Bostwick-Loofbourrow Cemetery, Madison twp., Fayette county, OH

Fayette Co., OH

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Bostwick-Loofbourrow Cemetery

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Location in Madison twp.: Located on east side of SR 207 about .3 mile south of the Madison County line.
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  List of all Fayette county cemeteries

This Listing was created and sent to me by Mary Lou Stiverson ( ) with her notations at bottom (I have made corrections to this list as I see them from photos) Links in text indicate I have photos:

?eath, ? son of H.M. & M.A. ?eath died July 16, 1852, age 3y 8m 10d (second photo)
Abernathy, Cynthia Alice d/o James and Letticia Abernathy died 7/24/1851 age 1y 2m 9d (second photo)
Abernathy, Mary Josephine d/o James & Letticia Abernathy died 7/15/1851age 2y 8m 19d
Abernathy, William s/o J. & L. Abernathy died 5/4/1855 age 3 6m 19d
Boswick, Celesta died April 5, 18?? at age 7 mos, 25 days (second photo)
Cornwell, Nancy wife of Ben J. Corkwell died 4/25/1854 age 44y 2m 22d
Davis, George M. s/o William & R. Davis died 8/12/1859 age 6 mos. 24 days
Davis, Matilda J. d/o William & R. Davis died 8/18/1856 age about 4 mos (or maybe it says 1mo.)
Davis, Nancy d/o William & R. Davis died 2/8/1863 age 1 mo. 22 days
Fulton, Eliza dau of D.R. & D Fulton died July 13, 1854 age 10m 1d
Hoober, Mary S. d/o J. & C. Hoober died 2/16/1852 age 3 mos. 4days
Hughes, Charles died 1/28/1852 age 77y 2m 28d
Lake, Ann wife of John Lake died 2/23/1848 age 62y of her age
Lake, John A. died 4/10/1863 age 62y 24d
Lake, Thomas W. s/o J.W. and Mary Lake died 4/12/1851 age 13y 11m 7d (second photo)
Lake, Thomas died 3/15/1848 age 17y
Leach, ?inney Ann  dau/o  Robt & Eliza Leach died 12/23/1852 age 9 (second photo)
Leach, Byron (?) s/o ? and Sarah Leach died 12/3/1848 age 6y 11m 2d
Leach, L. died 12/21/1854 age 29
Linton, Eliza d/o D.B. (R.?) Linton died 7/1851 age 10 (see Fulton, Eliza)
Loofbourrow, ? Ameret dau. of Thomas and Sara Loofbourrow died July 12, 1842 age 8y 3m 25d (second photo)
Loofbourrow, ?  s/o J.G. & M. Loofbourrow died 7/23/18?? age ? (see ? Ameret)
Loofbourrow, Mary Jane (Gregory) wife of J.G. Loofbourrow died 7/19/1852 age ? (second photo)
Loofbourrow, Rena A. d/o J.G. & M.J. Loofbourrow died July 19, 1852 age 2y 1m 19d (second photo)
Loofbourrow, Ruphina d/o Thomas & M.M. Eurana Loofbourrow 5/18/1855 (?) age 3 (see Ruphina Thomas)
Loofbourrow, Sarah Eve (Glaze) wife of Thomas T. Loofbourrow died 2/16/1849 age 53y 8mos
Loofbourrow, Sophia d/o Samuel & Nancy Loofbourrow died 8/29/1819 age 13
Loofbourrow, Sophronia d/o J.G. & M.J. Loofbourrow died 11/28/1857 age 14y 9m 8d (second photo)
Loofbourrow, Thomas S. s/o James G. & Mary Jane (Gregory) Loofbourrow died 7/22/1852 age 4y 12d
Loofbourrow, Thomas T. died 11/30/1866 age 74y 4m 9d
Nigh, Harriet Mary d/o ? & Mary Nigh died 1/18/1851 age 12y 9m 5d (second photo)
Peasley, ?  d/o W.M. & J. (Leach) Peasley died ?  age ?
Peasley, Mabel C. wife of Wm. H. Peasley; dau of W.M and G.J. Leach; died 10/7/1875 age 18y 13d (second photo)
Southward, Isaac s/o Pleasant & Elizabeth Southward died 11/10/1848 age 20y 7m 16d
Thomas, Jeremiah died 3/2/1863 age 61y 3m 1d
Thomas, Melinda d/o Joseph & Elizabeth Thomas died 7/5/1872 age 2y
Thomas, Nancy A. d/o Jerimiah & Mary Thomas died ? age ?
Thomas, Nancy (Leach) wife of Jeremiah Thomas died Feb 8, 1847 age ?5y 7m 6d (second photo)
Thomas, Ruphina dau of M.M. & Eurann Thomas died May 13, 18?? age 3y 2m
Thomas, Willard W. s/o B.F. & M. Thomas died 11/6/1856 age 1y 10m 29d
Unknown, d/o Thomas ??  died?  age?
Webster, James M. s/o J.S. & ? Webster died 3/28/1856 age 7 mo. 14day
Webster, Norman S. s/o J.S. & P Webster died 6/30/1857 age 4 mos 8day
Williams, Elizabeth wife of Otho Williams died 9/5/1865 age 67y 6m 4day
Wilson, Sarah Eve wife of Wm. Wilson died 1/26/1862 (?) age about 63y
Woodburn, Sophia d/o Samuel and Nancy Woodburn died Aug 29, 1849 age 13y 10m ?d
Woodburn, Nancy A d/o Alexander and Mary D Woodburn, died ? 10, ? age 1m 3d (second photo) (third photo)  
*****Names in ( ) are maiden names that I researched. They don't appear on the stones. There must have been many more burials there. If this was the Bostwick Cem. too there should have been someone there by that name. Many Bostwick burials can be found at Pleasant Cem. Madison Co., OH. I have completed transcribing the sexton records from there  (over 12,000) and though they show many burials of folks from other cemeteries, none are marked as coming from this particular one. When I first came to this area in 1970 there was a beautiful iron fence and arbor gate and those have been gone quite a while.
Mary Lou Stiverson
15027 Rt. 62 N.E.
Mt. Sterlilng, OH  43143
Note from Kris: I think I found a Bostwick (see listing)

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