Descendants of William Goddard

Welcome to my Goddard Family Website for those originating in Greene County, Pennsylvania and the Upper Ohio River Valley. Those listed here are descended from my g-g-g-g-g-grandparents William and Elizabeth Goddard. William and Elizabeth once owned the 400+ acre “Plum Tree Plantation” on Dunkard Creek on the southern border of Greene County, PA. In fact, about 50 acres of the plantation was actually in the State of Virginia, now West Virginia. After William and Elizabeth’s deaths, their children migrated south and west into West Virginia and as far as California and Washington State. I have added headstone photos for more than 1000+ family members to their data. (I apologize for the quality of a few of the photos as they were taken almost two decades ago ago and my digital camera was junk). I know some of these who weren't deceased or marked as such might be now, and their stones may have been updated by now. You may want to confirm these using the Find-A-Grave website. I DO have numerous photos of headstones of other people buried in some of the various Ohio Valley cemeteries (56 cemeteries in all), with the prominent family names, but I do not yet have those individuals linked to the family. If you are looking for somebody who you think I should have in the genealogy file and/or photo file please let me know, I may have the headstone photo. All photos or documents here are free for you to use in your genealogy research projects. I'm not the kind of person that thinks that just because I possess something, paid for something, or did the work to find it or traveled to photograph it, that it's mine and mine alone. This is our family and as such it is OURS. This site is a work in progress! I have been adding to this site as much as possible for 17 years now although, until recently my genealogy project has taken a back seat. I have spent thousands of hours researching online and in courthouses around the Valley and I've walked a hundred miles or more in the local cemeteries. I'm dedicated to getting it right and accuracy is important to me. I know the information on the over 2000 individuals here has some missing people and dates. I welcome any additions, corrections or deletions you may wish to contribute and of course photos, documents and stories are always welcome too. I've made notations and citations where I could or felt necessary and included photos/copies of various documents, however, some citations may be missing or have come to me through a cousin. If you find you need a citation drop me a line and I'll see what I can do. Living members of the family are identified by NAME ONLY, a matter of public record, to protect their privacy. I do not release the demographic information on any living family members to anyone without first having the authorization of that person. Good Luck - Steve P.S. If the scrapbook (photo) files are too big on your screen, press and hold the Control Button (Command Button for Mac users), and then hit the minus/dash key a few times to reduce the image size.

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