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Dane County, WI
This particular page exists for the purpose of
indexing obituaries of individuals born in Dane County, Wisconsin.
Aeschlimann, Steve P.12/19/194455Madison, WI
Allen Tangon, Norman T.05/12/191261Madison, WI
Altenberger Bartosch, Steven A.12/30/195447Madison, WI
Anderson Anderson, Clifford Jerome07/07/191594Madison, WI
Anderson Bast, Gaylan P.01/30/197041Madison, WI
Anderson Bell, Donald L.04/26/193080Madison, WI
Anderson DeNoble, Edward S.05/30/194661Madison, WI
Anderson Urdahl, Albert U.10/23/191587Madison, WI
Austin Strohmenger, Paul06/02/192777Madison, WI
Avery Blizzard, Hazel A. [ Way ]06/08/192181Madison, WI
Benn, Donald03/07/193274Madison, WI
Bieberstein, John Robert01/31/193374Madison, WI
Bollig Meier, Herman C.07/16/192085Cross Plains, WI
Borland, Caryl M.02/18/192877Madison, WI
Botelson, Arlene Ann12/21/192479Stoughton, WI
Botelson, Arlene Ann ( Mrs. )12/21/192479Stoughton, WI
Bowen Roe, Rodney D.09/16/193865Stoughton, WI
Buerger Jensen, Frank H.04/16/193672Stoughton, WI
Burghduff, James S. 68Madison, WI
Chandler Hendricks, Richard E. "Dick"10/10/193965Madison, WI
Coyle Endres, Eulalia M. [ Meuer ] "Tiny"04/23/193180Cross Plains, WI
Currie Bindl, Elmer R.02/24/192184Madison, WI
Daggett Steinforth, Edward W.12/03/192481Madison, WI
Dahl Metzler, Harlan11/20/192580Madison, WI
David Cobleigh, Constance Ann [ Bourgeois ]03/20/1914 Madison, WI
Davies Williams, Sandra [ Sandberg ] "Sandi"04/13/194560Madison, WI
DeVries, Susan Elaine11/05/195350Madison, WI
Dearth McKillip, Selma E. [ Anderson ] "Betty"08/29/194167Madison, WI
Derr Fox, Aroline E. [ Connor ]03/04/191893Sun Prairie, WI
Dorn Smith, Eldon Michael03/15/195653Madison, WI
Dunbar Retherford, Sandra Lou [ Letellier ]10/02/194367Madison, WI
Elsner Crary, Harry Fred 100Madison, WI
Falch Dyer, Alex03/24/193076Madison, WI
Fishnick Glasbrenner, Nolan Frederick09/28/2008InfMadison, WI
Frederick Michael, Jennifer L.03/13/198229Madison, WI
Fruth Harrington, Gerald P.11/02/192778Madison, WI
Gehri Casey, Marlin "Ray"06/23/193675Madison, WI
Geier Susee, Joanne Georgine [ O'Brien ]01/01/193171Madison, WI
Good, Joyce Ann [ Guillaume ]08/30/1940 Madison, WI
Goodell Patrick, Patricia Anne12/17/193767Madison, WI
Goth Kempfer, Shirley Jean [ Heath ]11/21/193179Madison, WI
Greene Simms, Jeffrey W.04/03/195355Madison, WI
Greene, James Lincoln02/12/193080Madison, WI
Hansen Anderson, John R.09/18/192585Stoughton, WI
Hansen Martin, Julia Rose10/06/1991InfMadison, WI
Hansen Martin, Magdeline Jean10/06/1991InfMadison, WI
Hansen Swenson, Daniel A. "Dan"08/04/195256Madison, WI
Hanson Anderson, Richard M.07/23/193867Madison, WI
Hanson Johnson, Robert "Skinny"08/14/192283Stoughton, WI
Hasty Scharnke, Samuel P.08/07/196734Madison, WI
Haugland Berg, Dorothy L. [ Anderson ]11/09/192483Springdale Township, WI
Hauser Kurt, Louis John12/09/191095Waunakee, WI
Hochstein Kidd, Steven C.06/22/195053Madison, WI
Hoffman Kemmer, Rupert G.04/15/191590Verona, WI
Hooper Thayer, Jay T.05/28/196736Madison, WI
Jacobson Christianson, David "Jake"08/13/194164Stoughton, WI
Jacobson Fosdahl, Roger12/30/193174Stoughton, WI
Johnson Larson, Ardrew Eunice [ Sweeney ]07/01/192289Cambridge, WI
Johnson Olson, Clarence10/29/1912 Token Creek, WI
Kahl Johns, Jean A. [ Larson ]04/07/193378Mount Horeb, WI
Kennedy Fisher, Ruth Ann [ Kaether ]08/19/192580Westport, WI
Kimberley Juris, James09/12/193669Madison, WI
King Kraemer, Karen R. [ Lenkei ]12/04/193964Madison, WI
Klongland Jerdee, Owen03/04/192283Stoughton, WI
Koons Kemmeter, Ruth N. [ Govier ]10/16/194069Madison, WI
Krzos, Jennifer02/25/197927Madison, WI
Laughlin Ausbun, Elaine Marie [ Bradley ]01/11/195655Madison, WI
Lauper Tenjum, Carol Louise12/15/194067Madison, WI
Lawrence Gross, Genevieve M. [ Anderson ]01/12/192190Madison, WI
Lewis Ellestad, Alice [ Olson ]02/04/191491McFarland, WI
Lund Mork, Nancy Ann [ Williamson ]12/13/194269Madison, WI
Maida, Mark Allen *11/15/198222Madison, WI
Maly, Joan C. [ Pulda ]04/30/193576Middleton, WI
Manson Ohlfs, Margaret E. [ Nelson ]09/19/191887Dunn, WI
Martinson Anderson, Alvin11/04/192174Albion, WI
Masshardt Anderson, Clarence David09/06/193966Madison, WI
McBurney Biggin, Margaret M. [ Pafford ]12/19/192384Madison, WI
McCaughey, Marjorie Adeline [ Weber ]08/17/191986Madison, WI
McCollum, Helen E. [ Ziegler ]07/18/192382Madison, WI
McNew Colton, Eric W.06/12/198818Madison, WI
Mead Taylor, Jeremiah08/30/192088Madison, WI
Miles, William J. 65Madison, WI
Miller Bouchard, Robert E.12/12/1911 Madison, WI
Morledge, Paul02/10/196934Madison, WI
Morse Wilkerson, Jack W.09/30/192586Madison, WI
Mueller, Lorraine [ Jolin ] 81Stoughton, WI
Mueller, Lorraine [ Jolin ]08/09/192281Stoughton, WI
Mueller, Rose Susan [ Danner ]08/30/1908103Madison, WI
Nellen, Henry J.07/30/191887Waunakee, WI
Nelson, Royal Arlyn "Gubie"01/03/193174Deerfield, WI
Newton Zimmerman, Richard05/02/194263Madison, WI
Niesen Adler, Leona [ Friedlund ]02/26/192878Cross Plains, WI
O'Leary Falter, Clyde W.05/18/192487Madison, WI
Olson Gabrielson, William08/06/191294Stoughton, WI
Phillips, Harley D.07/15/193865Madison, WI
Porter Kaiser, Clarissa04/13/191488Marshall, WI
Reamer, Claude James "Jim"07/18/193180Madison, WI
Reed Bausch, Nancy C. [ Hammill ] [ Reed ]11/17/194464Madison, WI
Riddle, Bonnie Lynn ( Mrs. )07/28/195747Madison, WI
Rolstad, Roy A.12/12/193576Verona, WI
Roof, Cindy L. [ Langlois ]08/05/196051Madison, WI
Salvisberg Wentland, Cecelia H. [ Raymond ]08/11/190999Belleville, WI
Santos Schneider, Edward09/15/196045Stoughton, WI
Schumacher, Harriet Lucile ( Mrs. )09/17/191982Madison, WI
Schuster, Theodre G. 81Madison, WI
Scott Fuller, Alice J. [ Rasmussen ] "Jane"07/26/192190Madison, WI
Setzer Donner, Judith J. [ McLuckie ]09/13/193767Madison, WI
Shands Henry, George09/16/193768Madison, WI
Skaar Stickle, Doris [ Archie ]09/14/193669Stoughton, WI
Slade, Margaret 90Madison, WI
Slade, Margaret ( Mrs. ) "Marge" 90Madison, WI
Smith Genin, Dolorisan [ Pletan ] "Snuffy"09/19/191888Belleville, WI
Tranchita Alderson, Vincent R.05/09/193179Madison, WI
Uphoff Clark, Sue [ Nelson ]07/20/193372Cottage Grove, WI
Uttenweiler Pedersen Louise [ Dalton ]11/21/191985Madison, WI
Van Etten, Merlene [ Davis ]08/28/191590Middleton, WI
Vincent Solheim, Kathryn L. [ Gauer ] "Katie"06/30/192184DeForest, WI
Visaas Arneson, Dorothy [ Grefsheim ]09/27/192580Stoughton, WI
Wacek Flynn, Patricia M. [ Everhart ] "Tricia"01/06/196442Madison, WI
Wakefield Fitzsimonds, Richard Henry "Dick"07/28/196345Madison, WI
Wallace, William James11/07/196146Madison, WI
Warmuth Meartz, Marie D. [ Parpart ]05/14/192783East Bristol, WI
Watters, Timothy Ray "Chopper"01/15/197041Madison, WI
Weber, Sabrina [ Dominguez ]10/13/198718Madison, WI
Wedig, Brandon B.09/29/197230Madison, WI
Westlund Chestelson, Sylvia Ann07/19/191492Mount Horeb, WI
Westover Kinney, Evelyn C. [ Cable ] 78Madison, WI
Wickenden Lamb, Elizabeth [ Goldschmidt ]05/08/190991Madison, WI
Wiese Byrnes, Eva M. [ Lawry ]08/05/192189Paoli, WI
Winkelman Gentz, Lester A.01/18/191893Verona, WI
Wolworth, Robert L.08/29/193568Madison, WI
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