Tuckers of Virgina


This page includes information about the possible ANCESTORS of Henry Tucker born in 1714.

Captain William Tucker

Wiliiam Tucker (and his presumed wife Mary) are recorded as living in Virginia on 16 February 1623. The Muster of Inhabitants in Virginia (about 1623/26) record in Capt William Tucker's muster:
Capt William Tucker: aged 36; in the Mary & James:1610
Mrs Mary Tucker aged 26; in the George: 1623
Elizabeth Tusker borne in Virginia in August.
[plus 18 others]

Where did they come from?

Tucker family historians have traced the Tuckers to the West Country.There is a hiatus of several generations, from 1100 to 1492, within which period no Tucker has been able to trace their exact ancestry. However, the arms on the memorial of Henry Tucker, in St. Peter's Church, Bermuda, are the same as those granted John Tucker, thus appearing to confirm the descent.

Stephen Tucker in 1100 permitted to wear his hat in the presence of Henry I; received estate of Lamertin, near Tavistock.

John Tucker is said to have came to England with the Conqueror in 1066, granted arms by him in 1079; assigned estate of South Tavistock, County Devon, married the widow of Trecareth who was supposed to have been the proprietor before the conquest (Domesday).  [source: [2]


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