The Reverend Cannon Percy Kennedy Pax Bolton was born in Camberwell, Surrey, England (now part of the London Borough of Camberwell) on 6th January 1886. His parents were John Bolton, a Correspondent of 114 Upland Road, Lordship Lane and Louisa Emily Bolton (nee MANSELL) who were married about 1880/82. His brothers were Chester (b. circa 1882), Hubert (an accountant, b.circa 1883), Charles Willie Blanshard (an architect 1884) and Gordon ( 1889) killed in World War I. Hubert went to South Africa as a young man. Blanshard (Uncle Ban) went to Jersey in the Channel Islands.  We have not  found any trace of sisters.

Pax was sent to Antigua in the British West Indies about 1910 he met and married Sybil Duke (1898-1982) the daughter of Mansergh Pace DUKE and Emily DUKE (nee WILKIN). They were married about 23 September 1923 [?] in Antigua.

They moved to Dominica when Pax was appointed as rector of St.George’s parish church, Roseau. He was also in charge of a church in Portsmouth which he visited once a week by motor boat.

They had three children born in Dominica: Peggy (b.11th March 1925), Rosemary b. 5th October 1926) and Michael (b. 6th November 1931).

Sybil's sister , Aileen Gall (nee DUKE) also lived in Roseau with her family. At this time Herbert FD Gall was the bank manager of Barclays Bank (DC&O) until his retirement in 1935.

Pax was a footballer and a scout master in Dominica. He was a keen photographer.

Pax died on 27th October 1937 following an operation for appendicitis in Dominica. He was buried in St.George’s Church, Roseau, Dominica.

After Sybil was widowed she moved to Antigua with her children and lived there in The Palms a house (where Dr Mansergh Pace Duke had practiced) for about four years. The family then moved to Trinidad staying with Fred and Sally Hardy (Sybil's sister) and then her brother Rawson. In 1941 her son Michael left to live in Barbados with the Galls (his aunt Aileen) at the Pavilion, Hastings.

[sources:  As told by M Bolton May 2006.

Birth certificate for Pax

Estate account of CWB Bolton, held by Michael Bolton
Dates of birth of Percy's brothers estimated from 1891 and 1901 censuses]

Louisa Emily MANSELL was born about 1853 in Doncaster, Yorkshire. Her father was James Richard MANSELL, born about 1812 in Blackheath, Kent. Her mother was Frances Emily Stark MANSELL born about 1826 in Kent. In 1851 they were living at 12 Brunswick Terrace, Doncaster. Louisa  with her siblings were boarders in 1861 at a seminary in Doncaster. By 1871 she had found a position as a governess with the Jupp family in Greenwich.

[sources:  1851, 1861 and 1871 census, England.]