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Seneca Co., OH

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Greenlawn Cemetery

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Located: on Coe Rd.  at: 895 E. County Road 36
Greenlawn Cemetery Association
895 East Seneca County Road 36, Tiffin, OH 44883
(419) 447-2010
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Seneca county cemetery locations

Surname given name notes birth date death date age at death
McClish Larry h/o Linda Carol King   12 jun 2000  
Smith Stanley   29 jan 1918 29 jul 1992  
Smith Ida Mae w/o Stanley 21 aug 1918 uncut  
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Politicians buried here:


From Adam Gibson:
On September 7, 1859, a committee of prominent citizens and businessmen led by Tiffin's first millionaire, Rezin W. Shawhan was convened to discuss the situation of a new town cemetery. The committee members were Warren P. Noble, Truman H. Bagby, John M. Naylor, John C. Lee, Robert Pennington, Alfred G. Sneath, Harry A. Buskirk, John D. Loomis, John T. Huss, and Luther A. Hall. On November 30, 1859, twenty acres of land was purchased on the north side of Coe Road, from the heirs of Thomas Coe. The cost of acquisitions was shared by the twelve committee members. Rezin Shawhan held the deed to the land and conveyed burial lot deeds to individuals as they were purchased. Since that time, additional land was purchased and developed. Today Greenlawn has sixty acres in grass, trees, and rolling hills.  In 1983, a new management group was formed under the direction of Fred E. Kishler as Business Manager. Trustees elected were Gerald D. Meyer, Paul R. Martin, Don B. Bero, Jack H. Payne, and Lillian Tulk. Tiffin's most prominent citizens have been buried at Greenlawn over the years, including the Frost, Kalnow, Kildow, Sneath, Spayth, Troxel, Miller, and Hanson families.

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