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The Gall family lived on many islands in the West Indies and in Demarary/British Guiana. The earliest records of Galls in Barbados go back to Andrew GALL who married Mary PEERS on 16 December 1672. the baptism of Mary GALL in the parish of St.Michael on 20 August 1675.  From the arrival of the first British settlers in 1627–1628 until independence in 1966, Barbados was under uninterrupted British control. Nevertheless, Barbados always enjoyed a large measure of local autonomy. The colony in Demerara in contrast passed between English and Dutch hands.

The British reoccupied  Guyana in 1803. Henry Beckles Gall appears to have been established in Georgetown (then called Stabroek) before then (earliest record in 1800 - see Freemasonry below). The plantation Vlissingen was a coffee plantation. Brick Dam became Water Street - see "Growth of Georgetown".

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Galls in Barbados & Grenada

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HB Gall

Henry Beckles Gall died on 17th August 1862, notification being made officially in the half-year report of the Barbados Mutual Life Assurance Society as follows:

It has fallen to the lot of your Directors to convey to you the sad intelligence of the death of their much esteemed Secretary and Actuary, H.B.Gall, Esq. Having complained of declining health, he obtained leave of the Board to pass a few months at a watering-place, and returned to his duties in July, as was believed, invigorated in body; but the seeds of that disease which was to remove him from the scene of labour and care had been too deeply sown, and after a few days' illness he fell victim to congestion of the liver.

Thus has a connection with your Society of twenty-one and a half years been, by the unerring Disposer of earthly events, abruptly terminated, and the responsible duty of supplying his place fallen on your Directors.

Of Mr Gall's services to this Society the Directors feel they need say but little, as they are too well known and appreciated by all right-thinking individuals. They think it right, however, to embody in this Report a Resolution which they recorded on the Minutes of the Board at their first Meeting after his death, as expressive of their feelings towards him:-
"That it is with much pain that the Directors have to record the sudden death of their much esteemed Secretary and Actuary, Mr H.B.Gall at his late residence 'Dalkeith' on Sunday night last, the 17th instant.

His long connection with the Society, and his responsible position in it as one of its projectors, and the one under whose special supervision it has been so successfully worked for nearly twenty-two years, render his loss one of peculiar importance to the general interests of its Members.

In the discharge of his duties, his uniform courtesy towards themselves, as also the proprietary body generally, his disinterested integrity towards the interests of the Society, and his unwearied efforts to promote its well-being, has secured for him the confidence and esteem of all who have sat at this Board.

He has gone to his rest; but he has left behind him in this noble Institution an unfading momento of his invaluable services to this country."

The Meeting passed a vote of sympathy and condolence with the Widow and family in their bereavement, and voted the sum of £500 in acknowledgement of the late Mr Gall's long and faithful services.

[source: A History of the Barbados Mutual Life Assurance Society 1840-1940.]

Children of HENRY BECKLES GALL and  Sarah Halmon Margaret (nee Hitzler)

(HB Gall born 1804 died 1862)

Catherine Elizabeth    b. 11 December1827 d. 04 October1900

Henry Beckles           b. 13 September1830 d. May1865

Sarah Louisa            b. 20 May1833 d. Aug 1899

William                    b. 19 July1835 d. Mar 1868

Arthur                     b. 07 September 1836 d.12 Feby1894

Henrietta                 b. 06 April1838 d. May 1887

Ellen                       b. 31 January 1840 ---

Frederick Adolphus   b.19 October1841 d. 28 July1912

Julia                        b. 21 September 1843 ---

Geo L A                     b. 29 December 1847 d. 11 March1920

Evalina Hitlzer             b. 07 June1853 d. 02 October1884

Clara Augusta             b. 01 September1845 ---

[source: handwitten noted in posession of David O'Carroll]

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A Tribute to the late Arthur Henry Beckles Gall  (1870-1937)

AFB GallArthur Henry Beckles Gall died at Waltham on 16th inst. He was the son of the late Arthur Gall at one time Treasurer of Grenada.

As a young man of seventeen, Mr.Gall started his planting career in Montreuil under his uncle the late Douglas Alexander. In a few years his planting ability was recognised and he was appointed Manager of Waltham in 1894 which position he held until his death.

Mr.Gall was of a quiet and retiring disposition, a man of sterling character, beloved and respected by all with whom he came in contact, for his generous, kind an straightforward manner towards life.

He was one of the finest planters that the West Indies had seen, and his opinion on all things agricultural was sought for, not only in this island [Grenada], but in the neighbouring islands of Trinidad and Tobago. It is no exaggeration to say that it will be found very difficult to fill his place.

In his younger days he was a very keen and fine tennis player, and he always took the greatest interest in all kinds of sport.

Of later years he has been far from well but his indomitable spirit and extraordinary love for his calling kept him in harness until the last.

He leaves his widow, his sister Mrs P.A.F. Macleod, and his brother Mr H.F.D Gall to morn his loss.

It is not amiss to say, now that he has passed away from amongst us, "Well done thou good and faithful servant"

[source: Undated press cutting found with Cynthia Gall's papers on the Montreuil Estate]  AHB died 16 December 1937 aged 67.

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Andrew Gall  / Arthur Gall 1836-1894   /  Arthur Henry Beckles Gall 1870-1937 Frederick Adolphus Gall 1841-1912  / Henry Beckles Gall I 1775?-1819Henry Beckles Gall II 1804-1862  / Herbert Frederick Douglas Gall  1875-1947

Andrew GALL

Born: 1640/50? [Unknown]
Married: 1672 Barbados
Died:  unknown [Barbados (assumed)]


Andrew GALL married Mary PEERS on 16 December 1672 in Christchurch, Barbados. The baptism of their daughter Mary GALL is recorded in the parish records of St.Michael on 20 August 1675.
[source: English settlers in Barbados 1637-1800. Confirmed by FamilySearch]

Andrew was the commander of the sloop Katherine and there are records which show him sailing frequently to "Antegua" in 1679.
[source: "Tickets granted to emigrants from Barbadoes" transcribed in  The Original List of Persons of Quality 1600-1700 - Hotten.]

Arthur Beckles GALL

Born: 1836 [Barbados?]
Married: 1870? [Grenada?]
Died:  1894 buried Grenada


Arthur Beckles Gall was the son of Henry Beckles Gall (1804-1862). He was probably born in Barbados on 7th September 1836. He married Helen Alexander of Grenada around 1870. He died on 12th February1894 and is buried in Sauteurs, Grenada.

He took the entry examinations for the colonial service around 1860 in the Ordnance and Commissariat services. In 1867 he was appointed Auditor for Grenada. By 1873 he held the Treasurership of Grenada and was then transferred to St.Lucia to become Inspector of Revenue and Police.

[source: colonial service correspondence 1867-1886 held in the UK National Archives, Kew, London]

Arthur Henry Beckles GALL

Born: 1870 Grenada
Married: 1899
1937 Grenada

St.Lucia->Grenada->Trinidad & Tobago ->Grenada

Arthur Henry Beckles Gall was the eldest son of Arthur Beckles Gall (who was Inspector of Revenue and Police in St.Lucia). Born in 1870 he married his cousin Margaret Edith Gall in 1899. There were no children.

He was a plantation manager and his connection with Montreuil came through his mother Helen nee Alexander (b.1844 d.1924). Douglas Alexander was her brother (b1849).

His brother was Herbert Frederick Douglas Gall (b.1875 d.1947). 

Frederick Adolphus GALL

Born: 1841 Barbados
Married: 1871 [Barbados]
1912 England  (age 71)

Barbados->British Guiana->Barbados->England

Frederick Adolphus Gall was born in Barbados, the son of Henry Beckles Gall II and Sarah Halman Gall nee Hitzler. He married Margaret Rosa Corbin at St.Leonard's Church, Bridgetown and he was a sugar planter in BG where his children were born. [i] He was Assistant Superintendent of the convict settlement at Massaruni and in 1880 the Superintendent of the reformatory at Onderneeming (earning a salary of £1,920 in 1882). By 1898 he was also a justice of the peace for the county of Essequebo.[ii] He was still listed as a magistrate in 1904. He retired to Barbados but died in Liverpool.
[sources: i. related by Edith GALL, widow of Henry GALL of Grenada, to Eustace Shilstone, June 1952. ii. British Guiana Genealogical Society transcriptions -]

Henry Beckles GALL I The Merchant & Doctor

Born: 1774-1784 [Barbados?]
Married: c.1800 [Barbados/Demerara?]
Died:  Demerara 1819



Henry Beckles Gall I (The Merchant) was born sometime between 1774 and 1784 the son of William Gall and Sarah Gill. He appears to have moved as a young man to the then Dutch colony of Demarary. Under the terms of his father’s will (dated 1784) he did not get his inheritance until he reached the age of 21.

The first mention of Henry in Demerara is in 1800. He became an importer of medicines and other goods. He ended his time as a medical officer and died in 1819. His two sons William and Henry Beckles II left the colony in 1816 presumably for Barbados. More detail is given in the chapter on Demerara.

Henry Beckles GALL II The Merchant & Actuary

Born: 1804 [Demerara]
Married: c.1830 [Barbados?]
Died:  Barbados 1862


The first mention of Henry is for his departure from Demerera in 1816 with his brother William. It is assumed that he was travelling to Barbados. He gave his "Quality, Trade or Profession" as Merchant on the baptism of his daughter Ellen in April 1840.

The records of the Barbados Mutual Life Assurance Society record that Henry Beckles GALL was present at the first meeting of the society on 20th October 1840. The secretary was John A BECKLES. By 1845 Henry had retired from the Board to become the Secretary and from August 1845 the actuary of the society.

In January 1847 he was appointed as Official Assignee for Barbados under the new Bankruptcy Act. In March 1853 he was appointed as Secretary and Actuary for the Savings Bank.

He died at his home, Dalkeith after a short illness.

[sources: A History of the Barbados Mutual Life Assurance Society 1840-1940. Journal of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society - vols xiii and xxi]

Herbert Frederick Douglas GALL

Born: St.Lucia 1875
Married: Antigua 1921
Died:  Barbados 1947 (age 72)

St.Lucia->England->Gold Coast->Antigua->Dominica->Barbados

HFD Gall born in St.Lucia, the second son of Arthur Beckles Gall. He was educated in England. Whilst in England he lived with his aunt, Clara Augusta who was married to Gordon William Turner who became Secretary of the Colonial Bank. Herbert was only 18 when his father died.

Herbert was an Agent and general manager of branches of the Colonial Bank. He joined the bank in 1895 (the Barclay Group Archives record that he had worked for the bank for 34 years in March 1929). He was in West Africa (Gold Coast) on the outbreak of the First World War (1914-1918) and did not see active service. By the time he married in 1921 he was acting Manager at the Colonial Bank in Antigua.

He was Manager of Barclays Bank (DC&O) in Dominica from 1921-1935 when he retired.

[source: silver platter presented by “The Agricultural and Mercantile Community of Dominica”]

He  moved the family to Barbados on his retirement where he lived at The Pavillion, Hastings. He married Ida Aileen Duke (b.1900 d.1970) in 1921 and they had two daughters, Cynthia Helen (b.1922) and Clara Jocelyn (b.1923). Cynthia followed her father into banking in the West Indies and then her uncle's interest in horticulture when she lived in England. Clara married Michael St.John O'Carroll and move with him to England at the end of the Second World War.

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There are two family vaults. One in the burial ground of St.John's and the other at St.Michaels'.Vault at StJohns


The mausoleum in St.John's churchyard bears two identical plaques, one at each end stating simply "Gall 1823".

I have assumed that this vault contains John Gall who was buried on 21 December 1823.


The Gall family vault at St.Michael's was built by Henry Beckles GALL in February 1853 and bears a plaque recording this. It is in the graveyard of St.Michael’s Cathedral, Bridgetown, Barbados, under a large Breadfruit tree.

There is also a plaque recording the internment of Herbert Frederick Douglas GALL and later of his wife Aileen GALL.

Frederick Beckles GALL wrote: “When Aunt Edith died she was put in the vault. Only time I’ve ever been into a “current” vault- very weird.” He also states that his father was not buried there (George Louis Beckles GALL).

GLB Gall was buried at Westbury Cemetery on 29/9/1941. [source:]

Gall vault
Who is buried in the St.Michael's vault?

When I visited St.Michaels in May 2006 the curate could not find the details of burials. We can assume that HB Gall was buried there, but were any of his immediate relatives moved/buried there? His mother died in 1833 and his wife died in Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC.The list then is:

    Henry Beckles GALL 1804-1862
    Margaret Edith GALL (nee GALL) who married Arthur Henry Beckles GALL
    Herbert Frederick Douglas GALL 1875-1947
    Aileen Ina (nee Duke) GALL 1900-1970

[David O'Carroll, May 2006]

Westbury Cemetery, Bridgetown

The last resting place for George Louis Beckles Gall, who died  29 September 1941 in Barbados is a double grave at
Westbury cemetery. There are no markings that can be seen. I have not yet discovered who else is buried in this
slightly raised tomb.                                                                                                                                                                                             George Louis Beckles Gall

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Gall wills in Barbados


[although this was transcribed by Eustace Shilstone's assistant as "Gall" in 1952 I have now been in correspondence with a Cheesman descendent who has personally inspected the original will and he has confirmed that the names are Gatt not Gall - DO'C 27.2.2008]

Daughter Hannah Cheesman, wife of Francis Cheesman, two named slaves, and if she die then to my daughter Frances Ann Gatt.

???? wife Hannah Vanty Gatt gift of slaves, amd at her death for granddaughter [mittak?] Kirton Cheesman dau of Francis and Hannah C.

My grandson James Gatt Cheesman son of said Francis & Hannah C.

Residue to wife Hannah Vanty Gatt for life and then to dau Francis Ann G.

Wife sole exx.

Dated: 1 June 1773. Proved 27 May 1774

JOHN GALL of St.John, planter.

Daughter Elizabeth Margaret GALL, several slaves & £500.

Daughter Katherine Leslie GALL, slaves and £500.

Daughter Ann Clark GALL, slaves and £500.

Daughter Elizabeth Gittens GALL slaves and £500

In consideration of the ample fortune I received by my wife Elizabeth GALL, formerly E Gittens, and from a long and strict experience of merit together with her extraordinary maternal affection and her singular fidelity and prudence, I give her all residue of my estate for her life; and afterwards to my son John GALL at 21.

Executors to have power to buy plantations, stock etc for improvement of my estate. My children to be maintained out of the profits of my estate until they receive their legacies.

To my brother, William GALL, Christopher Estwick GALL and Thomas GALL each 50/- to buy a ring.

Wife and brothers William and Christopher Estwick GALL, friends Joseph WOOD and Nathaniel WEEKS to be exx. And exer

Dated 13 August 1770. sd John Gall  Proved 1 Oct 1770

WILLIAM GALL of Christ Church, planter.


All my estate to my children Henry Beckles GALL, Mary Judith, Margaret Christian, John Beckles, and Elizabeth Beckles at 21 or marriage in the case of the girls. Wife Sarah exx and guardians.

Dated 22 June 1784. Proved 24 June 1784

Will of SUSANNA GALL of St George, spinster.

         [not transcribed]

Will of JOHN GALL  of St.Phillip

[not transcribed]

SARAH GALL of St.Michael, widow

To William, son of my son Henry Beckles GALL…….[more]

Dated 24 February 1810. Will and codicil proved 21 Decd 1811

Mary Ann GALL of St.John, spinster

Nephew Henry Beckles GALL son of my brother William GALL decd. £5 John REECE son of my friend Francis Reece decd. £100. Brother Christopher Estwick GALL £10 per annum. Residue to my sister Elizabeth GALL and she to be executrix.

Dated 22 December 1803. Proved 15 October 1812

Will of Christopher Estwick GALL of St. Philip.

21 acres and 5 slaves to be sold and the money to be divided between my loving wife Sarah Elizabeth GALL and my two daughters Eliza and Christian Mehitabel.

To my son John William Estwick GALL and two daughters the interest on debts due to me and the capital at 21.

Executors Thomas Brig.. and John Wright of St.Philip.

Dated 27 Dec 1820. CE Gall. Wits: John Wright, Jas Wm. Wright. Proved 19 June 1821

Will of Elizabeth GALL

Dated 3 December 1813

William GALL of St.John

Estate to be divided ¼ to children of my sister Sarah CARBERRY, viz Joseph Alleyne C. Wilhemina Sharp C. and Clara C. at age 21 or marriage. ¾ to brother Henry Beckles GALL, and he to be executor.

Dated 19 Septr 1838. Proved 1 May 1839

Henry Beckles GALL of St Michael

To wife Sarah Halmon born Hitzler all my property knowing that she will perform a mother’s part by my children and she be exx.

Dated 17 December 1860. Proved 22 August 1862

[David O'Carroll, May 2006. Updated Feb 2008]

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Origins of the name GALL

  From the Historical Research Center:

The surname Gall comes from  the Celtic term "gall" meaning "foreigner", "stranger", which occurs in the Irish, Gaelic and Breton languages. It is most numerous in the northern counties of Perthshire and Aberdeenshire, where it is used to describe lowland Scots.

The gallowglass or galloglass – from Irish: gallóglaigh (plural), gallóglach (singular) – were an elite class of mercenarywarrior who came from Norse-Gaelic clans in the Hebrides and Highlands of Scotland between the mid 13th century and late 16th century. As Scots, they were Gaels and shared a common origin and heritage with the Irish, but as they had intermarried with the 10th century Norse settlers of western Scotland, the Irish called them Gall Gaeil ("foreign Gaels").

They were the mainstay of Scottish and Irish warfare before the advent of gunpowder, and depended upon seasonal service with Irish chieftains. A military leader would often choose a gallowglass to serve as his personal aide and bodyguard because, as a foreigner, the gallowglass would be less subject to local feuds and influences.



Eustace Shilstone wrote in a letter to Mr Cook in England 5th July 1952:

He [Henry Beckles GALL 1804-1862] seems to have had earlier connections with British Guiana, and I should imagine that he married there. I have some family relationship with the Galls and I always understood that there were several members of the family in two or three generations whose roots were firmly fixed there. HB Gall’s son, Frederick Augustus, married Rose Corbin…..I knew all the children…who were, I think, all born in British Guiana, and they often came to Barbados on visits and frequently stayed in our home.

Records in British Guiana mention a Henry B GALL. So far I have found entries from 1800-1807

Medical practice

The Essequebo and Demerary Gazette dated 25th February 1804 contains the following notices:


By His Honor Lieutenant Colonel Robert Nicholson, Lieutenant Governor in and over the Colonies of Essequebo and Demerary, President in all Courts and Colleges, &c. &c. &c.
By virtue of the Power vested in me by the Act for Regulating the Militia Establishment of the Colony, I have made the following Appointments on the said Establishment.
To be Quarter-Master to Ditto, Mr. J. C. Wolff.
To be Assistant Surgeon to Ditto, Mr. Henry B. Gall.
To be Adjutant to the second Battalion of Demerary, with the rank of youngest Captain, J. C. Brandt Esqr.
And I do hereby require all Persons whom it may concern to take Notice thereof accordingly.
Given at the King's-House in Demerary, this 24th of February 1804.
Robert Nicholson, Lt. Gov.
By Command,
P. F. Tinne, Secretary.


The petition was duly signed on 27th December 1800 and the warrant was granted by the Grand Lodge of New York 
and issued on 12th November 1801.  It empowered the following Brethren: 
Abraham Cart, Master
John Brooks, Senior Warden
Henry Beckles-Gall, Junior Warden
W. King, Member
Ph. Cambridge, Member
Wm. Good, Member
Th. Barrel, Member
L. Favarger, Member
P. Nisbet, Member
G. Keller, Member
A. Graff, Member
J. Robb, Member
to form the Lodge "Chosen Friends of Demerary" no. 61 on the Register
of the Grand Lodge of New York.

Merchantile activity

The Essequebo and Demerary Gazette dated 12th November 1803

The Subscriber begs leave to inform the Public, that having quitted the service of Mr. Henry B. Gall, his present Domicilium is at the house of Mr. Abraham Solis in Bridge Town; where, or elsewhere, he is not desirous of contracting any Debts or giving any Receipts on account of his late Employer; the reason for quitting whose service, he does not think it necessary to trouble the Publick with.
Demerary, 12th Novbr. 1803. Gifford L. Davis.

The Essequebo and Demerary Gazette dated 19th November 1803


The Commissary of the Vendue advertises, that on Monday the 12th of December, will be exposed for Sale at the Store of Doctor Henry B. Gall; a large and general assortment of Fresh and Valuable Medicines, viz: Best pale and red bark, Cantharides, Opium, Ipecacuana, Verdigrease, blue vitriol, myrrh, aloes, rhubarb, jalap, oil of vitriol, spirits of nitre and vitriol, Hoffman's anodyne liquor, spirit of turpentine, camphor, salt nitre, glauber salts in kegs of 1 1-2 pounds, with every other Medicine in modern Practice.
Also a Saddle and Draft Horse, fresh mixed spices, rose and lavender water, and sundry other Articles too tedious to enumerate.
Demerary, 19th Novbr. 1803. E. N. Wichers.

The Essequebo and Demerary Gazette dated 11th February 1804

The Subscriber has just imported and for Sale at his shop in Bridge Town in front of Plantation Vlissingen, an assortment of valuable MEDICINES &c. viz – Fresh powdered jalap, ditto rhubarb, best pale and yellow powdered bark, cantharides, opium, ipecacuanna, sal nitre, verdigris, chamomile flowers, red precipt. Semen santonic senna, magnesia, camphor, sarsaparilla, sal: ammon: crud, bees wax, aniseed, myrrh, gum arabic, balsum capivi, gum foetida, best honey, castor oil, liquorice root, Spanish liquorice and refined liquorice in boxes, oil vitrio, Surgeons lint, best lancetts, blister plaster, Elixers, Tinctures, Extracts, &c also a variety of Patent and Nostrum Medicines among which are Henry's and Dalm?boys's calcined Magnesia, Dr. James's Fever powders, Spilbury's drops, Huxham's tincture of bark, antibilious Pills, &c. &c

Henry B. Gall.

Mr. Gall earnestly solicits the early assistance of his Friends for their last Year's Accounts, to enable him to support his Credit, as he purposes continuing the Druggists Business on a large and general scale.
Demerary, 11th February 1804.

The Essequebo and Demerary Gazette dated 21st April 1804

The Commissaries of the Vendue advertises that on Thursday the 26th Instant will be Exposed for sale, at the House of Doctor Henry B. Gall; Sundry Articles of Dry Goods consisting of yard-wide Irish linnen, oznbabrugs, cassimeres, handkerchiefs, cotton stockings, laggins [sic], ribbons &c. &c. Also a few kegs English split pease, glauber salts in kegs of 112 ff. and a variety of other Articles.
3 Months Credit.
April 21st 1804. Brereton & Kingston.

The Essequebo and Demerary Gazette dated 2nd June 1804

Henry B. Gall, Druggist, has just Imported by the latest Arrivals, and for sale at his Shop in front of Plantation Vlissingen, a fresh and general assortment of valuable Medicines, viz.
Fresh powder'd jalap, Ipecacuanha, bark, cantharides, opium, sal: nitre, verdigris, myrrh, senna leaves, manna, tart: emetic, white vitriol, blue do. sugar lead, calomel, magnesia, glauber salts in kegs of 112 lbs. cream of tartar, rhubarb, assafoetida, crude antimony, flor: sulphur, letharge, prepared steel, red precipitate, flor: zinc, corosive [sic] sublimate, alum, borax, spts. of hartshorn, nitre, sal: ammon, lavender, gum guaicum, ammonicum, rosin, yellow wax, piasters, steel bandage, pint and half pint peuter [sic] syringes, scales & weight, with numberless other Articles.
Demerary, 2d June 1804.

Just Imported and for sale by the Subscribers at their Store in Bridge Town, the following Articles for Immediate Payment, or to known Punctual Customers, at a short Credit. Viz. Yard wide Irish linnen, superfine blue cloth, black and brown cassimere, laggings [sic], Men's gloves, cotton stockings, calico cambric, pullicat & romal handkerchiefs, [illegible] diaper, dimity, buff thick sett, a few pieces japan muslin, black velvet, breeches braces, post and Foolscap paper, pen knives and scissors, hams, cheese, refined sugar, English rounds in tubs, tongues in firkins, tripe, split pease, butter, candles, soap, white lead and paint oil, London particular Madeira Wine per dozen, Porter per do. hair powder and pomatum, patent Shot in bags &c.
Demerary, 2d June 1804. H. B. Gall & Co.

The Essequebo and Demerary Gazette dated 14th July 1804

Take Notice: - The Subscriber earnestly requests all those Indebted to him, either on Note or open Accounts to the 31st of December last, to come forward and settle with him before the expiration of the present Month, as he is otherwise positively determined to Sue without respect to Persons, the situation of his Affairs rendering it totally impossible to give any longer Indulgence; and he therefore hopes this will not be looked on, as a formal Advertum [sic].
Demerary, 14th July 1804. H. B. Gall.

The Essequebo and Demerary Gazette dated 13th October 1804

On Monday the 22d Inst. and following day, will be Sold to the highest Bidders, by Order of Messrs. H. B. Gall & Co. at their House in front of Plantation Vlissingen. - an assortment of dry Goods, consisting of black and brown cassimere, black velvet, India dimity, buff thick sett, Irish linen, Ladies hose, muslins, callico cambric, blue & red strip'd pullicat handkerchiefs, romal & madrass do. clouting diaper, hair powder & pomatum, pen knives & sicssars, hair trunks, refined sugar, muskets, hams, ox tongues in firkins, butter, candles, soap, split pease, rounds beef, white lead, a few kegs of Barbados old Rum, superfine Flour &c. as also a large and general assortment of Glass Ware.
October 13th 1804. Brereton & Kingston.

The Subscriber offers for Sale, Lot No. 54, with the Buildings thereon, formerly the Residence of Theodore Barrel [sic], and at present Occupied by J. A. Paradys Esqr. Attorney at Law, to whom it is leased until the first of May next, the above Premises Rent for Two Thousand two Hundred Guilders per Annum. - An approved Purchaser will meet with very eligible Terms, little more than One Year's Rent being required immediately; For further particulars, apply to
Demerary, 13th October 1804. Henry B. Gall.

The Essequebo and Demerary Gazette dated 27th October 1804 

Just Imported in the Brilliant, Wilm. Gemmell Master, from Glasgow, and for Sale by the Subscribers at their Store in front of Plantation Vlissingen, at reduced Prices for immediate Payment; - Real Inverness cotton bagging, best twill'd coffee do. tow oznabrugs, linen checks, garlix [sic], sewing twine, port wine, English split pease, rounds beef, refined sugar, hams, glass war. patent shot, broad cloths and cassimeres, callico cambric, handkerchiefs &c. &c. H. B. Gall & Co.
Who have also on hand, a few barrels of Superfine Flour, which will be Sold extremely reasonable. Demerary, 27th Octr. 1804

The Essequebo and Demerary Gazette dated 15th December 1804

The Subscriber offers for Sale at Prime Cost the whole or any part of his Shop and stock of Medicines, consisting of a variety of Valuable Articles, among which are 50 Kegs of Glauber Salts in excellent order. - Payment to be made in Cash or approved Notes Payable in January and February next.
Demerary, 15th December 1804. H. B. Gall.

The Essequebo and Demerary Gazette dated 19th January 1805

Notice is hereby given, that the Mercantile concern of Henry B. Gall & Co. consisting of John Lewis, of Barbados and H. B. Gall, of Demerary stands closed. All those who have any demands against said Firm, are desired to render in their Accounts, and all those indebted thereto, are requested to make immediate Payment, so that the affairs may be brought to a speedy Liquidation.
Demerary, 19th January, 1805. H. B. Gall & Co.

The Subscriber hereby begs leave to inform his Friends and the Public in general, that he has closed his Accounts to the 31st last Month, and earnestly requests all those indebted to him to that day, to be speedy in coming forward and settling with him, as he is otherwise determined to adopt coercive measures without respect to persons, the Druggist Business will in future be conducted under the Firm of H. B. Gall & Co.
Demerary, 19th January, 1805. H. B. Gall.

Just Imported in the Ship Duke of Kent, James Dougal, Master, and for Sale by the Subscribers, at their shop in front of Plantation Vlissengen, an assortment of Fresh and valuable Medicines, viz: - Best bark, jalap, Cantharides, opium, ipecacuanha, Dovers's powder, crem: tart: sal: nit: rhubarb, calomel, blue vitriol, magneisa, red precipt: virtiol alb: tarter emet: mere: corros: sub: sacch: saturn: prepared verdigrease, senna leaves, camomile flowers, spirits turpentine, liquorice root and Spanish liquorice, myrrh, guaicum, snake root, crud: antimony, G. arabic, towe, &c. &c. - Also glauber salts in kegs of 112 [symbol] or by the single pound, with numberless other articles. They beg leave to inform their friends, that they expect a constant supply of fresh Medicines from Europe and will be thankful to Punctual Customers for their favours.
Demerary, 19th January, 1805. H. B. Gall & Co.

The Essequebo and Demerary Gazette dated 4th May 1805
The Subscriber having resigned Business in consequence of the extreme difficulty of Collecting the smallest sums due to him, requests those indebted to consider this as the last time of thier [sic] being called on for settlement, as he is determined to sue indiscrimiately [sic].
He offers for Sale, on reasonable terms, the House he at present resides in on the Brick Dam as also the one just erected in front of Pln. Vlissengen. - H. B. Gall.

The Essequebo and Demerary Gazette dated 6th April 1805

John Lewis very respectfully informs his Friends, and the Public in general, that he has purchased the shop and stock in Trade of Doctr. Henry B. Gall, well known for several Years in this Colony. In addition to which he momently expects a large supply of Medicines, Perfumery, Stationary, &c. - He has taken Mr. Gifford L. Davis into Copartnership, by whom the business will be conducted, under the firm of Gifford L. Davis & Co. at their Store opposite G. J. Goppy Esqr. Merchant New Town. This shop will in future be supplied direct from London, by one of the most respectable Chymists in that City, and as they propose to carry on the Druggist Business on a large Scale, a very handsome allowance will be made to whole Sale Cash Customers.
Stabroek, April 6th 1805.

The Essequebo and Demerary Gazette dated 17th May 1806

H. B. Gall, Practitioner of Physic, begs leave to inform his Friends, and the Public in general, that he has again opened a shop in the New Town, next door to James Robertson, Esq. Merchant, where he has for Sale, for immediate payment, a few Articles of Medicine, just imported, of the best quality, viz. Bark, Opium, jalap, Nitre, Rhubarb, Verdigrease, Spirits of Terebinth, Hoffmann's Anodyne, Gum Arabic, Myrrh, &c. Glauber Salts in kegs of 112 lb. each, at 9 stuivers per lb. for a single keg: and 8 stuivers taking 5 kegs or more; also mixed Spices, Rose Water, Extract Tinc. Bark, Antibilous Pills, &c.
Prescriptions put up with neatness, accuracy, and dispatch.
Mr. Gall Promises the most assiduous attention to the duties of his situation, and solicits a renewal of the patronage he was formerly honoured with.
Demerary, May 14, 1806.

The Essequebo and Demerary Gazette dated 6th December 1806

The Subscriber begs leave to inform his Friends and the Public, that he has removed from the Store lately occupied by him in front of Werk en Rust, to the house in the street leading to the American Stelling, lately occupied by H. B. Gall, Esq. where he has for Sale, on the most reasonable terms, for immediate payment, a great variety of Goods of the first quality, a particular account of which will be published next week.

Dec. 6, 1806. M. Downie.

The Essequebo and Demerary Gazette dated 28th March 1807

The Subscriber has imported from Apothecaries Hall, London, in the Ship Economy, Wm. Ross, Commander, a fresh and general assortment of valuable Medicines, &c. which he has for Sale at his House in front of Vlissingen Canal, consisting of:


By  July 1807 he was describing himself as a “Practitioner of Physic”

H. B. Gall, Practitioner of Physic, has removed from the house he formerly occupied to the Corner Lot of Plantation Vlissingen, opposite Mr. Marshall's Coffee Room; where he continues to exercise the duties of his profession, and has for Sale a fresh and general Assortment of Valuable Medicines, consisting of …

H. B. Gall,
Practitioner of Physic,
Has removed from the House he formerly occupied to the corner Lot of Plantation Vlissengen, opposite Mr. Marshall's Coffee Room, where he continues to exercise the duties of his profession, and has For Sale
A Fresh and general Assortment of valuable Medicines, consisting of Jalap, Rhubarb, Ipecacuanha, Cantharides, opium, sal nitre, blue vitreol, verdegrese, camphor, calomel, red and white precipitate, sugar of lead, worm seed, tartar emetic, salt of steel, magnesia, strain'd opium, creama [sic] tartar, crude antimony, alum, myrrh, snake root, sarsafrass, aloes, [illegible] and Barbados, vitriolic [illegible]thery lunar costic, gum guaiarum, gum arabic, bals. copaiba, gentian root, sperm caeti, flor. zinc, prepared steel, a variety of tinctures, extracts and chimical [sic] oils, elastic gum bougies, penis syringes, ointments, plasters, also rose and lavender water, Husham's tincture of bark, antibilious pills, essence of pepermint [sic], worm bitters, mixed spices, sago, tapioca, tone [sic], glauber salts per lb. and in kegs of 112lbs each, with a variety of other articles.
NB. Constant attendance at this shop from six in the morning until nine at night, prescription put up with neatness, accuracy, and dispatch. Demerary, 25th July, 1807.

And finally he was appointed Surgeon

Demerary, 7th November, 1807.
His Excellency Colonel Nicholson, Acting Lieut. Governor, has been pleased to make the following Promotions:
1st Battalion of the 1st Regt. Demerary Militia.
Assistant Surgeon H. B. Gall, to be Surgeon vice Wolfe, removed to the Country.

In 1808-

H. B. Gall has removed to Mr. Culpeper's House on the American Stelling, where he continues to Practise and Vend Medicine as usual.
Demerary, 14th May 1808. But by July 30th the following notice was given:

Practitioner of Physic,
Begs leave to inform his Friends and the Public in general, that he has fixed his residence, at Mr. Clapham's House in Cumingsburgh, fronting the Brick-Road and nearly opposite the Office of the Honble: F. P. Van Berckel, where he continues to exercise the duties of his Profession, - and has for Sale a Variety of Fresh & Genuine Medicines,.....

It appears that by the end of December 1808 he was preparing to sell up and maybe leave the colony:

On Wednesday the 25th January 1809, will be exposed for Sale, at the Vendue Office, without reserve at six months Credit, by order of Mr. H. B. Gall, the whole of his Stock of Valuable Medicines, Books &c. particulars of which may be seen in circulating Hand-Bills, also a Gig and Harness, a steady saddle and draft Horse, Cows, Furniture &c. &c. Also the following Notes and Accounts, viz: -
George Perkins, deceased, Note for f 1094 ,, 14.
Ditto do. do. for 685 ,, 10.
An attested account against Plantation Devonshire Castle for 312 ,, 15.
A do. against the Estate of Js. Crawford, 695 ,, 10.
A do. against the Estate of Jos. Tuite, 148 ,, 19.
Do. against the Estate of Adam Knight, 129 ,, 12-8.
Do. against the Estate of Ts. Harriott, 316 ,, 15.
Do. against the Estate of G. H. Trotz, 112.
Do. against the Estate of Js. Graham, 545.
Do. Ditto Elizabeth Taylor, 73 ,, 15.
December 24th. Robert Kingston.

1st May 1810- Royal Gazette
In 1810 Dr Gall donated: 28 pieces hardwood Posts and 250 Staves for the building of St.George's church.

22nd September 1810- Royal Gazette
Rio Demerary. [heading]
List of Persons who have Paid their Colonial Tax levied on Slaves for the Year 1808 - Published by order of the Honble. Court of Policy.
Gall, Henry B -10 slaves

1st June 1816- Royal Gazette

Secretary's Office. [heading]
This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting the Colony: -

William and H. B. Gall (two minors) in 14 days or 6 weeks, from April 30.

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