton County, TN05/13/2001
Glasscock Maynord, Willie Homer01/12/190695Overton County, TN04/04/2001
Hammock, Georgia L. [ Stewart ]02/09/192190Overton County, TN01/29/2012
Hancock Ledbetter, Emma [ Davis ]01/03/192092Overton County, TN02/01/2012
Hawkins Langford, Eppie H. [ Boles ]06/15/1901100Overton County, TN06/19/2001
Jones Reeves, Frank J.05/25/192179Overton County, TN04/04/2001
Keys, Justice Lane09/20/2007InfLivingston, TN09/20/2007
Kuhns, Elizabeth C. ( Mrs. ) 81Livingston, TN03/16/2004
Langford Matthews, Virginia Lou "Lucy"09/26/195941Overton County, TN04/26/2001
Lee Hoover, Mary Lillian [ Swallows ]07/23/192377Overton County, TN06/07/2001
Martin Medley, Gary Wayne10/19/195358Overton County, TN12/22/2011
McDonald Allred, Zople [ Sells ]10/17/191794Overton County, TN03/12/2012
Miller Linder, Gerald Gayden10/29/195644Overton County, TN04/09/2001
Murphy House, Clora [ Harvill ]07/23/192571Overton County, TN06/10/1997
Myers Copeland, Jerry12/25/194170Overton County, TN02/27/2012
Neely Rich, Zella Mae10/12/193576Overton County, TN03/07/2012
Nevins Brown, Marie [ Looper ]05/18/193176Livingston, TN03/25/2008
Phillips, Jack  Columbia Hill, TN10/16/2008
Savage Staggs, Elbert Clester02/15/191586Overton County, TN04/03/2001
Sells Taylor, Douglas01/04/193962Overton County, TN06/25/2001
Smith, Vester Carl10/23/192179Overton County, TN03/25/2001
Speck Owens, Mary Gene [ Stephens ]02/14/192477Overton County, TN06/29/2001
Stover Ruble, Magdalen [ Paul ]09/24/191882Overton County, TN03/09/2001
Tharp Johnson, Perry Thomas06/15/196443Overton County, TN09/22/2007
Turner Flatt, Joanne [ Brown ]04/04/194167Overton County, TN10/20/2008
Walker Garrett, Tony06/13/196348Overton County, TN12/18/2011
Watkins Ogletree, Charles Ricky10/07/195454Overton County, TN10/24/2008
Webb Copeland, Jimmie Grey [ Speck ]11/10/191893Overton County, TN12/16/2011
Webb Parrigan, Effie Mae [ Key ]09/10/190694Overton County, TN05/02/2001
White Murphy, Troy12/28/195456Overton County, TN12/05/2011
White Smith, Willie D.01/23/192180Overton County, TN04/21/2001
Whited Garrett, Carl E.11/24/191288Overton County, TN04/10/2001
Willis Mansell, Lakrisha L. [ Barlow ]03/22/19912-Overton County, TN12/10/2011
Wilson Willis, James "Doug"03/12/193473Rickman, TN02/25/2008
Wilson, Robert A.12/13/192276Livingston, TN10/09/1999
Winningham Bugg, Scott David05/01/197239Overton County, TN03/20/2012
Young Belk, Clora [ Keisling ]04/20/191387Overton County, TN03/20/2001
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