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Old Fort Madison
first United States military post on the upper Mississippi River

Ft Madison, Iowa









In 1808, Fort Madison, the first United States military post on the upper Mississippi River,
was established in what is now the state of Iowa. In part, the fort served to protect the
government "factory", or trading post bu the post was also intended to secure the American
frontier in that region.

Soldiers of the 1st U.S. Infantry Regiment, under the command of Lt. Alpha Kingsley, built
most of the fort between 1808 and 1809. Lt. Kingsley named his new post Fort Madison in
honor of James Madison, who was president of the United States at that time.

        Blockhouses were the fort's main points of defense.
        The lower story was fitted with shooting platforms from
        which soldiers fired muskets and rifles through small
        loopholes" spaced along the walls on all sides. The upper
        story had openings for both long arms and cannon fire.

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