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Hi, and welcome to our home page. My name is Owen Clough, I have being interested in genealogy for over 30 years. This web site is an ongoing hobby and has taken nearly 5 years to get to this stage. It will continue to grow as more family information is forthcoming and of course I have the desire and the enthusiasm to stay with it, it can be very time consuming.

This site is about family, our links to the past, for without this link we would not be here. Our forbearer's are our history, our gene pool, have made us who we are in mind, body and spirit.

The first of the Clough clan arrived in Auckland on the Eagle Speed in Oct 1864, their names where John Cooke Clough and Elinor nee Smith. John was 26 and Elinor 25, John born in Bradford Yorkshire England, Elinor born in Shrewsbury Shropshire, he was an engineer and she was a servant cook. They had been married only 6 months before arriving in New Zealand. Why they came is anyone's guess, they came out on a Church of England settlement scheme, it cost them nothing. This wanderlust is very strong in my family, we like to travel and be free so this might have been the only reason for John & Elinor to emigrate to a new raw country, to see what is around the corner. From this couple there are 1000 descendants scattered around the globe. This site is dedicated to John & Elinor, his parents Isaac and Anne, grandparents James and Hannah, and to Elinor's parents David and Ann for with out them we would not be here today. The names Elinor & Isaac are still in use today with some family members

Enjoy the site, and please if there is any wrong information email me so I can put it right, the site is only as good as the information received. My thanks must go to all my friends and relations around the world who have helped fill in the gaps on our tree, from the UK, Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand, they have given their information freely for that I'm extremely grateful. A special thanks must go to a Marv Banker in the States who helped me get this site up and running and still helpful to this day. Whenever I have a problem I just have to email Marv and he is always ready to help.

So to all our family now, and those not yet born enjoy this site, it is your place, a link to your past, keep safe and well.

I have retired now and there was a bucket list that I wanted to do. Which was to write a fiction novel. So I have started the book is called

Whispers of the Past

It can be seen here on Face Book.


Family Names

Owen & Kayes Family

Kayes Parents Kathleen & George Flood

Owens Parents Charles & Ethel Clough

Grandparents John & Florence Clough

Gt Grandparents Isaac & Elizabeth Clough

Gt Gt Grandparents John Cooke & Elinor Clough

Gt Gt Grandparents Thomas Richard and Emma Smith

Grandparents Robert & Ethel Hoskins

Gt Grandparents Ellis & Mary Hoskins

Gt Grandparents Charles & Anne Mayer

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When you are searching names, just put your surname in the box where it says Clough living, then click LIST, the number of families with that name will come up. Just click on the surname to see who they are.

I have now retired, I'm doing something I always wanted to do was write a fiction novel. It was a bucket list thing. The book is called.

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