Woodlawn cemetery in Bloom twp., Seneca county, OH

Seneca Co., OH

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Woodlawn Cemetery

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Photos of Woodlawn Cemetery sign supplied by Linda J Houyouse

Have photos of folk's tombstones buried here??

Located: Bloom twp East side of Twp. Rd. 73, 1/2 mi. south of Co. Rd. 16
The cemetery is about a mile out of town on the west side. At the square you travel west to the first intersection, turn right and 1/4 mile north is the cemetery. Very visible
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Here is Linda. She has REALLY sent a lot of photos

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Seneca county cemetery locations

Surname given name birth date death date age at death notes War involvement:
Gernert Charles J 1921 1980      
Gernert Charles W 27 jun 1899 14-Dec-56      
Gernert Mary A 1923        
Gernert Ruth E 23-May-03 29-Sep-92   w/o Charles W  
Hanes Nettie          
Hanes Samuel          
Hassler Joyce infant 1894   d/o MF & MR  
Hassler Mary Rebecca 1867 1936      
Hassler Millard Fillmore 1860 1941      
Heckerd Bertha Biller 1896 1933      
Heckerd Darrell H 1895 1966      
Hossler Ella 1857 1891      
Hossler family stone          
Hossler Henry F 1832 1872     Co B 195 Reg OVI (GAR)
Hossler Nora 1869 1899      
Hossler Sarah C 1834 1907      
Hovey Eleanor 1846 1921   back of Martin Shaffner stone  
Kirgis daughter       d/o William and Sarah E (Miller) Kirgis  
Kirgis Sarah E Miller 1865 1932      
Kirgis son       s/o William and Sarah E (Miller) Kirgis  
Klaiss George Franklin 8 mar 1891 30 dec 1950   s/o Joseph H. H. & Magdelena (Haefer) Klaiss; m. Clara Pearl Geary 27 Jun 1915  
Klaiss Clara Pearl Geary 25 mar 1894 10 sep 1976   d/o Oscar Nettleton "Ellsworth" & Ida May (Montz) Geary; w/o George Franklin  
Klaiss Esther Alice 31 aug 1925 15 feb 1926   d/o George Franklin & Clara Pearl (Geary) Klaiss  
Lomiller Yevette D 5 jan 1883 15 oct 1902      
Lowmiller Ada 1855 1935      
Lowmiller infant          
Lowmiller Ira 1851 1927      
Lowmiller Junior N   1931      
McCoy Peggy Lou Sanderson 1929        
Melroy Hazel I 1894 1992      
Melroy J Edward 1891 1979      
Shaffner Anna E 1802 1831      
Shaffner Martin 1787 1870      
Shaffner Penelope 1815 1886      
Shaffner Susanna 1804 1850      
Shaffner Henry 1838 1858   back of Martin's stone  
Shaffner K S Bunn 1841     back of Martin's stone  
Shaffner Eleanor Hovey 1846 1921   back of Martin's stone  
Sheidler Elton Duane 31 mar 1931 --   s/o Herbert & Jeannette (Baker) Sheidler; m. Blanche Marie Klaiss 10 Oct 1954  
Sheidler Blanche Marie Klaiss 10 mar 1932 7 dec 1979   w/o Elton; d/o George Franklin & Clara Pearl (Geary) Klaiss  
Wiley Daisy M 1877 1960      
Wiley Stanley H 1883 1976      




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