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From: "NOA NEWS"

Bennett O. STALVEY, JR., Hendersonville, NC:
Has ancestor Richard ODOM - Civil War veteran who died 11/11/62 [1862].

4-2 Mrs. Kenneth ODOM, Woodville, TX: Ancestor - Abraham ODOM of SC.

4-3 Dr. Paul M. GRAY, Austin, TX (New address): Needs genealogical help in Oklahoma City, OK. Need to locate descendants in Oklahoma City - uncle of my mother's who reportedly moved to your state to receive Indian benefits - no proof of Indian ancestry, but it must be there. He died 1941 and I have copy of death certificate. Need someone in Oklahoma City, OK to check in City Directory - Will pay them. Trying to locate descendants of Thomas Goines Clemens (NTS) who died in OKC 1941. His mother was Dolly ODOM, b. MS and d. Collegeville, Saline Co., AR. Since I have been tracing my families, some cousins state that CLEMENTS moved to OK to gain Indian benefits; this may very well be true but I need proof. If I can learn from a descendant of Thomas or his brother Williams, it will add credence to the Indian story. Father of Dolly ODOM was Thomas ODOM b. SC 1876 and his brothers and sisters lived Tuscaloosa Co., Alabama. I have CLEMENTS family moderately well, and strongly suspect that the wife of Thomas ODOM (Eliza b. SC 1812) was Indian or part Indian. NOTE: He has some additional information if needed.

4-4 Veta Odom Rowin BARR, Lufkin, Texas: On page 28 of July #4 issue of NOA NEWS 1991, is information about our grandfather and grandmother - the spelling is wrong (second item on page): John Bazine ODOM married Zula Inez KENNEDY. Ancestors include: James ODOM, Sr. md Ann (__); James ODOM, Jr. md Mary CRISP; and Benjamin Franklin ODOM, so we surmise from what we got in Fort Smith, NOA. Leprell, John T., and I thoroughly enjoyed our first assembly last year at Fort Smith, Arkansas and look forward to more in the future. [Related to Gloria (ODOM) TROMMLER.]

4-5 Frances ODOM (Mrs. Barney H. ODOM, Jr.), Milan, NM: I do enjoy the NOA NEWS so much and hope someday to see something about Jesse A. & Mary Caroline Noblitt ODOM in print. We had an ODOM-WATSON family reunion in Lubbock, Texas on August 10 & 11, 1991 and had 84 in attendance. We plan to have these every other year if possible.

4-6 Kathleen Pogue DAVIS, Holdenville, OK: Martha OLDHAM, b. ?, died Nov. 4, 1887 in Montague Co., TX, my grandmother.

4-7 Jack T. ODOM, Heavener, OK: George S. ODOM b. 1760/5, VA. [See related QUERY: 4-37; also NOA LINEAGE 3 for details on George S. ODOM.]

4-8 Janet H. CRABAUGH, La Mesa, CA: Emanuel ODOM, b. 1811 (Proven); Benjamin Wellington ODOM (Speculative).

4-9 Lawrence Talmadge ODOM, Petal, MS: Benjamin ODOM b. 1786. Came from Burke Co., GA to Perry County, MS.

4-10 Betty Ann Ladner TONEY, Hattiesburg, MS: Maternal grandfather, George Robert ODOM, Sr., b. 15 March 1876, Jasper Co., MS d. 17 Dec 1960, Hattiesburg, MS; buried Green's Creek Cemetery near Petal, MS. Son of Allison ODOM & Nancy COOLEY. George Robert ODOM, Sr. married Emma Pearl PACE 15 Apr. 1999 [should be 1899?].

4-11 Evelina Bourg GALLIER, Lafayette, LA: Dempsey ODOM born around 1776, KY. Married Sarah CRYER (or CRIER). Lived in Lafayette, LA; both died in Lafayette. If anybody knows anything about them, please let me know.

4-12 Helen Mayberry HISEY, Tuscaloosa, AL: James Dempsey ODOM 1860.

4-13 Donald D. & Betty S. ODOM, Millry, AL: Benjamin ODOM, 1850, Perry Co., MS.

4-14 Mattie Odum WALLACE, Harrisburg, IL: Moses ODUM, d. 1792, North Hampton Co., NC. He had son Moses ODUM, more often called Joshua ODUM. I would like to know if Moses Joshua ODUM was in the war.

4-15 Norbert L. & Betty E. ST. DIZIER, Amarillo, TX: James ODOM, Sr. b ca 1740, probably Nansemond or Southampton, VA; probably died in Pitt Co., NC. [Related to Gloria (ODOM) TROMMLER.]

4-16 Vaughn & Evelyn CAMPBELL, Lubbock, TX: Isaac W. ODOM born 1818 in Mississippi.

4-17 Joyce O. ROBINSON, Mascot, TN: great-grandparents Marion ODOM & Lucy (___) ODOM.

4-18 Katherine Benge METZ, Houston, TX: Great-great-great-grandfather Malachi ODOM married Mary RUSSELL, SC. I have the date 1771 in my records but whether that is his birthdate, wedding date, or some other date, I do not know. My daddy's mother was Nancy Jane ODOM 12-9-1866: 6-11-1943.

4-19 Glendyle Odom LITTLETON, Madison, FL: Thomas ODOM b. Jan. 1884, Madison, FL.

4-20 Callie BLISS, Wellsville, UT: Abraham ODOM b. 1784, SC.

4-21 Joanne Best JENSEN, Bozeman, MT: Pleasant ODOM - Abraham ODOM.

4-22 Elizabeth Odom SZLIZEWSKI, Richmond, IN: John ODOM 1795, NC.

4-23 Lem & Carolyn ODOM, Bessemer, AL: Isaac C. ODOM.

4-24 M. B. & Lucille ODOM, Dimmitt, TX: Isaac W. ODOM, b. 1818 Mississippi. His father ? Jacob ODOM from Scotland to MS in 1812?

4-25 Cynthia Holsomback McMULLEN, Huntington, TX: Malachi ODOM b. ca 1770 in SC.

4-26 Mr. Linney LYLES, Dallas, TX: James ODOM b. 1790's, d. 1840's - Lived in Chester Co., SC & Clarke Co., AL.

4-27 Vernon ODOM, Jr., Chesterton, IN: Probably Richard ODOM, d. 1728, Chowan Co., NC.

4-28 Geraldine W. KELLEY, Carbondale, IL: Mary Etta Picking DEW, daughter of Martha Jane ODUM, daughter of Kinch ODUM & Faithy BEARD.

4-29 John H. & Lavinia Odom JAMES, Jefferson, GA: G. G. Grandfather Richard ODOM b. SC about 1778; married Anne (___) ODOM. Had a son Jordan ODOM b. 1800 SC; married Elizabeth BARKER 1827. They were in Macon, Bibb Co., GA 1838.

4-30 Samuel J. & Beverley J. FLEEMAN,Gastonia, NC: Richard ODOM ca 1800, SC.

4-31 Nan W. LANGSTON, Selma, AL: Elizabeth Jane Odom Hinton TODD; widow of Elijah HINTON & married John TODD. She was born Oct. 22, 1825 in Barbour Co., AL? She was my great-grandmother.

4-32 Hazel Ruth MUSKETT, Florissant, MO: William OLDHAM b. 26 June 1568 d. 26 June 1636 England; married Philippa SAUTER b. 6 July 1568, Derby England; married on 17 Nov. 1588, Derby, England "All Saints."

4-33 Marilyn Baxter MARTIN, Dryden, NY: Francis ODEN ca 1800, possibly Maryland.

4-34 Charles & Ruth THOMSON, Fort Worth, TX: Benjamin Wellington ODOM b. March 1828, SC.

4-35 Edwin ODOM, Moscow, ID (New Address): W. F. ODOM, Stratford, OK & Ada, OK.

4-36 Billy D. ODOM, Oakdale, CA: Ross ODOM, Lovelady, TX, born 7-14-1891, died Oakland, CA 1952.

4-37 Don P. & Bettie Jean Martin ODOM, Spiro, OK: George S. ODOM, VA. [See related QUERY: 4-7; also NOA LINEAGES 3 for details on George S. ODOM.]

4-38 James L. HOLMAN, Columbus, GA: Benjamin ODOM, 1758-1822, Barnwell Co., SC. Wife: Julia (___) ODOM.

4-39 Fern Odom VEALE, Buene Park, CA: Jesse Andrew ODOM b. 1821, NC.

4-40 Don K. & Phyllis ODOM (Big O), Guthrie, OK: James ODOM, Jr. 1764-74? & Mary CRISP 1784 - Edgecombe Co., NC. [Related to Gloria (ODOM) TROMMLER.]

4-41 Buford Jacob ODOM, Jacksonville, FL: Jacob Elton ODOM, Texas & Eunice Leah Beal ODOM, Texas.

4-42 Boyd WALKER, Lake Wales, FL: William ODON, Columbus Co., GA, 1840.

4-43 Anita SMITH, New Orleans, LA: James ODOM, Sr. b. 1749, Southampton, VA m. Ann (___) ODOM. [Related to Gloria (ODOM) TROMMLER.]

4-44 Joseph Creath ODOM, Jackson, MS: William Eli ODOM, Florence, MS.

4-45 Bethel REES, Richardson, TX: Great-grandfather Jacob ODOM, 10 April 1815, NC. [See NOA LINEAGE 8 for details on Jacob ODOM.]

4-46 Joe J. McENTIRE, Sidney, TX: Elias E. OLDHAM b. 1775 Anderson Co., SC; d. 3 Nov. 1840, Carroll Co., MS; married Mary Ann "Polly" GREENLEE.

4-47 John ODAM, Houston, TX: John Quincy ODAM, late 1890's - Corsicana, TX.

4-48 John PANNHOFF, Mason City, IA : Henry ODOM, Crocker, MO 1860's.

4-49 Marianna Allen RITTER, Baton Rouge, LA: Sarah ODOM b. Aug. 10, 1816 in MS ?; married James HENDERSON d. Sept. 11, 1911, Rapides Parish, LA; presumed to be sister of Richard ODOM. [See related QUERIES 4-59, 5-1, 6-4; also NOA LINEAGE 6 for details on Richard ODOM.]

4-50 Mae C. DEAN (Mrs. Joe F.), Sumter, SC: Isaac ODOM & Celia (___) ODOM - Burke Co., GA as far as I know. Had son Labon ODOM b. 1/22/1790, d. 6/1/1860. Would like ot hear from anyone who could tell me about Isaac ODOM & Celia (___) ODOM.

4-51 Charles & Imo Lee Card GREENWOOD, Alice, TX: Jacob ODOM & Mary (___) ODOM - both b. SC - 1797 & 1798.

4-52 Faye Ellison COUNCIL (Mrs. Jon D.), Ormond Beach, FL: Seybert ODOM, d. 1824, Barnwell Co., SC.

4-53 Ruby O. PERKINS, Darlington, SC: David ODOM - NC. Too old to go to Civil War - lived to be 110 - married Betsy GATLIN and had one son, Henry ODOM - married when old and had about 10 children - died in Poor House.

4-54 Howard H. ELDER, Jr. (wife Pearl), Brookfield, WI: Fairbee ODOM 1839-1883 wife of Andrew J. BUTLER. She was born in Sampson Co., NC & died in Breckenridge, TX. Her father was Andrew ODOM.

4-55 Ward L. ODOM, Martinsburg, WV: James W. ODOM [or James ODOM, Jr. md. Mary CRISP] b. ca 1775 probably NC; d. April or May 1843 Cannon Co., TN; father of William ODOM, Samuel C. ODOM, Drufina ODOM, Benjamin Franklin ODOM, Redding W. ODOM, Shadrack J. ODOM, John M. ODOM, & Mary Ann ODOM. [Related to Gloria (ODOM) TROMMLER.]

4-56 Bruce ODOM, Athens, TX: Michael Wellington ODOM of Barnwell, SC.

4-57 Sanford & Linda MEADOWS, Alexander City, AL: Nancy Pollard MEADOWS had a daughter, Mary Jane MEADOWS, who married Lemuel ODOM Aug. 5, 1853.

4-58 Imogene Odom JOHNSON, Mobile, AL: Samuel David ODOM, b. Beulah Deen, NC, Avery County.

4-59 Carnelia FOSTER, San Francisco, CA: Richard ODOM - spelled OLDHAM in NC/SC. Wife: Elizabeth (___) ODOM b. SC. [See related QUERIES: 4-49, 5-1 & 6-4; also NOA LINEAGE 6 for details on Richard ODOM.]

4-60 Vicky Odom BELDON & Gene BELDEN [sic - don't know which surname is correct], Greenwich, CT: I'm the daughter of James C. ODOM, Jr., SC Rep for NOA. I currently live in London, England but am returning to the US Nov. 1; I'll be living in upstate NJ after our house closing.

4-61 Waltsue Odum MERCER, Del City, OK: Jacob ODUM, Arkansas middle 1800's.

4-62 Birch D. O'NEAL, Syria, VA: Sabra ODUM, Georgia early 1800's. Will furnish specific info. to anyone interested.

4-63 Dr. James K. ODUM, Stockton, CA: Wiley Moses ODUM, NC 1824; Spouse: FRY.

4-64 Ellis SANDOZ, Baton Rouge, LA: Edgar ODOM (ca 1880-1950) d. Charleston, MS, my maternal grandfather.

4-65 B. D. & Patty McALPINE, Cleburne, TX: Will Eli (Ely) ODOM, b. 1880 or 1890 in Mississippi around Brandon or Florence. Would like information.

4-66 Darla Odum SPRATLING, Arlington, TX: William ODUM b. ca 1849 probably in VA; died ca 1900 probably in Little Rock, Arkansas.

4-67 Marilyn Powers MOORE, Mobile, AL: John ODOM, Sr., Muscogee Co., GA; born in SC ca 1778.

4-68 Natalie Evans FRAIZE, Burnet, TX: Thomas B. ODOM 1834, Upshur Co., TX. [See QUERY 6-1 for additional details by Natalie FRAIZE.]

4-69 Wayne Norris COX, Abilene, TX: John ODOM, Marlboro Co., SC.

4-70 Katherine I. KIRKLAND, Pacifica, CA: Nancy ODOM b. 5 Oct 1808 GA; m. Williamson R. STREETMAN 3 Feb 1828, Madison Co., GA d. 1 Nov 1889 Marion Co., AL. William(son?) STREETMAN was first married to Mary ODOM (a sister to Nancy?) 3 Dec 1823 in Madison Co., GA. He acquired property in Itawamba Co., MS in 1841.

4-71 Shirley SAVAGE, Fellsmere, FL: Elisha ODOM - my g-g-grandfather - Chesterfield Co., SC. Elisha ODOM - Ann Eliza ODOM JOHNSON - Johnnie JOHNSON - Bessie JOHNSON STALNAKER - Shirley SAVAGE.

4-72 Mary Klein MORELAND, Azle, TX: Ephraim ODOM, father of Charles J. ODOM, Wayne Co., Mississippi.

4-73 Berniece Odom MARBLE, Las Vagas, NV (New Name & Address): Isaac W. ODOM b. 1818 Mississippi.

4-74 Faith G. FLYTHE, Exeter, NH: Moses ODOM d. 1792 Northampton Co., NC.

4-75 Max Kennon ODOM, Sr., Transylvania, LA (New Address): Eli ODOM - ?MS. Rubin ODOM (great-grand daddy), James Daniel ODOM (granddaddy), R. L. ODOM (father).

4-76 Allen & Joanne ODOM, Soldotna, AK: Elijahs ODOM b. 1817 Emanuel, GA; married Rutha GOFFE.

4-77 Juanita BOBO, Fork, UT: Abraham ODOM b. SC in Muscogee Co., Georgia. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: Many of these QUERIES were from correspondence and from short notes on the membership renewals, with the editor at that time: John D. DENNY. Printed in NOA NEWS, Vol. XI, No. 1, October 1991, pp 19-26

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