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Family tradition is that our ancestor was Robert Duke of Newpark, Sligo, Ireland who died about 1677 but there is a gap in the family tree which I am trying to fill.

There was another Duke in that location, John Duke, and it is equally possible we are descended from him.

These Dukes arrived in Sligo in the 17th century from Scotland as Cromwellian settlers (he paid off his army by giving them land in Ireland. The earliest mentions of the title I have found were in the commission of January 1655 which gave land to John Duke and Robert Duke in the barony of Corran and in the 1659 census of Sligo).

One of the Duke residences in Dublin was 33 Harcourt Street.
33 Harcourt Street
Family tradition was that Masergh Pace Duke had gone to Montserrat as a missionary doctor but an examination of the Medical Registers show that he was first in Roseau, Dominica in 1879. I have not examined the Registers between 1875 and 1879 so cannot say from this evidence when he went to the West Indies. We do not know what became of the two eldest of his three young daughters.
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This site was last updated on 10 September 2012.

Feb 2009: Information corrected following conversations with Peggy Clayton in Barbados, Mike Bolton in Connecticut and Ann Winter in Toronto.

July 2009: Picture of 33 Harcourt Street

October 2009 : new page for the Dukes in Dublin

September 2010: Duke obituaries

September 2010: Information from The Medical Register from1875 to 1915.

October 2011:
The Edinburgh Gazette 23 December 1887 recorded that MP Duke was appointed an Official Member of the Legislative Council of the Island of Montserrat on 17 December 1887.

November 2011: Mansergh Pace Duke's first wife was Louisa Anna BUCKLEY and the Kildare Observer records her death in Montserrat on 4 July 1890.

September 2012: Extract from Burke's Landed Gentry added to Land Grant in Sligo.

David O'Carroll.