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Ancestry of Ottice Edmond Spiers, Jr.

George Stovall 8G-GF 1623-1665 and Joan Tickner 1642-1675

    George (STOFFOLD)STOVALL was born 09 April 1623 in Alborough, Albury, England1. He married (1) Joan TICKNER in Albury, Surrey Co., England1. She was born 1642 in Albury, Surrey Co., England, and died 1675. He married (2) Margaret Elizabeth THOMPSON-HUNT on 9 April 1635. She was born 27 October 1592 in Burbage Wiltshire England, and died 07 May 1675.

    More About GEORGE3 (STOFFOLD) STOVALL: Burial: 03 November 1665, Alborough, Albury, Church of England rites. Christening: Albury, Surrey Co., England.

    Children of George STOVALL and Joan TICKNER are: George; b. 1667, Hagar; b. circa 1672, Bartholomew, b. 24 August 1665, Albury (Alborough) Parish, Surrey Co., England; d. 01 May 1721, Deep Creek, Henrico Co., (now Powhatan Co.), VA.

Bartholomew Stovall 7G-GF 1665-1721 and Ann Burton circa 1675-1736

    Bartholomew, the first to emigrate to America, was born on August 24, 1665 in Albury, Srrey [Surrey] County, England to George and Joan Stoffold. His birth was recorded four times in the Quaker Records of Guildfor with two different dates, as Bartholomew Stowell. He was baptized at the age of 18 on November 11, 1683, in the Espiscopal Church (Church of St Peter and St. Paul) at Albury. He may have done this in order to emigrate since Quaker and other non Espiscopal religions were not held in the same regard as the members of the Church of England. On July 7, 1684, at the age of 21, he signed an indenture document to serve John Bright; Merchant of London for 4 years on arrival in the Colonies. He boarded the GOOTH and signed documents presented by the ship's master; Peter Pagan and witnessed by Joseph Pycraft. In April 1690, Richard Kennon received land from the Henrico Co. Court, Virginia as payment for bringing in emigrants to the Colonies. One of the names on Kennon's list is Bart. Stowell (1684). [Fom the Stovall Society]

Bartholomew's signature is at the bottom in the upper right of Document

MARRIAGE: 8 Aug. 1693; Old St. John's Church (Episcopal) Henrico Co., VA. OCCUPATIONS: Husbandman HOME: Henrico County, VA (now known as Powhatan County) CHILDREN: George, Bartholomew, Hannah, William, John & Thomas

Barth. got a marriage license August 6, 1693 and married Ann Burton two days later at St. Joh n's Church (Episcopal). This church, located near the town of Curle, Virginia is gone, howeve r, some original items may be at the new church, 2401 E. Broad St., Richmond, VA.

They lived on 318 acres next to Deep Creek and the James River in what is now Powhatan Co., V A. This land is owned by the Catholic Church and was the site of a school, St. Emma's Academy , which is now unoccupied and condemned. A family reunion was held here in 1984.

Ann Burton was born around 1670 to Thomas Burton and Susannah Hatcher on the former "Cobbs" p lantation on the Appomattox River. Thomas & Susannah had five children, Ann was the youngest . The other children included Thomas Burton; born in 1663/64, John Burton; born in 1666, Isaac Burton; born in 1667/68 and Abraham Burton; born in 1669.

Bartholomew Stovall, a Husbandman or farmer, until his death in Powhatan County, VA. around 1 721, left a will dated January 14, 1718/19 and it was probated on May 1, 1721. The witnesses; Ezekile Sudbury, Ashford Hughes and Stephen Hughes, (who was a Quaker).

The will is on file but deteriorated in the Virginia St. Library, Henrico Co. Misc. Court Rec ords, Vol. 3, page 543. In the will, he mentions his wife Ann, sons; George, William and Thom as and daughter named Hannah. His other two sons; John and Bartholomew Jr. were listed in several land deeds.

In 1725, Ann Burton Stovall married a widower named John Saunders and she d. bef 2 Oct 1736.

The Children of Bartholomew and Ann include: George; born circa 1695 in Henrico Co., VA and d . 1786 in Campbell Co., VA. He married A) Elizabeth (?) and B) Elisabeth (Landon?). William ; born circa 1697 in VA and died in 1736 in Goochland Co., VA. He married Judith (Twitty?) Hannah; born circa 1699 in VA and died after 1773 in VA. She marrie d John Learwood of Goochland Co. Thomas; born circa 1700-05 and married Elizabeth Frances Owe n. Bartholomew Jr.; born circa 1707 in Henrico Co., VA and died in 1777 in Powhatan Co., VA. He was married to Mary (Hughes?) John; born circa 1700 and marrie d Dorcas (?) See next generation. Margaret; born in 1701 and married Luke Wilkes.

From here, the family line ascends from John, son of Bartholomew Stovall. This is where mos t families branch off from my ancestral lineage.

Addie Stovall Shaver has Aug. 8, 1693 as marriage date. Barth Stovall witness to transaction, Nov. 17, 1673 in Henrico Co., VA

Deeds BK 1677-1705, pg134, April 1, 1690 due to Mr. Richard Kennon 8,000 acres for importatio n of:...Barth. Stovall included...Land Grant?

Will of Bartholomew Stovall of Henrico Parish (presented by wife Anne Stovall) To son George , land at upper end of my line, to son Wm, land after decease of my wife, to son Thomas, land s down river from William, to dau. Hannah Stovall all the rest of my tract. (much of will torn off missing) Rest to wife Anne. Dated 14 Jan----wit: Stephen Hug hes, Ezekiel Sudberry, Ashford Hughes. Recorded: 1 May 1721, pg.543 (from Colonial Wills of Henrico Co., VA part 1 (1654-1737)

pg. 509 William Hatcher Jr., bro. of Henry. Nephew to Edward Hatcher. Will of William dated 5-17-1694, rec. 8-1-1694.

*"Stovall Geneology in America", vol.2.. *"Southern Kith and Kin", vol.4 by Jewel Davis Scarborough.. *"The Stovall Family and Related Lines", vol.1 by Lyle Keith Williams.. AS: Bart. prob. died in Henrico Co., VA.. Came to America in 1684, settled in Henrico Co., VA *Address: See Shirley Raymond, 517 S. Alaska, Spiro, OK 74959.. Phil & Donna Whitaker state Bartholomew died at Deep Creek, Henrico Co., VA, Colonies..dfw

WILL OF BARTHOLOMEW STOVALL (4) Recorded on 14 January 1721 Henrico Co. Loos e Papers: Vol. 3, Page 543

(This document is close to the wording used by Bartholomew, in that words such as YE meant TH E, SN meant SON, where there are ----- means words were unknown due to time and exposure. )

"In the name of God amen I Bartholomew Stovoll, a --- county and parish of --- bodily healt h but of sound and perfect mind and memory, praise be given to Almightly G ---. Ordain thi s my last will and testament in manner and form following which is to say --- and principlely I commend my soule into ye hands of Almightly God hoping throug h ye merits Douth-and passion of my Savior Jesus Christ to have full and free pardon and forg iveness of all my Sins and to inherit Everlasting Life, and my Body I commit to ye Earth to be decently Buried at the decrestion of my Executors hereafter named , and as touching the Disposition of all such temporall Estate as it hath pleased Almightly G od to bestow upon me I give and disposed there of as followeth, first I will that my Debtes and --- funerall charges be paid and Discharged."

"Item I give and bequeath to my son George Stovoll al ye upper --- of my land I now live o n beginning at Taber's corner fifty poles down river thence as --- --- to ye back line be y e --- same more or less to have and to holde ye same him his heirs for ever."

"Item I give and bequeath to my son William Stovoll beginning abt Georges corner Seventy pol e Down ye river at ye James tract of Land after ye (death) de ces of my wife to have and to h olde to him and his heirs for ever I likewise will that he ye sn William shall have Liberty to Seal --- tons any of ye woodland ground in ye time of my wife s Life provided he --- not with her fenced ground."

Item I give and bequeath unto my Son Thomas Stovall of ye --- tract of land eighty eight pol e down ye river from Williams corner to have and to holde to his and his heirs forever.

Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter Hannah Stovoll all ye --- of my tract of Afore P be g same more of less to have and to hold ye same to --- her heirs forever and my Will is ye Di viding Lines go a South corce.

Item I will and Desire my executrix hereafter named --- Acres of Land and to pay for ye -- - and patent for ye nar --- Stovoll to be equally Divided between them.

Item I give ---years also in ye 10 f meetings --- all ye rest and bestowed to my ---estat e Goods and --- and bequeath my loving wife Anne a home I appoint full and --. Last wil l & testament to which I set my hand and Seal the 14th day of January. Signed and sealed in present of Stephen Hughes, Ezekell (his X mark) Sulberne and Alfred Hugh es. Bartholomew (his X mark) Stovall.

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Children of BARTHOLOMEW STOVALL and ANN BURTON are: JOHN STOVALL, b. 1702, Henrico Co., VA; d. 09 July 1781, Granville Co., NC. GEORGE STOVALL, b. 1695, Henrico Co., VA; d. 07 December 1786, Campbell Col, VA. WILLIAM STOVALL10, b. 1697, VA10; d. 1736, Goochland Co., VA; m. JUDITH (TWITTY?); b. in VA; d. in VA.