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Welcome to the Cemeteries Site of the South Okanagan
located in the southern portion of British Columbia, Canada.

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Click on the desired cemetery to see a list of names recorded for that place. More information can be obtained by sending an e-mail from the bottom of this page. More cemeteries will be added as time permits. Updates will be added periodically, so check again later.

To visit the web site of the South Okanagan Genealogical Society based in Penticton, B.C.       CLICK HERE

Cemetery listings

Bridesville, BC Cemetery:  A to Z

Cawston, BC Cemetery:    A to Z

Coalmont, BC Cemetery:  A to Z       

Greenwood, BC Cemetery:   A to Z

Hedley, BC  Cemetery:     A to Lo     Lo to Z

Kaleden, BC Cemetery:    A to Z

Keremeos, BC  Cemetery:   A to Z

Midway, BC Cemetery:   A to Ti    To-Z

Naramata, BC  Cemetery:   A to Z

Okanagan Falls, BC Cemetery:  A to Z

Olalla, BC- Marcel Cemetery:   A to Z

Oliver, BC Cemetery:   A to Br     Br to Kl     Kl to Si     Si to Z

Osoyoos, BC Cemetery:   A to Lu    Ly to Z

Penticton, BC Cemeteries:
               - Old Anglican Cemetery:   A to Z

               - Lakeview Cemetery:   A to Bro    Bro to Di    Di to Gr    Gr to Jo

                           Jo to Mar   Mar to Os   Ost to Ro   Ro to Te   Th to Zo   Zu to Zw                                                                                         
          - St. Saviour's Church Columbarium   A to Z

Phoenix, BC Cemetery:      A to Z       

Rock Creek, BC Cemetery:   A to Z

Sidley, BC- Lawless Cemetery:    A to Z

Summerland, BC Cemeteries:
                    - Anglican Cemetery:  A to Z

                   - Canyon View Cemetery:  A to Hile      H to Z

                   - Peach Orchard Cemetery:  A to Ri       Ro to Z

                   - Rose Garden (Garden of Remembrance)  Cemetery:   A to Z

Tulameen, BC Cemetery:  A to Z


For more information about a name in one of our cemeteries send an Email.

Complete copies of the listed cemeteries can be purchased from our society. E-mail for details.

Obituary searches can be done at a reasonable cost. Email for details.

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