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Family tradition is that our ancestor was Robert Duke of Newpark, Sligo, Ireland who died about 1677.

These are just some of the pictures of the Dukes and their descendents. If there is a picture missing on this site have a look at Photobucket.

Konks in his office
Col.Duke at his desk in Barbados.

Unknown family group
Wedding of Clare Gall
Wedding of Col Duke's niece Clare Gall 1943
Ina Aileen Gall
Ina Aileen Gall (nee Duke) 1930

Oriel Duke 1943
Col.Duke 1943
Dukes in 1918
Family of Mansergh Pace Duke 1918
Emily & Mansergh
Emily & Mansergh

2002 family
Clare, David, Emily, Cynthia,Simon,
Elisabeth, Gillian, Rebecca.