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      Township Cemeteries and Maps    
           Lee County, Iowa    

           West Point Township

    Map is below the list

Calvery Cemetery Sec. 5 South edge of West Point.
H. Brune Cemetery aka. H. Burne  or Van Hyning Cemetery Sec.10 On east edge of section. 1897 Plat shows Van Hyning land with a cemetery. 1874 show Van Hyning land, but no cemetery.
Judy Cemetery aka Judey, Cooney, or Wharton Cemetery Sec.30 On the Hammer farm a short way back in field. Old lane to it off the north-south road.
Mennonite Cemetery Sec.30 On Delbert S. Wilson farm. The stones were moved to the Mennonite Cemetery in Sec.30, Franklin Twp. About 1967. The bodies were not moved.
Pitman Chapel Cemetery Sec .2 Church on longer there.
Pitman Family Cemetery Sec.10 Along highway 103 east of West Point
Presbyterian Cemetery aka. St Peter's Presbyterian, Haeffner or Graner Sec.30 East of Franklin on Golden Road, on the south side of gravel road..
West Point City Cemetery Sec. 4 NE edge of West Point.

           NOTE: I was told that there were cemeteries in section 8 and section 17. I could not find any confirmation.


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