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Wise County, TX
This particular page exists for the purpose of
indexing obituaries of individuals born in
Wise County, Texas.
Bailey, Helen [ Gregg ]08/24/193171Bridgeport, TX03/23/2003
Bunnell, Thomas Burton02/28/191596Paradise, TX04/04/2011
Cates, Betty Jean [ Hill ]01/27/192580Decatur, TX11/19/2005
Collier Mason, Imogene [ Pleasant ]08/21/191784Wise County, TX03/29/2002
Connor, James A.10/30/191488Bridgeport, TX10/02/2003
Elliott, Ronald Dean03/17/194263Bridgeport, TX11/23/2005
Fitzgerald Crawford, Dona [ Shepard ] 87Paradise, TX05/02/2007
Franklin Upton, Emmette Spencer07/12/1920 Paradise, TX03/02/2007
Goforth, Sara Margaret10/02/192085Decatur, TX12/26/2005
Hall, Mary Lou [ Rabon ]09/01/193669Bridgeport, TX02/17/2006
Higgs, B.F. Thomas08/26/191293Crafton, TX05/02/2006
J.A. Balthrop "Bobe" 74Slidell, TX09/26/2002
Koeninger Conner, Louise [ Shadle ]02/05/1904101Wise County, TX12/31/2005
Lasater, Ocie Duane "O.D"09/11/194360Decatur, TX03/15/2004
Mayo King, Cecil07/06/191788Wise County, TX10/13/2005
Phillips Barnett, Jeanette08/07/191588Bridgeport, TX10/11/2003
Preskitt, Wiley Loyd 63Decatur, TX12/23/1991
Read Lindsey, Edwin Earl02/18/190994Paradise, TX10/02/2003
Reeves, Betty Jane [ Sloan ] [ Roberson ]04/12/192577Decatur, TX03/15/2003
Rich, Nolan Floyd11/26/192284Decatur, TX03/12/2007
Roach, Reba V. Parker11/12/190992Decatur, TX09/28/2002
Ross, Roy "Jack"03/18/192380Decatur, TX03/15/2004
Russell, Lillie Mae [ Jordan ] 77Bridgeport, TX07/05/1993
Schumacher, Lena M. 76Decatur, TX12/07/1996
Scroggins Lynch, Jerry Glenn05/12/194360Boyd, TX09/30/2003
Simpson, Youell 90Boyd, TX12/07/1992
Stack Wood, Herbert "Jean"05/14/195158Bridgeport, TX01/23/2010
Steele Harrison, Melvin Homer06/19/192085Paradise, TX11/20/2005
Taylor, Robert Leon 45Decatur, TX02/23/1991
Tumelty, Beulah Lee04/18/1897104Decatur, TX03/31/2002
Wall, Lonnie Mae [ Garner ]05/21/190595Wise County, TX03/16/2001
Winn, Jimy Ray 60Bridgeport, TX11/26/1992
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