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NEW June 29, 2004 Auburn/Hanna
Jun 14, 2008
State Route 98 intersects with Baker Road, turn north and within a short distance on the right is the cemetery. The cemetery can be seen from the State Route 98 Location provided by Rebecca Stephenson. She wrote May 2002 that she will be sending me photos of markers here.
  Baptist TR 71 and CR 47  
  Goodwill Methodist Epicopal Waynesburg-Tiro Road. 3mi N and 1mi W of Tiro  
  Handley one mile NW of Tiro  
  Hertzer/Swail/Cory/Swail 4mi E of New Washington, 800 feet from north edge of SR 103  
  Honey Creek/North Auburn/
Our mother of Sorrows/St. Mary's Catholic
at intersection of Young Rd and and North Auburn  
NEW July 17, 2002 Oakland/Tiro on SR 98 west of Tiro, Ohio  
NEW Nov 14, 2001  Bacon Farm /Niedemeier a farm cemetery just east of New Washington by Auburn Lake Park, north of SR 103 one photo, Info supplied by Ken Striker
  Beadle in Bucyrus, at Walnut St. and Middletown Rd  
  Bucyrus Mausoleum in Bucyrus on Southern Ave, 1.5 blks W of Kaler Ave  
  Bucyrus City Cemetery half mile E of CR 121 and 500 ft N of CR 12  
  Carey  at SR 4 and old US 30N  
  Catholic (abandoned) one mi E of Bucyrus  
  Corporation half mile N of TR 148 and one tenth mile E of SR 4  
  Lutheran-Southern Moved to Oakwood  
  Mt. Zion
Updated Sept 25, 2001
1190 Mount Zion Road, Bucyrus, OH 44820 (419) 562-4913; Southwest of Bucyrus on a line about equal to where the Bucyrus airport is (on the southeast side of town) there is a Mount Zion Road, County Highway 62C, on this road on that southwest side Four photos here. location supplied by Kathy Baker.
NEW April 28, 2002 Monnett Chapel
Cemetery with a church. small and perfectly manicured! Is on SE corner of 98 and Monnett Church Rd. being north of Malcolm Road. Six photos
  Holy Trinity/Catholic  is at 760 Tiffin Street, Bucyrus, Ohio 44820, (419-562-1346) ; Coming south on St. Rt. 19 into Bucyrus do not turn but continue straight ahead on Tiffin St. At the stop sign continue straight and Holy Trinity Church is on the left and the cemetery on the right. Five photos for this cemetery. location supplied by Kathy Baker. directions supplied by Linda Houyouse. ALSO here is a link to another Holy Trinity site with 21 photos: Click Here
=New Oct 10, 2001 Oakwood cemetery
Updated May 20, 2007
from the Bucyrus Square go south on St. Rt. 4 to W. Charles St. (light at Wendy's) and turn right. Go 2 1/2 blocks and turn left onto Kaler Ave. Travel Kaler until you reach W. Southern Ave. They form the boundaries of one side of the cemetery. It is very large there are over 14,000 buried here. 73 photos so far. Partial burial listing from photos. Directions supplied by Linda Houyouse.
 =NEW April 24, 2002 Pioneer/Union/Tiffin St
Updated Dec 27, 2007
Go East from Bucyrus Square. Turn right at the first stop light, Poplar St. Cross the railroad tracks, Mary st., and River St After you cross River St., the cemetery will be on your right hand side about 200 yards. Seven photos; a partial listing by Ray Bender
  Speegle/Spiegle half mile N of TR 15 and 500 ft E of TR 21  
  Shroll/Young no longer exists plowed under
  Stoltz 250 ft S of TR33 and 1.5mi E of SR 98 overgrown and one marker there
NEW June 14, 2008 Brenner
southeast corner of Connely Rd (23) and Carey Rd (27) Photo of cemetery and a couple stones by me.
NEW July 23, 2003 Brillhart/North Union/Tabor
Updated Mar 4, 2008
southwest corner of Brillhart Rd (131) and county road 14 Photos of almost all markers and a Listing of 151 graves by me
=NEW July 23, 2003 Buchman
Updated Mar 4, 2008
near northeast corner of Windfall Rd (64) and SR 4 Photo of the cemetery and all graves
  Burgbacher half mile W of SR 4 on Albaugh Rd on a farm  
  Chatfield Village Northwest corner of SR103 and SR 4 by city of Chatfield  
NEW Nov 13, 2001 College Hill/Reformed
Updated Dec 27, 2007
Northwest corner of Albaugh Rd (24) and SR 4 39 photos sent by Linda Houyouse; Photos of cemetery by me; Partial listing of graves from photos
  Durr south of Orr Rd (26) between SR 4 and Schwemly Rd (41) east of RR tracks Markers all removed and dumped beside the RR tracks
=New Aug 1, 2001 German Evangelical Lutheran/ Nazareth Lutheran
Updated Oct 12, 2002
located on St. Rt. 4 a little south of the village of Chatfield.  119 photos sent so far. This was a German speaking congregation and joint charge with Windfall Evangelical Lutheran.
=New Oct 22, 2002 Old Nazareth Lutheran east of SR 4 between Chatfield Center Rd (25) and Orr Rd (26) (south of city of Chatfield)  
  Old Chatfield Lutheran east of SR 4 between Chatfield Center Rd (25) and Orr Rd (26) (south of city of Chatfield and south of Old Nazareth Lutheran cemetery)  
NEW Feb 4, 2002 Hanes/Smith/Eulis
Updated Sep 20, 2005
East edge of Broken Knife Creek; 225' south of SR103, 1/2 mi west of Swabb Road. Access from SR103 along fence and across creek Photos of cemetery by me; Listing of 41 graves by Connie Fitzgerald
NEW April 28, 2002 Klink/Moffet
North side of Brokensword Rd (28) just west of 4 and east of Ross Rd. (38) 14 photos
=New Aug 1, 2001 Lust/ Pietest located at the intersection of St. Rt. 4 and Carey Rd., 1 mile south of Chatfield, OH. 73 photos sent so far. The church is Pietist adjoining the cemetery. Many old German families are buried here.
=New Sept 25, 2001 Windfall Lutheran
Jun 14, 2008
Northwest corner of Brillhart Rd (131) and Windfall Rd (64) 231 photos sent to me. Photo of cemetery and a couple pics of stones by me
NEW July 23, 2003 Swabb northeast corner of Swabb Rd (42) and SR 103 (west of town of New Washington) Photo of cemetery, no listing yet
  Swale-Union church southwest corner of Wynn Rd and Lightsburg Rd (53)  
NEW Feb 4, 2002 Catholic/St. Bernard
Updated Dec 27, 2007
S10 T18N R21W. Along the east side of Boundary Road (CR6) 1/2 mile north of New Washington photos of the cemetery. Listing of 1021 graves by Connie Fitzgerald
NEW Feb 20, 2002 German Lutheran/
St.John Lutheran

Updated July 23, 2003
At the north edge of the village of New Washington, west side of Boundary Road (CR6) Photos of cemetery by me; Listing of 1130 graves by Connie Fitzgerald
NEW Jun 10, 2008 Union / New Washington northeast corner of Chatfield center Rd (25) and SR 602 just south edge of town (New Washington) Photos of cemetery and a couple tombstones. No listing yet
  Remer SR 294 and SR 4  
  White on CR 12, between county line and CR 1  
Aug 4, 2008
The town of Brokenword lies in both Lykens and Holmes Twp. Crawford Co. Take St. Rt. 19 north from Bucyrus about 5 miles to Brokensword. Turn east on Brokensword Rd. and you'll see the cemetery on your right. 51 photos for this cemetery so far. Directions supplied by Linda Houyouse. Listing of 1907 graves by Susan Haslam
NEW Feb 4, 2002 Bethel/Spore
Updated Feb 11, 2003
S17 T2S R16E. Located at the intersection of Bethel Road (CR22) and Spore-Brandywine Road (CR31) 23 photos; Listing of 217 graves by Connie Fitzgerald
=New Sep 25, 2001 Friends/Quaker
Updated April 29, 2002
from Rt 30 bypass on N side of Bucyrus. ; Proceed north on Routes 4, 19 and 100 (Sandusky Ave) for abt 1/4 mile. Turn left (West) following Routes 19 and 100. Quaker/Friends Cemetery is abt 1/4 mile on the left (South). There is a row of 3 homes then a grassy lane back through a cornfield to the cemetery 23 photos. Direction supplied by Mona Trout
  Barnes/Talbot on TR 77, one mi W of SR 61  
  Crawford County Memorial Gardens on US 30; one mi W of SR 598  
  Gledhill 500 ft W of SR 598 and 184 ft N of TR 77  
  Heller on land owned at that time by August F. Hocker, was plowed under about 1945 GONE plowed under!!
NEW Dec 27, 2007 Leesville 250 ft S of TR 229, betweenTR 299 and Sandusky River  
  Little Windfall/Windfall TR 57 and TR 44  
NEW Feb. 3, 2009
300 ft E of SR 598 and 3 tenths mi S of TR 77 Listing of 140 burials created for me by Sandy Klieger
NEW Feb 4, 2002 Smith
E of Biddle Road (CR44) abt  650 ft N of  Brandt Road. Listing of 27 graves by Connie Fitzgerald
  Tracht 1500 ft E of TR 44 and 1200 ft S of TR 57  
  Blowers northeast corner of Stetzer (45) and Curdy Rds  
NEW Nov 19, 2004 Charlton/Conley south side of 98 being east of Connely Rd (23) Cemetery in HORRIBLE condition overgrown brambles and thicket! List of 49 graves by me
NEW April 28, 2002 Crall/Liberty Chapel
Updated Oct 10, 2007
at the northwest corner of Daws (96) and Klopfenstein Rds. Just ease of Connely Road (23) 269 photos of stones by Ken and Kris Krumm. List of 365 graves by me
  Hope/Yeiter northwest side of Connely Rd (23) and Lemert Rd  
  Kruse north side of Klopfenstein Rd and west of Locustgrove Rd (55)  
  Roop/Rupp south side of 98 just east of Orewiler Road  
 =NEW April 28, 2002 Shealy/St. Paul Lutheran south side of Ridgeton-Annapolis Rd (78). Just west of Swabb Rd. being .7 mile east of Connely Rd (23) two photos
NEW Nov 13, 2001 Union/ Revolutionary
Updated Dec 27, 2007
at the corner of 98 and 602 about 1 mi northeast of Sulphur Springs 7 photos; Info supplied by Ken Striker
  Baptist/Freewill Baptist on TR 61, 400 feet S of CR 5  
  St. John's Reformed/Baseline
Mar 4, 2008
5721 E. Co. Rd. 58, Bloomville, OH 44818 located at the intersection of the Baseline Rd. and Miller Rd. TR61. It is the county line and the church sits in Seneca Co. and the cemetery in Crawford Co. 79 photos of stones by Linda Houyouse, direction supplied by her also. List of 343 graves by Margaret Folston
NEW April 29, 2002  Brown/Lee On east side of SR 100 and is .5 mile south of Orr Rd. Cemetery is up on a hill a bit off road. 5 photos
  Kennedy on CR 5; 2.8mi W of SR 4  
NEW April 29, 2002 Olive Branch/Seery
Updated Aug 23, 2003
on second curve on right side of Orr Rd. Just west of SR 100. Easily visible. Old but well mown. Seems to have a back half and a front half Many photos of tombstones, people and even Seery Church records! Check it out!!
  Cummings 250 ft S of SR 309; one tenth mi W of TR 48  
  Catholic/Mt. Calvary Adjacent to Fairview cemetery  
NEW Feb 15, 2003 Fairview
Updated Dec 27, 2007
120 Buehler Street, Galion, OH Partial list created from grave photos
  Galion Mausoleum in Fairview cemetery  
  Line on SR 309; half mi E of SR 61  
  Park .3 mi N of RT 8 and .3 mi W of TR 44  
  Pletcher on TR 20; .3 mi S of SR 19  
German Methodist
on TR 92; just S of CR 3  
NEW April 26, 2002 Biddle/Cole/Swisher
Updated Nov 2, 2004
Take US 30 east from Bucyrus. Turn left (North) onto SR 602. Proceed approximately one mile. Turn right (East) onto Remlinger Rd. The Cemetery is about 2 1/2 miles on the right (South) just before Kile Rd. 10 photos Directions supplied by Mona Trout
  Knisely/Loss Creek GONE Bull dozed under! had 20 stones
  Luke SR 602 and CR 176  
  Sandusky on CR 44, half mi N of SR 96  
  Tustison Located on the present farm of Allen and Dixie Long (please request permission as you must cross their property to gain access to the Cemetery) Address is 6155 Annapolis-DeKalb Road, Bucyrus, OH. Starting from Bucyrus- head NE on OH98, Turn south on Rte 602 for 3/4 mile, Turn east on Annapolis-DeKalb Rd-1.8 miles and you will come to the Long house. You will see two ponds, one on either side of the road, look south and you will see two groves of trees up on a hill. The TUSTISON graveyard is in the western group of trees Location provided by: Gary Tustison He is also going to send some photos of tombstones there.
  Andrews/Eden on SR 100; half mi N of Sycamore-New Washington Rd  
  Texas township/Benton/Poplar
Jun 14 , 2008
From the intersesction of St. Rt 103 and St. Rt. 100 west of Lykens you continue west on 103 a little over a mile. Turn south on Marion-Melmore Rd. and go 1 1/2 miles to Benton. Take the 2nd street and go a block and the cemetery is on the left. 32 photos of stones at a site created by Linda Houyouse, direction supplied by her also. Thanks Linda! Also Valerie just sent two more photos to see those: Click here
  Nature Preserve    
  Martin Luther/Streib on TR 21 just S of railroad  
NEW Feb 11, 2003

Oceola #1/ Oceola Methodist Episcopal
June 15, 2008

behind the gas station in Oceola One photo
NEW Sept. 19, 2005 Oceola #2/Oceola United Brethren
June 15, 2008
East of CR 1 (Marion-Melmore Road). Between Broken Sword Creek and TR 109 (Barthold Road). 1000 feet south of the town of Oceola  
Oceola #3/Oceola Tod Twp
NEW Jun 15, 2003
on the left down the road about 2 or 3 miles from no.2 photo of cemetery only
  Bilsing/St. Paul's Reformed    
NEW Nov 13, 2001 Dapper/German Lutheran/St. Paul Lutheran SR 598 and CR 49 Three photos
  DeKalb/Dickson on SR 39 one mi E of Tiro Rd  
  Liberty on SR 96 just W of SR 598  
  Lober/St. Paul Reformed on Kile Rd just E of SR 598  
  Campbell in a field at Shearer Rd and Parcher Rd  
  Clark/Coulter on private property three stones
NEW Jan 27, 2006 Cook/Kiess/Salem Evangelical on Lower Leesville Rd at RR tracks listing of all 117 graves by me
  County/Infirmary approx 750ft south of SR19 midway between Parcher Rd and SR 100  
German Evangelical Lutheran
on Shearer Rd, between Galion-New Winchester Rd and SR 19 near Ger Ev Luth. church  
  Gifford on Winchester Rd; on Whetstone and Dallas twp boundary  
NEW Nov 13, 2001 Old Olentangy on SR 19 Three Photos
  Plains/Scherer down a lane 1000 ft W off TR 156  
  Shroll on SR 30 behind Church  
  Sixteen/Sixteen English Methodist Episcopal at Martel and Crawford-Marion Rds  
  Stewart on SR 30  
  Whetstone on Poe Rd, between Monnett Chapel Rd and Kehrer Rd  
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