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This is the family history page for the Tucker family in Virginia, Bermuda and the West Indies.

These pages are dedicated to the exchange of information about this family.

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 Emily Wilkin 1869 -1932 a descendent of the Tuckers. PAGES ON THIS SITE

Tuckers from Virgina
Tuckers from Bermuda
Tuckers in Antigua
In 1615 a new charter was granted to 117 British noblemen who founded the Bermuda Company and took over the administration of the island. Captain Daniel Tucker was appointed Governor. He was a harsh man who enforced labour and paid with the "hog pennies", brass coins stamped on one side with the symbol of the Bermuda hog. The island was divided into parishes named for the chief investors in the Bermuda Company. The first Parliament convened in 1620.
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History of Bermuda

Tuckers from the West Country & Kent lineage

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