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Runnels County, TX

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Runnels County, Texas.
Baumann, Herndon H. "Bunny"01/15/192282Miles, TX01/29/2004
Baumann, Herndon Harding "Bunny"01/15/192282Miles, TX01/29/2004
Gallant, Alma [ Cooper ]04/28/192189Runnels County, TX04/06/2011
Hoelscher, Nich09/12/194169Olfen, TX04/05/2011
Lacasse, Doris ( Mrs. )04/10/193171Runnels County, TX11/24/2002
Martinez Huizar, Salvador12/25/192582Miles, TX03/01/2008
McCollum Whitley, Martha Annette [ Young ]07/31/190794Miles, TX01/15/2002
Mendoza, Leo A. 79Ballinger, TX04/28/1999
Mueller, Sylvia Greta [ Kresta ]07/10/192976Ballinger, TX12/30/2005
Rodriguez Esquivel, Frank Clifford07/04/195852Ballinger, TX04/06/2011
Tindall, Oran B. [ Mauldin ] "Evelyn"09/23/191590Ballinger, TX12/30/2005
Torres, Jesse07/28/194164Ballinger, TX10/28/2005
Walden, Emery Elva11/10/191194Winters, TX12/28/2005

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