Dukes in Barbados
                                                            Dukes of Sligo

Family tradition is that we are descended from the Dukes of Newpark, Sligo, Ireland. 
Many Dukes came to live and work in Barbados including many of the children of Mansergh Pace Duke. These should not be confused with the Duke family who were in Barbados in the 17th century.

Dukes in 1918

Mansergh Pace Duke had 13 children
MP Duke qualified as a doctor in Dublin in 1874 where he married Louisa Anna BUCKLEY. They had three girls, Elmina, Frances Muriel and Annie Louisa. He practiced as a doctor on several islands in the West Indies. He first went to Dominica and then to Montserrat where, after the death of Anna in 1890, he met and married his second wife Emily WILKIN. He finished his career in the Leeward Islands Medical Service in Antigua


Mansergh Valentine Duke 1894-1948

Mansergh was the first son of Mansergh Pace and Emily DUKE. Mansergh Val's daughter Angela married Eric Inglesby and they had three children- Richard, Kate and David. “Uncle Vanty” was a naval officer in the war ending as a Captain (S) in the secretarial division. 
He died some years after being adrift in a sail boat for many days on his own off Singapore.

  Col Duke. June 1943
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Col.Duke MM MBE 1896-1976
Oriel St.Arnaud Duke was the second son of Mansergh Pace and Emily DUKE. He was known by the family as "Konks".

During the First World War he volunteered (although he was too young) and was a Lance Corporal in 10 Battalion Royal Fusiliers when he was awarded the M.M. & bar. He ended the war as a sergeant. 

He returned to the West Indies and joined the police in the Leeward Islands. The M.B.E. was presented by the Administration of Dominica 1st January 1932 for quelling a riot. At this time Konks was Inspector of Police Dominica, Leeward Islands. He was posted to Barbados in 1939 and as the commandant of local forces during WWII. He was retired in 1948/49 following an inquiry into a major fire in Bridgetown. Konks supported the Fire Officer against the allegations made by the Colonial Secretary (ie no 2 on the island). He then worked in a department store (Harrison’s) in Bridgetown until the 1950s (1955).

Sybil Bolton 1898-1982
Sybil was the daughter of Mansergh Pace and Emily DUKE. She married Pax Bolton a cleric who was sent from England to Antigua in the British West Indies about 1910. They were married about 1923 in Antigua.  They had three children born in Dominica, Peggy (m. 1. Abercromby 2. Clayton), Rosemary (m. Warren) and Michael (m. Audrey Charles).
Aileen Duke
Ina Aileen Gall 1900-1970
Aileen was the daughter of Mansergh Pace and Emily DUKE. She worked in the Royal Canadian Bank in Antigua until she married Herbert Frederick Douglas GALL. They had two daughters- Cynthia and Claire (m. O'Carroll).

The family came to live in Barbados from Dominica in 1936 on the retirement of her husband. They lived first at the Pavillion, Hastings and then The Garrison outside Bridgetown. She was buried in the Gall family vault at St. Michael’s Cathedral, Bridgetown.

William Duke 1901-1943
William was unmarried.  He was an estate overseer in Antigua. After loosing his job he returned to his mother’s home. He moved to Nevis and then St Kitts, where he died in a fire in which his home was destroyed.

Ismay Winter 1902-1978
Ismay married Clifford George WINTER a banker. They had a daughter Ann (lives in Canada). They lived in Trinidad, St. Lucia and St.Kitts. She was buried in the Winter family plot in Westbury cemetery in Bridgetown, Barbados.

Randolph Rawson Duke 1904-1981
Rawson (“Uncle Raw”) was unmarried. He was an engineer- apprenticed in Scotland and then worked in the sugar factories in the West Indies (mostly in Trinidad and Jamaica). After he retired he lived in Cascais/Estoril  near Lisbon, Portugal before returning to live in Hastings, Barbados where he died. He was buried in the Winter family plot in Westbury cemetery in Bridgetown.

Sarah Hardy 1905-1979
Sarah (known as “Aunt Sally”) married Fred HARDY who was deputy Principle of Imperial College of Tropical Agriculture in St. Augustine, Trinidad. They had a daughter Betty (m. Francis VERDERY) who had three children, Katherine, David and Margaret.

Mansergh Pace Duke jnr 1908-1980
Mansergh Pace was known as “Uncle Tooney”. He lived in Canada all his working life, first working in the RCMP and later in the tourist industry and then the Ontario Department of Tourism. He married Elsie Noble in c.1948 in Montreal. They had no children. He owned a motel in St. Catherine’s, Ontario.

Basil Ernest Vivian Duke 1910
Basil died young.

Duke family 1918

The picture shows: (back row) Valentine, Sarah, Oriel, Ismay, William. (Middle row) Sybil, Emily, Aileen. (Front row) Rawson, Mansergh Pace jnr.It is assumed that the picture was taken in Antigua.