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Ancestry of Ottice Edmond Spiers, Jr.
...for my children

and with a very special thanks to Carleton "Tot" Spiers and Kevin Spiers. Without their patience, understanding and contributions this chapter in our genealogy would have been impossible.

    I am not a genealogist, everything that I have is the result of the efforts of others. I have spent little or no time in dusty ancestral attics or forgotten cemeteries but I have gathered fact - and fable from the sources available to me and I charge you, dear reader, with the responsibility for seperating the two if that is your inclination.

"No less than linked together by a network of intermarriages bringing about a perplexing entanglement of kinship back and forth unto the third and fourth generations." Quote from DeLaHunt's 1916 History of Perry County, Indiana.
Origin of Our Surnames by O.E.Spiers.

    The Spiers Family had it's ancient roots and enjoyed eating them too. The earliest proven ancestor of the Spiers family, known as Jaw'ng, so named because of his habit of arguing constantly with everyone, can be seen in the forefront with his great-grandchild Pink-Knees. Pink-Knees was well known for his stubborness and refused to learn how to walk upright which of course wore all the hair off his knees and when it never returned the name stuck.

    This stubborness was combined in subsequent generations with the genetic trait of arguing with everyone and soon resulted in open warfare with neighboring clans. Indeed, all of todays technology and modern warfare owe their beginnings to research and innovations of our ancestors. The weapons manufactured by our forefathers earned them thier first heraldic title of "Pink'nees' Brok'n Spears Clan". The quality of the weapons improved under the wise leadership of Jaw'n Pink'nee Spears and a more recent ancestor was named William Pinkney Spiers (sic) in his honor thus carrying on the family name.


Americus Pithicis Mississippis

    From Ms Wonderful Bigfoot: "I know what you mean about Spiers's arguing. I think Daddy (Woodrow Page Spiers) and Uncle Ott would take opposite sides just so they could argue. Sometimes they were saying the same thing, but they would argue for hours, because they were saying it differently. They argued a lot about the Bible, but it didn't have to be about scriptures. They'd argue about anything and everything. I remember one night they were arguing about genetics and whether or not babies could be "marked" in the womb, etc. They argued till about midnight about that.

    I don't remember which one took which side of the argument, but I believe that whichever one said that a baby could be marked was right, because my youngest child sure got the arguing part from somewhere!

Spiers History from Ken Spiers of England.

    The original Spiers family were living in a place called Spierston (Spiers town) a very small hamlet in the Region of Strathclyde in Scotland in the 1600's. Some members of the family were caught up in the Uprising (Rebellion) in 1745. At that time a number of family members crossed over the Atlantic to America and Canada, whilst some moved to Dumfries (Scotland) and others moved to Leicester or Worcester (England). From this you will deduce that the North American side of the family started their new life sometime around 1745.

      The original hamlet still exists and a smaller settlement called Little Spierston is located about two miles away. It appears that the family 'fortune' was built around the mining of coal at Spierston and many of the male members of the family were found to be 'good engineers'.

Coat of Arms

    One part of the family that moved to Dumfries was well versed in iron founding as he produced the first metal bodied woodworking plane in the world (about 1782) - many of the planes were exported to North America in the 1790's - I have witnessed some posters in a Canadian Pioneer Village proclaiming that a 'shipment of Spiers' coffin planes were due in a month's time (Poster originally produced in 1792). Source: Ken Spiers from England.

4G-GP Burrell Perry 1769-1840 & Mary Ann Rainwater 1768-1850

    Burrel Perry was the father of Lourrana Perry who married Old John Spiers. Richardson Perry is the brother of Lourrana and now you have a relative that died at the Alamo.

    Burrel Perry, Father of Richardson Perry, arrived in Hancock County, Ms. before 1809. He settled on land which is now the community of Henleyfield. Named for one of Burell Perry's sons in law, Jeremiah Henley. The 1820 census shows a total of 17 people living in his household - not all his children. Local Ms. oral history identifies one of these people as Burrell's brother Jeremiah.

    Before the 1830 census, Burrell Perry had moved west, leaving at least 4 married daughters in Hancock County, Ms. He arrived in the Austin Colony, Texas in November 1830, and eventually settled in Washington County, Texas where he lived until his death in 1840, and where he married Jane Butts in 1838.

    Source: Strahan Family Reunion.FTW from Kevin Spiers.

    GGG-Granduncle Richardson PERRY

    Richardson Perry: Age 19, rank, ; native of Texas. Sources: Bexar, 539 I Travis, 445; I Milam, 1636; Muster rolls, pp 20, 22; C.M.S.R. No. 9564. Received an original land grant in Brazos County, Texas October 10, 1835 Located between Bryan and Harvey. Deceased; Washington County Affidavit; Land Certificate; was a resident of Texas before the Declaration of Independence; veteran of the Texas Army and died at the Alamo, single.

    His heirs received land grant from state of Texas. Received Bounty Warrant. 9345 for 1280 acres from S. War on 10 Dec. 1839 " for his service from 14 Dec. 1835 until 6 Mar. 1836 and having fallen in the Alamo." 1280 acres in Coleman Cty. were ptd. to his heirs on 8 Dec. 1847. Pat 382 Vol. 4 Abst 557 GLO File Bexar Bty. 539. Note: The above Patent was canceled and Pat #391 Vol. 52A issued in lieu thereof on 19 May 1933. Source: Strahn Family Reunion.FTW from Kevin Spiers.

John Spiers GGG-GF

    I have seen several references to Archibald SPIERS as the ancestor of John, but according to Carlton "Tot" Spiers, this has never been satisfactorily proven and any documented proof to the contrary would be welcomed.

    Old John SPIERS was born in 1799, possibly in Georgia. He died 11 Nov 1889 in Mississippi. About 1818 he married Louranna PERRY who was born in 1806 in Tenessee and died in 1875 in Mississippi. Both are buried in The Old Spiers Cemetery in Mcneil, Mississippi. She was the daughter of Burrell (Burwell) PERRY & Mary Ann RAINWATER.

    The children of John and Lourranna were: John "Pocket", Alexander R, Orval, William Martin, Mary Elizabeth, Richardson, Martha Ann, Samuel Slaydon, James,Thomas S. and George.

History by Kevin Spiers

    John SPIERS, a hunter, woodsman and trapper, is a legendary character in the early history of what is now Pearl River County Ms. He was a kindly, fun-loving man, while at the same time brave and fearless. He was liked and respected by everybody. He was noted for his hospitality. He liked to serve his fellow man and was a good neighbor in every sense of the word. He was always ready to help in any way he could. John killed hundreds of bears over a period of years and was almost solely responsible for ridding the area of wolves. He was born in the state of Georgia in 1799. He grew up in the great forest section of Western Georgia where few people, except indians, lived. He learned well the way of wild things and Indians as he grew up. John came to what is now Pearl River County while in his teens and settled in the Henleyfield area on the old river. He is forefather of the many Spiers living in this general area.

    He applied for a land patent in 1818 east of Pearl River and all the description said was "on Mill Creek". It was never found if that patent was ever finalized. We know that he settled on a farm in the Henleyfield Community. While here, as the old story goes, John went across the Pearl River into Louisiana to court young Louraney PERRY, who lived near Poole's Bluff just south of where Bogalusa now stands. Her Parents were Burrell PERRY and Mary Ann RAINWATER.
    John was a bold and courageous young man in courting as well as in other ways. He made only a few trips across the river on his horse before he brought back with him his bride. She was 13 or 14 years of age and when they reached the Pearl River he got off and swam the wide river while the horse carried Louraney across.

    John came to Hancock County ( Pearl River County ) about 1816 or 1817. One story is that he was having problems witha male teacher in Georgia and one day it came to a head and John pulled out his pocket knife and cut across the front of the teacher's suit. After the incident, he was afraid to go home to his father and face the consequences, so he ran away.

    Annother story is that he joined General Andrew Jackson's Army and came over that way. There was a SPIERS that joined up in Georgia and was discharged six months later. John was the first recorded SPIERS in Hancock County. The first evidence of him being there is in volume III, page 446 of the American State Papers- Public lands.

Old John Spiers
    It remains a mystery as to who the family was he traveled with. The PERRY's came in around or before 1814 and John married a PERRY girl. It could have been the Strahans since his third child married a STRAHAN. It may have been the Coopers since his first child married a COOPER and in an old Stockstill bible on a fly leaf is listed two names - James COOPER 1799, John SPIERS 1799.

    The first land patent found for John was in 1835 in the Henleyfield Community on the old river in section 21 twp 4 south, range 18 west. In 1837, he bought more land in the same place adjoining his other property. He raised his family here. His second child Mary Elizabeth married William JARREL and they bought 40 acres in section 15 very near the old man's land. On John SPIERS claim in section 21 there is an old lake shown on the county maps called Spears Lake.

    By the time he purchased his next property and moved, only one child was still unmarried, Tom 'Biscuit' SPIERS . In 1856, John applied to buy 121 acres where McNeill is now located. It looks as though John was the first to purchase land around the McNeill area. Although he bought many other properties, it appears that this is where he finally died. He started SPIERS Cemetery on this property.

    On the survey map made on October 26, 184, there were improvements listed on John SPIERS' 1856 claim in McNeill. It looks as though he had already built a cabin there on or about 1841.

    Eight of John's 9 boys were in the Civil War and two died in the war. Orval Died in the trenches at Vicksburg in 1863 and James died in a hospital in Jackson, Mississippi in 1862.

John "Pocket" Spiers GG-GF

History by Kevin Spiers.

   John enlisted in the Confederate Army Company "C", 38th Ms. Volunteers, November 12, 1863 at Enterprise, Ms.

   : In the 1870 Hancock census, John was listed as a 43 yr old farmer living with his wife Sarah age 32 and their 5 children. He lived near his brothers George, Richardson and Samuel. Also staying with them at the time was William LEWIS, age 83.

    In the 1880 census John was listed as a 54 yr old farmer living in beat 2 with his wife Sarah and their 8 children, including William age 18, Mary age 16 and Florence age 14, who are listed as working on the farm. In the 1910 census, John was listed as a 73 yr old farmer living with his wife Sarah age 61 married 46 yrs, having 10 children with 8 living. Living with them at the time was their daughter Missouri age 20.

John "Pocket" Spiers

Sarah Jane Winningham.

    Sarah Victoria WINNINGHAM was born 4 Nov 1838 and died 3 Aug 1903. She married John in Hancock County, Mississippi on 2 Feb 1854. Her parents were Joseph Wiley WINNINGHAM and Lucy Jane TRAMELL.

    They had the following children: William Pinkney (Bud), Nancy Josephine, Mary Jane, Florence Elvira, Sarah V., Thomas Martin, Harriet Viola and Magnolia Missouri.


    Her brother Richardson Perry is believed to have fought at the Alamo and further information is needed about this. It is possible that his last name was PERRY and if so then he may have been a half-brother.

William Pinkney (Bud) Spiers G-GF

    In the 1900 Census of PRC, Ms., William was listed as a 41 yr old farmer living in beat 3 with his wife Sarah age 34, married 18 yrs, having 9 children, all living at home.

    William Pinkney (Bud) SPIERS. Born 26 Sep 1858 in near Carriere, Miss. Died 13 Sep 1903 in Mississippi. Buried in Old Spiers Cemetary, McNeil, Miss.

    He married Sarah Jane SPENCE, daughter of Francis Marion SPENCE & Louisa Amanda PEADEN, 31 May 1882. Born 31 May 1866 in Hancock County, Miss. Died 6 Mar 1909. Buried in Old Spiers Cemetary, McNeil, Miss. After he died, his wife married his first cousin Clark JARRELL. She was a 1st Cousin to James Marion Spence who was my mother's Great-Grandfather & my father's Great-Uncle.

    They had the following children: Loyd Homer, William Pinkney Jr, He married Tyress JONES. Kinships GGD to Freeman Jones. John Olliver, Fannie Victoria; Born 20 Mar 1883, She married LOPER, Joseph Franklin ; Born 4 Jan 1887, Reuben Harris?; Born 18 Nov 1889 in Ceasar, Miss., Louisa Magnolia born 18 Nov 1889 in Ceasar, Mississippi married an unknown JARRELL who was probably a relative.

Loyd Homer Spiers GF

    Loyd Homer Spiers was born 22 Apr 1885 near McNeil, Carrier? Mississippi. He died 26 Nov 1954 in New Orleans, Louisiana and was buried in the Hollywood Cemetery at McComb, Mississippi.

    In the 1910 Pearl River County, Mississippi census Lloyd was listed as a 25 yr old charcoal burner living in beat 5 with wife Cynthia age 24, married 5 yrs, having 4 children. Source: Kevin Spiers.

    Tot tells me that our Grandfather Loyd, allways spelled his name as such and never with a double L.

Loyd Homer Spiers

Cynthia Elnora Spence.

    He married his second cousin Cynthia , daughter of James Monroe SPENCE & Sarah Elizabeth GARTMAN , She was born 2 Nov 1850 and died 29 Apr 1937 and was buried in the Boyd Cemetery in Salem Community, Mississippi.

    They had the following children: Lee Arnold, Ottice Edmond, Sarah Edith, Woodrow Page, Lula Mae, Carlton Edgar,Eunice Opal, Paul Victory, , Loyd Homer Jr, William Dewey, Loyce Larie and Joyce Marie who were twins and James Laviere.


    copy under cynthia


Ottice Edmond Spiers FATHER

History by OE Spiers.

    Ottice E. SPIERS was born 8 Sep 1908 in either McComb or Jackson, Mississippi and as his parents disagreed on his birthplace, he had a great deal of difficulty in obtaining a birth certificate. He had to wait until his father died to get one from the State of Mississippi as this event effectively ended the disagreement. He died alone on 4 Jul 1996 in Mesa, Arizona.

    He was married three times, first to Essie Irene WHITE, born 1914 in Old Kemp, Oklahoma and died 13 Apr 1999 in Antioch, California. Their children were: Jesse Leonard, Essie May, James and Robert "Bobby" Edward.

    His second marriage was to my mother, a widow, Atha Anne SPENCE-RATLIFF who brought with her two children, Shirley Anne and Barbara Mary. He then married Ethel R COOK, a Sister to Pearl Estelle COOK who was his Uncle John's wife.

Ottice Edmond Spiers

Atha Anne Spence.

    Ottice and Atha were second cousins to each other and she was the daughter of Hosea Olliver SPENCE & Mary Magdalene "Molly" JONES. Atha was born 10 Oct 1911 in Tylertown, Pike County, Mississippi and died 5 Jan 1992 in Kimberly, Idaho. She was buried as a TADLOCK in the Albion Cemetery about four miles south of Albion, Idaho. The cemetery name has since been changed to "The Old Mormon Cemetery" by a historical society. I can not ask her but I am sure that my mother, a staunch Southern Baptist all of her life, strongly dissaproves of this action.

    They had only one child by this marriage: Ottice Edmond Jr.


    copy under atha

    OBITUARY, KIMBERLY,Idaho - Atha A. Tadlock. 80, of Kimberly, died Sunday evening, January 5, 1992, at the Twin Falls Clinic & Hospital, following a short illness.

    She was born Oct. 10, 1911, in Tylertown, Mississippi, the daughter of Hosea and Mary Spence. She grew up in Tylertown. She married Albert Sherwood Ratliff and they had two children, Shirley and Barbara. Her second husband was Ottice Edmond Spiers, and they had one son, Ottice Edmond spiers Jr. She moved to Idaho in 1947, and married James Edward Tadlock on Oct. 1, 1949, Twin Falls. A member of the Baptist Church while they resided in Twin Falls, Atha joined the Kimberly First Baptist Church when she and Ed moved there in the early 1980s. She was a seamstress, enjoyed gardening and loved fishing.

    Surviving are her husband, Ed Tadlock of Kimberly; three children, Shirley (Mrs. Glen)Clark of Albion, Ottice Edmond (Mary)Spiers Jr. of Hansen and Barbara (Mrs. Charles)Homan of Hansen; two stepchildren, Edward Tadlock Jr., of Twin Falls and LaVell Johnson of California; one brother, Clevey Spence of Wichita Falls, Texas; one sister, Ollie Mae Buchanan, also of Wichita Falls, Texas, 19 grandchildren; and 20 great-grandchildren.

    The funeral will be held at 1 p.m. Thursday at the Kimberly Funeral Chapel, with the Rev. Clifford McGuire officicating. Friends may call from 4 to 8 p.m. today at the Kimberly Funeral Chapel. Interment will follow at the Albion Cemetery.


Ottice Edmond Spiers, Jr Myself

Ottice Edmond Jr SPIERS. Born 26 Nov 1940 in Yuma, Arizona. He first married Sharon Jean PATTERSON, 5 May 1961 in Twin Falls, Idaho. Born 16 Jun 1943 in Twin Falls, Idaho. They were divorced. They had the following children: Gene Eddy, Leon Martin SPIERS, Gregory Allen SPIERS and Sharon Caprice SPIERS

He second married Kristi Craig REEVES, daughter of Craig REEVES, in El Centro, Calif. Born 1951 in Syracuse, New York. Kinships Grandaughter of H.P. Lippincott, Book Pub.

    He third married Mary Lee MALBERG, daughter of Leo Anthony MALBERG & Katherine Mary Josephine CLASEN, 4 Aug 1985 in Albion, Idaho. Born 7 Oct 1936 in TF County Hosp, Twin Falls, Idaho.

Me and Mary Lee

Redneck Family Tree

Many, many years ago when I was twenty-three, I got married to a widow who was pretty as could be. This widow had a daughter who had hair of red. My father fell in love with her and soon the two were wed. This made my dad my son-in-law and changed my very life. My daughter was my mother, for she was my father's wife. To complicate the matters worse, although it brought me joy, I soon became the father of a bouncing baby boy. My little baby then became a brother-in-law to dad and so became my uncle, though it made me very sad. For if he was my uncle, then that also made him brother to the widow's grown-up daughter, who, of course was my step-mother. Father's wife then had a son, who kept them on the run and he became my grandson, for he was my daughter's son. My wife is now my mother's mom and it surely makes me blue, because, although she is my wife, she is my grandma too. If my wife is my grandmother, then I am her grandchild and every time I think of it, it simply drives me wild. For now I have become the strangest case you ever saw. As the husband of my grandmother, I am my own grandpa!

Books on Spiers family history

      The Luter-Davis and Allied Families Book (Luter-Davis-Burkhalter-Smart-Perkins and others) by Marie Luter-Upton published in 1959. Any Spiers that is related to a Spence, and there are a lot of us, will find relatives in this book.

      The Descendants of John P. Spiers of Pearl River County by Gary Spiers. This Book is a 2 volume book that has the almost complete listing of descendants. There aren't that many books left and there will not be another printing. Gary is just asking for the price of printing and shipping.The book can be purchased by sending $80 to: Jerri Rush, 711 North Haugh Avenue, Picayune, Ms. 39466. (601) 798-6961

      Descendants of Henry Spiers, Pioneer Scotsman (Prince George County, VA) 1744-1979 compiled by Mary Spiers Kennette.

      Spiers, Spiers and More Spiers by Marian Spiers Lane published by Gateway Press in 1997. The book can be purchased by sending $30 and Orders to: Marian Spiers Lane, 2410 Cranbrook Rd. Richmond, VA, 23229-3006. Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 96-80025.


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