[1] Stephen HART

Stephen HART. Born ABT 1568, , , ENG. He married a woman whose name is unknown but records indicate she was,born ABT 1572 in Ipswich, Suffolk, ENG

Children of Stephen HART and his unknown wife:

(Unknown) HART.

Born 20 OCT 1594, Ipswich, Suffolk, ENG.

(Unknown) HART

born 20 Oct 1594, at St Nicholas, Ipswich, Eng

Christopher HART.

Born 6 FEB 1595/1596, at St. Nicholas, Ipswich, Suffolk, ENG

Elizabeth HART.

Born 26 JAN 1599/1600, at St. Nicholas, Ipswich, Suffolk, ENG.

Stephan HART.

Born 25 JAN 1602, Braintree, Essex, ENG.
He died MAR 1683, at Farmington, Hartford, CT

Mary HART.

Born 5 MAR 1603/1604, at St. Nicholas, Ipswich, Suffolk, ENG

Richard HART.

Born 28 APR 1605, St Nicholas, Ipswich, Suffolk, ENG.

[2] Deacon Stephen HART

Stephan HART. Born 25 JAN 1602, Braintree, Essex, ENG. Died MAR1683, Farmington, Hartford, CT. Son of Stephen HART and ?. Married Sarah, born 1608, Ipswich, Suffolk, ENG. He married his 1st wife named Sarah about 1624, most likely in England as he didn't come to New England until 1633 according to the reference below Married second, ABT 1679, , , CT, Margaret (___) NASH (wid Joseph) SMITH (widArthur) . Margaret died 1 MAR 1693/1694, , , CT.
Stephen HART, arrived in Cambridge, MA in 1632/33, moved to Hartford, then Farmington. .He was original owner in Farmington, CT, owned lot 24 on original Mill Lane, he was part of the original group of men who first saw the land that would become Farmington, he was Deacon of First Church of Christ in Farmington organized 13 Oct 1652. He was also a deputy from Farmington in May 1647 to 1655, and again in 1660, he was also one of 84 original proprietors of Farmington in 1672
MEMORIAL HISTORY OF HARTFORD COUNTY, CT. by Edward Osgood, Publ. Boston, 1886

Deacon Steven and Sarah had the following children:

Sarah HART.

Born ABT 1626, , , ENG.
Married Thomas PORTER.

Mary HART.

Born 1630/1631.
Died 10 OCT 1710, in fall from horse on way
` from Northampton to Coventry CT, over age 70.
Married first, 1658, Farmington, Hartford, CT,John LEE,
born 1621, , , ENG, died 8 AUG 1690,
Farmington, Hartford, CT. John LEE & his wife,
were members in full Communion in Church in Farmington on 1 Mar 1679/80.
Married second, 5 JAN 1692, Jedediah STRONG
born 1657, died 22 MAY 1753, Coventry, Windham, CT.

John HART.

Born ABT 1630, , , ENG.
Died DEC 1666, at Farmington, Hartford, CT.
Married ABT 1653, , , CT, Sarah. John
resided New Haven, CT in 1646.
They had moved to Farmington with his father Stephen,
and 3 children.
John HART, called Sergeant HART was dealt a blow when his homestead in Farmington burned in Dec 1666 killing all his family except one son John.
Stephen HART. Born ABT 1632. Died 1689, Farmington, Hartford, CT. He married Ann FITCH and then joined in the Church Covenant, in
Farmington on 13 Oct 1652 with 6 other men (including Thomas JUDD).
Thomas HART was born 24 OCT 1643, Windsor, Hartford, CT. Died 27 AUG 1726, at Farmington, Hartford, CT., age 83

Deacon Stephan HART and Margaret SMITH had no children listed in the database.

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Information from database: frenchr

A descendant of Stephen HART is
Diana Spencer, the Princess of Wales.
Here is the way:
1.Stephen Hart 1602/3-1682/3
2.Mary Hart abt 1630-1710 +John Lee 1620-1690
3.Tabitha Lee 1677-1750 +Preserved Strong 1679/80-1765
4.Elizabeth Strong 1704-1792 +Joseph Strong Jr 1701-1773
5.Benajah Strong 1740-1809 +Lucy Bishop 1747-1783
6.Joseph Strong 1770-1812 +Rebecca Young 1779-1862
8.Ellen Wood 1831-1877 +Frank Work 1819-1911
9.Frances Ellen Work 1857-1947 +James Boothby Burke-Roche 1851-1920
10.Edmund Maurice Burke-Roche 1885-1955 +Ruth Sylvia Gill 1980-
11.Frances Ruth Burke-Roche 1936- +Edward John Spencer 1924-
12.Diana Spencer HRH The Princess of Wales 1961- + Charles HRH
The Prince of Wales 1948-
Source:Gen History of Deacon
Stephen Hart and his descendants - Andrews and a book by
Gary Boyd Roberts, through Nancy Bainter
on the net

[3]Capt Thomas HART

Tom married his first wife, Elizabeth,and they resided in Farmington, CT, there were 4 children named. He then married Ruth HAWKINS (the daughter of Anthony HAWKINS and Isabelle BROWN). Ruth was born 24 Oct 1649 at Windsor CT. and she died 09 Oct 1724 at age 75. Captain HART filled many civil &military offices. Tom and his family, resided with father (original owner) in Farmington, CT, on lot 24 on original Mill Lane.

Thomas and Elizabeth had no children listed in the references.

Thomas and Ruth had the following children:


was born Abt 1666 at Farmington CT.
she died 28 Apr. 1752.

Margaret HART.

Hawkins HART

was born 1677 at Farmington CT.
he died 24 May 1735 at Farmington CT.

Deacon Thomas HART

was born 1680 at Kensington, CT.
he died 29 Jan. 1773.

Rev. John HART

was born 12 Apr. 1682.
he died 6 Sep. 1756 at East Guilford,CT..

Hezekiah HART

was born 1684 at Kensington, CT.
he died 29 Sep.1752.

Josiah HART

was born 1686.

Ref. GEORGE HART MILLS a genealogy by G.A.Alexander, Newington CT.

[4]Hawkins HART

Born ABT 1677, Farmington, CT. Died 24 MAY, 1735, Farmington, CT. Son of CAPTAIN Thomas HART and Ruth HAWKINS daughter of Anthony HAWKINS and Isabelle(belle) BROWN. Hawkins married first, 7 SEP 1701, Sarah ROYCE, born 3 APR, 1683, died 1733, daughter of Nathaniel ROYCE and Sarah LATHROP.

Married second, 30 JAN 1734, Mary ELLIOT, born 1687, daughter of Joseph ELLIOT.

Children of Hawkins HART and Sarah ROYCE:

Nathaniel HART

. Born 13 JUN 1702. Died 2 OCT 1750.

Ruth HART.

Born 13 AUG 1704.

Hawkins HART.

Born 16 SEP 1706, Wallingford, CT.
Died 22 SEP 1706, Wallingford, CT.

Hawkins HART.

Born 1 MAR 1708, Wallingford, CT.
Died 17 APR 1756.

Sarah HART.

Born 21 MAY 1710.
Married 25 OCT 1730 to Stephen IVES,
who was born 24 MAR 1704.

Esther HART.

Born 12 AUG 1712.
Died 25 MAR 1806.

Thomas HART.

Born 29 SEP 1714, Wallingford, CT. Died 12 JUL 1801.
Married 23 MAR 1742 to Hannah COE,
born 12 APR 1721, daughter of Robert COE
and Barbara PARMELEE.

Elizabeth HART.

Born 1716.

Mary HART.

Born 21 JUN 1719.
Benjamin HART. Born 28 JAN 1722, Wallingford?, CT. Died 16 FEB 1745.

Children of Hawkins HART and Mary ELLIOT:

Samuel HART.

Born 18 JUL 1735.
Died 12 JAN 1805.

[5]Nathaniel HART

Nathaniel was born 09 Jun 1702 at Farmington CT. He died 02 Oct 1750 at prob Wallingford CT age 48.
Nathaniel married Martha LEE, who was born 17 Feb 1701 at Farmington CT (1701/2). Martha died Jul 1760.

Nathaniel and Martha had the following children:

Timothy HART

was born 24 Aug 1731 at Wallingford CT.
STEPHAN HART and his DESCENDENTS 1632-1875 by Alfred Andrews, New Britain CT.

[6]Timothy HART

Timothy was born 24 Aug 1731 at Wallingford CT.

Timothy married Phebe FENN, who was born 12 Feb 1835 at Wallingford CT

Tim and Phebe had the following children:

Titus HART.

was born 04 Jul 1757 at Wallingford CT;
died 27Jul 1844 at Colebrook CT.


 [7]Titus HART

Titus was born 04 Jul 1757 at Wallingford CT. he died 27 Jul 1844 at Colebrook CT.and was buried at Colebrook CT Center cemetary.
the army of the revolution when he was 16 and remained to its close.

He first married Dec 21, 1780 Lucy Johnson of Litchfield Ct, who bore him eight children, Lucy died Sept 1804, and Titus married second, Elizabeth ANDREWS, daughter of Elijah Andrews of Windsor and and his wife Mary Roberts. Elizabeth was born 28 Feb 1779 at Windsor CT. She died 31 Jul 1844 at Colebrook CT. and was buried at Colebrook CT Center cem.

After the war and soon after his marriage to Lucy, he removed to Litchfield and from thence to the south part of Colebrook about 1794 on the same farm where he died. He was a carpenter and Joiner by trade, and was accustomed to holdfamily gatherings with him annually on Thanksgiving day, sometimes to the number of 200 and over, children, grandchildren - great grandchildren and friends. He died July 27, 18aged 87 years and 23 days. His widow died July 31, 1844 - only four days later - age 65? years.

Children of Titus and Lucy:

Truman HART,

born Nov 23 1785 at Litchfield
married April 1812, Polly Spencer.

Polly HART,

born Jul 17,1788,
married JamesGillet of Hartland, CT.

Elizabeth HART,

born Mar 28, 1791 at Litchfield
married Apr 11, 1810 to Asa Barnard.

Lewis HART,

born Sept 30 1793
married Nov 1, 1815, Persis SWIFT.

Titus HART Jr,

born May 5, 1795
married July 14, 1820, Amanda Webster.

Lucy HART,

born Jan 1, 1799
married Feb 22 1824, Lester North.

Orpha HART:

born April 11, 1802
married Dec 13, 1831, Leonard Gillet.

Unknown HART

born Nov 30 1809,

Thomas West HART:

born Sept 11, 1811
married Nov 20 1838 to Grace Morse.

Sylvia HART:

born Oct 10, 1815
married James Hubble Mills.

Jerusha HART:

born Aug 31, 1813
married Nelson Rogers.

Charles William HART:

born Jan 2, 1818
married Ann Camp.

Jane Minerva HART:

born on Aug 23, 1820
married Henry Arnold
died July 5, 1847 at age 27.

Titus married Elizabeth ANDREWS (the daughter of Elijah ANDREWS andMary ROBERTS).

Titus and Elizabeth had the following children:

Sylvia HART

was born 10 Oct 1815 at New Hartford CT,
died 13 Oct 1896 at Norfolk CT. at age 82.

[8] Sylvia HART

Ref Genserve database jerome1 and jerome2
Sylvia was born 10 Oct 1815 at New Hartford CT. She died 13 Oct 1896 at Norfolk CT. at age 82, and was buried at Norfolk CT Center cem.
Sylvia married James Hubbell MILLS (the son of John Milton MILLS and Emma PARROTT).

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