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This the family history page for the Wilkin family in the West Indies.

The family tradition is that William Wilkin originally came from Middlesborough in North England.

The information on this site has been provided by the family from family records and other public material researched by the family.

Montserrat is located between the islands of Antigua and Guadeloupe. The island, 39 sq miles in area, is mountainous, rising to the peak of the Soufriere Hills volcano (about 3000ft). After centuries of lying dormant, the volcano rumbled back into activity in 1995 with minor eruptions that continued through 1996. The volcano erupted violently on several occasions in 1997, killing19 people in June and covering the southern portion of Montserrat with fiery gas, rocks, and ash on a number of occasions. The capital, Plymouth, was destroyed, along with many of the island's historical records.

The island was sighted by Christopher Columbus in 1493 and was named by him after a monastery on Montserrat, a mountain in Spain. Settled by the English and Irish in 1632, the island was held by the French for four years in the1660s and again from 1782 to 1783, when it returned to British control. From 1871 to 1956 Montserrat was part of the Federation of the Leeward Islands, and in 1958 it became a member of the Federation of the West Indies. Following the dissolution of the federation in 1962, the inhabitants of the island voted to remain a dependency of Great Britain.
 Emily Wilkin 1869 -1932 (daughter of William Wilkin)
    The Wilkin family lived on various islands but mostly on Montserrat and Nevis. Click for map

History of Montserrat click on: http://caribbeansupersite.com/montserrat/history.htm


William Henry WILKIN  b.1810 came from England in 1835 and in 1851 married Sarah Evelina Tucker who was born in 1832 in Antigua. William died in 1883 and Sarah in 1904...both in Montserrat. William's family originally came from Middlesborough in England. It is believed that William may have had a previous wife to Emily

Henry WILKIN was William's brother. We know very little about him other than he had interests in a number of plantations in Nevis. He died in Nevis in 1883.

William came to Montserrat  with his friend Thomas Masters Howes (a Yorkshire doctor) to sell ploughs. The story goes that one day in  Yorkshire, Thomas was walking on a country road when a lady in a trap passed with runaway horse. Thomas stopped the horse and saved the lady. Her husband, a Mr Johnson was so grateful to Howes for saving his wife’s life that he offered Howes a job as a manager of his estate (Roches) in Montserrat. So Thomas Masters Howes and Wm.H Wilkin I [and a friend called Francis] came to Montserrat in 1835.

And so it was that William came to live in the West Indies and marry Sarah Tucker. The children of William and Sarah were: Eva Mary, Ada Ann, Laura, Margaret, William Henry, York and Emily.

Eva Mary WILKIN  (b 30 April 1852):

Ada Ann WILKIN  (1853-1923): Ada married King Pitman Penchoen and their daughter was Edith

Edith married Charles Martin. They had three children Maud, Sidney and Margot. No further issue. Sidney kept a bookshop in Cheltenham.

Laura WILKIN  (1855-1920): Laura married Seymour Wylde HOWES ( the son of Thomas Masters HOWES in September 1879) who was also a plantation owner or manager. They had six children: William Wilkin, Thomas Masters, Seymour Wylde Wilkin (b.1883), Beatrix/ce (Lillian), Henry Randolph (Harry) and Sarah Evelina (Sally) (who married Moish Auchinleck).

Beatrix married Dr.Gerald HEATH. Their son was Henry Wylde HEATH

Seymour Wylde Wilkin Howes had a son called Seymour Wylde Howes who was known as "Nick".

Harry Howes, was a well known plantation owner in Montserrat. His children were: (1) Laura (Loz) who married Bill Sandford. Their daughter Janet married John Reynolds and had three children  James, Harry and Olivia . (2) Daphne m. Comacho, daughter Gillian. (3) Jackie, children Dillis and Penny. (4) June m. Murphy. (5) Lilian m. Moore, children Simon, Tina and Tim.

Margaret WILKIN  (1861-1951): Maggie married first William WEST in 1886. She then married a Mr Walsh and they had one daughter Catherine Margaret (Reina) (1895-1965). No further information

William Henry WILKIN  (1863-1931): William was a plantation owner. William was never married but he had a daughter by an estate worker.

This was Violet Amanda WILKIN  and she was born around 1888. Violet married Edmund Burke.....both died in 1950. Violet's children were Mary and John Burke.Mary's daughter is Jane Grell (Violet Jane). Mary Burke is currently living in a senior citizens home in Montserrat. John Burke died early (1961?) and his English wife took their four children back to England. Two of the children are Jennifer Levy and Margaret and both married military personnel and currently live in the U.S. Jane is a librarian (since 1974) worked in Montserrat until 1997 when she took up a contract with the Government of Anguilla where she currently lives.

Now there is a Rose Wilkin who Jane knew as an elder in Montserrat and Jane thinks that she may also have been a daughter of William Henry and that Rose's mother was from Dominica.

York WILKIN  (1861-1950): York was also a plantation owner and he married Annie Humphries in 1893. They had four children, Dorothy, Ruth, Eva and Bill. 

Eva (1898-1989) became a well known artist in Nevis. See recollections of Eva

Dorothy married Hilton Hutchinson and they had 3 children, William Haynes Hilton, Charles and June Rosemary Anne. William had one daughter, Anna Ruth Rosemary.

Arthur Edmond  (1881-1961) (whose mother was Jane Chambers) was the father of  6 children; Aubrey, Veronica, Calvin, Ann, Carmen and Imelda. Arthur Wilkin worked on the Panama Canal and used his earnings to fund his studies at Howard University in Washington DC. He went on to become the first black dentist in St Kitts.

Emily WILKIN  (16 August 1869-1932): Emily married Mansergh Pace DUKE. Their children were: (1) Elmina, (2) Mansergh Val, (3) Oriel (Konks), (4) Sybil (m. Rev Bolton), (5) Aileen (m. Gall), (6) William, (7) Ismay (m. Winter), (8) Randolph Rawson,(9) Sarah (m.Hardy), (10) Mansergh Pace (Toony), (11) Basil

Mansergh 's (2) daughter Angela married Eric Inglesby and they had three children- Richard, Kate and David.

Sybil (m. Pax Bolton) had three children, Peggy (m. Clayton), Rosemary (m. Warren) and Michael. Peggy's children are Ian, Mike and Doon. Rosemary's children are Francis, Patrick, Melanie and Tim. Michael's children are Peter, James, Alan and Christopher.

Aileen (m.Herbert Gall) had two daughters Cynthia and Clara (m.Michael O'Carroll) who had two children Gillian and David.

Ismay (m.Clifford Winter) had a daughter Ann (lives in Canada)

Sarah (m.Frederick Hardy) had a daughter Betty (m. Verdery) who had three children, Katherine, David and Margaret.

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